Are you a real gamer if you just play FIFA and Call of Duty?

Videogamedebate writes:

This weeks debate is on the subject of casual gamers, more specifically it’s based on those who purchase consoles without the intention on branching out beyond the yearly CoD or FIFA. Everyone should know at least one person who buys the latest console just to play either or both of these games. Usually they have no interest in the single player aspect of the game, which is reflected in their gaming history through lack of achievements and trophies. Sure, they are annoying but could they be doing greater damage to the overall gaming sector?

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mochachino3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Most of the gamers I know just buy the new annual iteration of their favourite shooter and sports game each year....and the new GTA when it releases.

That's all they play.

mikel10153138d ago

That's the "dudebro" gamer

slate913137d ago

Sorry, but who are you to say what type of gamer they are? Every individual values things differently. If playing the yearly additions of FIFA and COD brings someone satisfaction and enjoyment, who the hell are you to say otherwise?
Maybe if we are start thinking of consoles that way, we could have some damn constructive conversations in these comment sections for once

XisThatKid3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I kinda agree this guy^ but it's all situational. I would say ask yourself, is a "real basketball player" a person that only plays 21, is a person that only plays Kill-the-Carrier a "real football player"? Is a person that plays guitar a "real musician"? Is a person that only paints a certain kind of picture or use only certain tools a "real painter"?I'm not saying any of these persons are or aren't. I say it all depends on your perspective and/or convo.
I know people who play COD everyday or whenever they have free time, but I also know people who some who play ICO and Shadow Infamous TLOU Battlefield Assassins Creed but only play a small handful of times a month or even year are these real Gamers?
I feel it be necessary at times to differentiate by the type of gamer you/others are because depending on the convo because Ipersonally don't like sports games or CoD games and as a gamer some might assume thats all I play because I play games and most of the people they know only play those games so they don't distinguish the diff. Not a big deal to most but an enlightened mind and a broadened perspective should always be welcomed

JBSleek3138d ago

Which there is no issue with. Whatever people enjoy playing is up to them. Not anyone else's issue.

bigfish3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

no that's not classed as a real gamer. - real gamers play games like Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship, metal gear solid, halo, Disney's Mickeys magical adventure, typhoo etc

Magicite3137d ago

real overused

Lwhit63137d ago

Fake gamer... Plays with a fake controller, fake PS4, fake TV


3-4-53137d ago

Those games are probably about 10% of my gaming catalog.

I like them, but I can't JUST play those.

Actually been preferring PES & BF over Fifa & COD lately.

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AnotherGamersOpinion3138d ago

The idea of a real gamer is rediculous. Does somebody who watch many films have the name Real Filmer attached to them? What about books? Music? We dont consider those other mediums to have any consumers that are fake or real. Gamer is anybody who plays games. A real gamer is a nonsence term that should have been replaced long ago. The term should be dedicated gamers. Those who read up on game news, who care about games being a major part of their lives. The term should be Dedicated gamers, not real gamers.

thehobbyist3138d ago

I remember back in the day when we called them hardcore. But now that term is just used by military shooter fanboys so we just go with real gamer I guess.
Real gamer has just become a buzzword that people who play more than just AAA games use to differentiate themselves from that community of dudebros who buy Madden every year.

WobbuffetMC3137d ago

If you play video games, you're a gamer. Beng casual isn't bad, and there isn't any justification for thinking less of a person based upon what and how they play. We have to remember that our entire community was looked down upon as nerds and geeks, at time when we used to be united.

Kavorklestein3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Yeah, a person who plays games more than at random occasions and enjoys them more than "Eh might as well" is a Gamer.

Even mobile phone games being played makes someone a gamer. Period.
Especially when some mobile phone games are more involved or complicated than MANY SNES or SEGA games ever were.

isa_scout3137d ago

Aren't both FIFA and Call of Duty videogames? If yes, then I'm pretty sure anyone who plays them are technically "gamers".
They may be short changing themselves by not playing other amazing titles, but hey that's their choice not mine. Who am I to say what someone else is or is not?

Mega243137d ago

+1 Well Said fellow gamer!

iistuii3137d ago

What utter nonsense. I buy both those games every year as well as most others. I complete COD single player & sell it on as I'm useless at MP, the kids are too fast for me, & play Fifa for the whole year it's out both SP & MP until the next one arrives. Am I a real gamer ? Ha what a joke. Anyone can check my gamertag a & I bet I've played more games than most of these so called hardcore gamers put together. It annoys me how these so called hardcore gamers look down on the COD/Fifa players as if they're not worthy. In fact they probably play their consoles & put more hours in than most.

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