Destructiod Review: The Bourne Conspiracy - 3/10


"I really, really, really like the Bourne movies. I tell you this because if I didn't, I'm not sure I would have even tried to review The Bourne Conspiracy, or even play it.

Were it not for the fact that I could re-enact the scene where Jason Bourne stabs a guy in the hand and arm with a ballpoint pen no fewer than three times, I probably wouldn't be all that interested in The Bourne Conspiracy. But since I am the type of guy who relishes the opportunity to re-enact those moments from one of my favorite trilogies, I thought I'd take the plunge with this sadly Matt Damon-less entry in the Bourne saga.

But was it any good? I suppose you'll find out, if you hit the jump."

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Silogon5893d ago

Destructoid? never heard of them so this review, like most, isn't applicable to me. I enjoyed the demo and will no doubt get this game someday soon, but lets be honest it is right in front of Mgs4 and Ninja Gaiden 2, who was really going to take it seriously?

Breakfast5893d ago

"If you've got access to Xbox Live or PSN, then just play the demo; it's got the single best level in the game (the Zurich Embassy)"

LinuxGuru5892d ago

You haven't heard of Destructoid? Someone needs to get out on the interwebs more....

Maddens Raiders5892d ago

"Destructoid? never heard of them so this review, like most, isn't applicable to me...."

That's akin to saying you've never heard of Gamespot.

A/W on topic: 3/10 ---- is anyone truly shocked or think this is pretty much expected from another -blah- movie to game attempt? Considering how good the movies are, the game is a downright insult and almost seems like a practical joke.

nbsmatambo5892d ago

i got the demo on PSN, i played it and it was good. the takedowns looked cool. the shooting was so-so

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MK_Red5893d ago

WTF is with Destructoids crazy scores? 5 for Assassins and now 3 for this?

Bourne is definitly not a great game but 3!?

Silogon5893d ago

5 sounds just right for Assassins creed, man. Maybe even a 3 cause it was a pretty pathetic game on all fronts.

Sangria5892d ago

I guess it's in that way:
- if you don't know the books or the movies, The Bourne Conspiracy may be for you an agreeable surprise, with good ideas but not enough to make an AAA game;

- if you loved the books or the movies, The Bourne Conspiracy may be for you an horrible piece of **** promoting action at the expense of riddles and reflexion;

Good game, bad adaptation.

LinuxGuru5892d ago

I knew this game was doomed from the moment I saw the Matt Damon-less character that we have all become attached to through the highly successful films.

steck675892d ago

Never really liked Destructiods reviews neither did I like the Bourne demo.

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The Bourne Conspiracy Retrospective

TGC: There was a time when games based on movies were actually pretty good, and The Bourne Conspiracy stands out as one of the better attempts.

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ZwVw796d ago

Solid movie licensed game indeed. Its unfortunately another High Moon Studios release (i.e. Transformers & Deadpool) with little hopes of a re-release or remaster happening anytime soon, due to expiring license.


Six Activision Games I’d Like to See Revived Under Microsoft

As the world reels from the shockwaves of the seismic news that Microsoft is acquiring the proverbial swamp of the video-game landscape, Activision Blizzard King, it only seems natural that our minds should now shift towards what the fallout will be for presumably years if not decades to come.

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MadLad914d ago

Another Prototype would be awesome.

As for Singularity, I don't necessarily need a sequel, I just want to see Raven be able to flex their creative muscle again; not just be relegated to assisting with CoD. A lot of the old guard is still with the company.

That's part of what I'm hoping to see come from this acquisition. Revive teams like Vicarious Visions and Ravem to actually allow them to work on their own new projects again.

Crows90914d ago

As great as that would be the deal wont finalize until end of fiscal year 2023. Until after that date MS wont really have a say as to where resources will be spent. So we wont realistically see anything until perhaps 2026 or later.

LWOGaming913d ago

I think that’s a point that so many people are missing. Things will not change this year or next year at all. Maybe some changes might be apparent in 2024 but 2025/2026 is a good estimate of when things will really start happening. And I don’t think we will see as big a set of changes as some are suggesting.

TallDarknWavy914d ago

Those teams having not worked on anything, the employees find jobs at other companies, they don't just remain unemployed till someone at the publisher decides to revive the team, they need to eat lol

That said, this list of games makes me unexcited for anything outside of CoD that Activision has to offer. All games are in stale genres, like Guitar Hero, Simpsons Hit and Run, these are long surpassed genres that are going to be difficult to revive.

gamer7804914d ago

I want to see new IPs. Not a bunch of forced renovations of old franchises.

Gamer75914d ago

Why not a combination of both