SIGGRAPH 2014 Video Shows Off Brand New Amazing Techniques For Glass, Plastic & Wood Physics

DSOGaming writes: "During this year’s SIGGRAPH event, Tobias Pfaff, Rahul Narain, Juan Miguel de Joya, and James F. O’Brien showcased some new amazing techniques for glass, plastic and wood physics that surpass anything we’ve ever seen."

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elhebbo163137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Wow we truly have come a long way from Half life 2 destruction back in '04. This is amazing. Although I'm kinda concerned about it being a computational hog like Physx, I know for sure we are not going to see this tech on current gen console, I just don't see it being practical but still its a step in the right direction.

Droidbro3137d ago

Haha yeah. I remember when that demo came out. How far we have come. 😆

modesign3137d ago

the division has some pretty cool physics when shooting out windows

XtraTrstrL3137d ago

Veeerry Veeeeerryyy nyyyycccceee.

Codewow3137d ago

Awesome stuff. Too bad it's only viable in controlled tests and won't be available for some time in current generation engines.

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