Why Stop at Paid Demos? Gamers Should Pay for Instruction Manuals and Trailers Too

A recent glitch caused EA demos on the Xbox One to cost money. While it was deemed unintentional, one developer has called this a good idea and said that the only problem with this concept is that it doesn’t go far enough.

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NextLevel2538d ago

Nope. It was a test run.

gravelchalice2538d ago

It definitely wasn't a glitch! They were $4.99 in the US and £3.99 in the UK. A glitch couldn't give 2 different demos regionally specific prices, it was EA being EA.

kreate2538d ago

Didnt know that. Thanks for sharing that info.

MasterCornholio2538d ago

After I saw it appear in other regions I knew it wasn't an innocent mistake.

EA just being EA.

Relientk772538d ago

Paying for a trailer? What are you, insane

johndoe112112538d ago

Give EA a chance and that's exactly where we'll be heading.

hiredhelp2538d ago

But I guess gamers are offended when a company dares to ask for five measly dollars for a demo.

Seriously.... Measly wow

gravelchalice2538d ago

I'm going to read this as the guy talking tongue in cheek. It seems like satire to me.

SolidDuck2538d ago

Come on don't give ea ideas. Pretty soon we will be paying like 10 cents a button press in there games.

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