Rainbow Six: Siege – 10 Fan Demands That Must Be Included

Siege’s pre-alpha footage from E3 demonstrated that the leap on to next-generation consoles was right decision for Ubisoft to have made. From the destructible environment to the competitive multiplayer experience seen in the preview, Siege is not holding back on delivering the authentic Rainbow Six title that Patriots could have been.

With all of this being said, it’s now time to examine 10 features that should be integrated into the latest addition to the Rainbow Six series.

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ramiuk11565d ago

use kinect for commands lol,
then they gonna have to gimp it even more and folk be complaining about downgrades

jmc88881565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Hopefully the multiplayer is similar to Rainbow Six Vegas 1.

That was some amazing multiplayer. 2 seemed to have matches that were too short.

Oh and they need to keep that story from Patriots and get it into something. The story seemed too good to shelve. Wonder if they felt any outside pressure?

Allsystemgamer1565d ago

I hope it's more like black arrow and 3. They were much better than Vegas. Vegas just seemed like a high octane action spin off rather than a r6. It was excellent and loved it but proper tactical shooters need a return. It needs to return to its roots

Kevin263851565d ago

Agree 100%. Vegas 1 and Vegas 2 were great games, but 3/Black Arrow are in a different league.

Mike_D821564d ago

Spot on......I hope they keep it true to black arrow and rbsix3

iamnsuperman1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

"Kinect And PlayStation Camera Integration"

No no no no no no no no and no. Scanning your face in didn't work that well last time. Sure the camera has improved but so has the visual fidelity/detailed character models. Is it really going to work that well when character models are more detailed?.

Also voice commands for "flash and clear..... were a gimmick back in the Socom days. It isn't that useful and something that has to be done via the controller anyway (so it will always feel like a pointless add on)

alexkoepp1565d ago

Website kept crashing the browser on my phone so I didn't see the whole list but it seemed pretty weak. And I disagree man if you did it correctly the face scanning worked incredibly well and the model looked exactly like me. I would live to have that feature return, it was very cool.

AnEwGuY1565d ago

If they don't bring back Terrorist Hunt...with bots, for 1-person's a no-buy for me. I'm sick and tired of all the co-op/MP only games being made now.
And all of the maps need to be playable in all modes, like the previous R6V games.

And of course the superior loadout and customization from previous R6V games. None of the crap like COD, BF and Halo, where there's only a few weapons that have silencers..if any at all...and you have to sacrifice something else, if you want to trick out a weapon.

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The story is too old to be commented.