Sony's Official Line on PS3 Stock Shortages

While some analysts were claiming that the shortfall of PS3's being delivered to American retailers this week would be anything up to half the expected 400,000 units, the co-chief operating officer of Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed - somewhat vaguely - that there will be "tens of thousands'' fewer PS3's in-store than originally expected for the launch weekend.

Which in effect could mean anything from ten thousand to ninety-nine thousand fewer, or even more, depending on your interpretation of "tens of thousands".

Speaking to the San Jose Mercury News earlier, Tretton blamed the shortfall on logistical problems and Blu-ray manufacturing issues, telling them, "This is not a perfect science manufacturing this device."

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Nodoze4445d ago

The 360 launch was a resounding success in comparison to this crap.

THAMMER14445d ago

This is what I expected. Look at what is going on at Sonys home base. If I was a Sony fan I would go fo the 360 for sure now.

Remember how Sony Fan boys were saying the PS3 launch was going to smash the 360's launch.

Now is the time for M$ to say look at me now B!T(H's look at me now.

OutLaw4445d ago

I'm going to vote let him speak you deserve another bubble.

Thugbot1874445d ago

Couldn’t be said better.

Captain Tuttle4445d ago

I guess we'll know in a couple of days when the final numbers come out.

SuperSaiyan44445d ago

I thought the PS3 launch was supposed to be far better than the 360 launch? I thought having blu-ray meant superior games? I thought it was going to be 100% backwards compatible?
All BS from SONY as usual well done.

shikwan4445d ago

They also said said they were great at manufacturing hardware-implying there would be no issues. Oh and; "The HD era doesn't start until we say so"... Oh well! Sony fanboys camped out just to buy an expensive web browser.

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