Veteran Content For ESO To Get An Elder Scrolls Makeover

Blaine of Camelot Post writes:

One of the biggest problems with creating a community-based social experience from a traditionally single player franchise is bridging the gap between the desires of each type of player. That problem appears to have caused a bit of a ruckus within The Elder Scrolls Online community as many players feel they are being forced to group for end-game content, a mechanic all-but unheard of in The Elder Scrolls franchise. Even before the games release fans of The Elder Scrolls expressed their concern over losing that iconic single-player experience in favor for large-scale group content that the MMO genre provides, and those concerns were validated following the games actual release.

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joab7773066d ago

I have heard that this game is really good but they may be in trouble trying to appease solo am d mmo players at the same time. Its an mmo...veteran content is group content. You can make other activities that are solo for ppl to do other things but if u dumb it down to a solo level, what will groups do in an mmo?

Wait until everyone starts complaining about the different levels of difficulty for group play, how its too easy for hardcore players and too hard for players with a family and a job. There will be the complaints about Noobs, pugs etc. etc.

Its only the beginning and one important thing for any mmo is to know thyself and stick to it. Do ur best to balance for those who want to play and keep making content.

DanteVFenris6663059d ago

The problem is they have to much solo content. They got the solo content down. It's the group content and improved rewards for your work is what they need to improve.