5 Features That Would Help ‘PlayStation Now’ Succeed

"Devoted PlayStation fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of Sony’s ambitious new video game streaming service, PlayStation Now, since it was unveiled at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show back in January. Perhaps the service’s most appealing feature (and the one we’re patiently looking forward to), PlayStation Now was announced as an opportunity for PlayStation users to stream and playthrough a vast assortment of back cataloged titles on a wide range of supported devices like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Now, with an open Beta of the service available to PlayStation 4 users at the end of July, and more news on PlayStation Now inevitably releasing in the very near future, we’ve composed a thought-provoking list of five features we think should be present when Sony decides to officially release its download-free streaming service to the public."

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snookiegamer3135d ago

I would welcome a feature that implodes pathetic fanboys.


PS Now pricing/library will determine success.

BillmadeAGate3135d ago

Ps Now = On Live.. An we all know how that turned out =/

snookiegamer3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )


Now do you see why I would welcome the imploding feature....your comment validates it.

Crawl back to your trolling grounds, please. You add nothing to this post ;/

BillmadeAGate3135d ago

And you do? "PS Now Pricing/library will determine success"

no duh!!! What else will.. im sorry if I offended you stating my opinion in an open comment section.. feel free to disagree

Immorals3135d ago

A Netflix style subscription is the only way I can see it succeeding. Otherwise it'd just be cheaper to buy the games and play them without any latency

bit-crusherrrr3135d ago

If they include a netflix style price plan, i'd jump all over that (£5 to £10, a month i'd be in). But how the prices are looking at the moment, i'd rather just buy them right out.

I just wish they'd hurry up and get atleast the beta set up in europe.

MrUnfamiler3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Thats how i thought it would be from the jump, i have totally lost interest when they announced its just a rental plan. just because it goes to different platforms then just PS4 doesnt mean it isn't just a rental plan.

& to all those that say "this is just the beginning". What could they add to make it different then a rental plan? i hear that comeback alot but no one says what they will actually change to make it different.

DualWielding3135d ago

The problem is not the price is the platform and the games..... the whole point is playing games when you don't have the hardware that can run in natively... so PS Now is more expensive than just buying the game but you save the trouble of having to buy the hardware that runs the game..... that made sense for PS3 exclusives in PS4 so people who didn't had PS3s could play them, makes sense for Bravia's TV and sorta makes sense for Vita and the Vita TV... but right now all they have it is the option to stream to PS4 multiplat titles that even those who switched from 360 already played or can play in their 360s if they still have them.....

and for some reason I don't understand they are bringing streaming of PS3 games to PS3 which makes 0 sense, I don't get why would anyone want to stream a game if the option to run it natively exist.

kneon3135d ago

A Netflix type pricing model would be ideal, but I just don't see how the publishers can make money with that model. Maybe it would be OK for older titles with the newer games having per game pricing.

bit-crusherrrr3135d ago

I guess the same way studios make money on netflix or amazon video or the 'free' games on ps+, while i dont know how it works it's gotta be benifical or they just wouldnt bother.

I can see why being able to stream ps3 games to a ps3 makes sense, say i haven't played the last of us yet, but i want to but i dunno if i'll like it. I can pay a few quid to play it for afew hours, if i like i go out and buy it, if i dont sony have made abit of money off me for essentially a demo.

What i think would be a sensible move is to get ps4 streaming up and running quick, but just have it that only the games run, things like recording clips or twitch streaming dont work via it.

It gives me a good taste of what a ps4 can offer but keeps afew features locked away, so im even more tempted to go out and buy a ps4 and get the full fat experience.

kneon3135d ago

But on netflix you don't get access to movies when they release, they become available long after they come out in the theaters. If people are happy with only old titles on PS Now then it can work.

DeadlyOreo3135d ago

Trophies for PS1/2 games.

MonstaTruk3135d ago

THIS...and those libraries of PS1/PS2 games in 1080p/60fps, like you teased earlier this year, SONY. And there's no need bringing PS3 games like MAG, SOCOM, Resistance 2, & Motorstorm over to PS Now without restoring servers. Just saying...

DragoonsScaleLegends3135d ago

But trophies are decided by the developers not sony.

DragoonsScaleLegends3135d ago

I hope they make a ps1/ps2 emulator for PS4. PS Now is just a ps3 streamed online. It can't play ps2 games anymore than a normal ps3 can play. So if they ever put ps2 games on ps now it's only going to be the few on ps3 ps store. Definitely wont be in higher resolution either. That's why a ps2 emulator for ps4 would be awesome because they could possibly increase the resolution and you would be open to almost the entire ps2 library.