Amazing Looking Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Screenshots Out, Shows Power of CryEngine on PS4

Here are some stunning looking in-game screenshots of upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive title, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. It's a perfect example of what developers can achieve on PS4 with CryEngine

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Kingthrash3601566d ago

Gorgeous. I wish they'd show gameplay already...maybe e3'15.

Arkardo1566d ago

Indeed, too much teasing without gameplay, one of my most anticipated games for the atmospherics

NewMonday1566d ago

You should also look up the Vanishing of Ethan Carter, should be out this year.

zeee1565d ago

My my! This looks absolutely fantastic!!

strifeblade1565d ago

wait a minute, cry engine sucked when ryse was being shown and its over rated blah blah, but now its amazing? lol

alexkoepp1565d ago

Honestly these graphics are less than mind blowing. Crysis 3 looks better than this game and it was released a long time ago.

FamilyGuy1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

@ Strife
Ryse was never considered an ugly game. Its problem were all technical complaints:

The frame-rate
The resolution
The constant quick time events
The on-rails feel of many of the sequences
The cloned enemies everywhere
The repetitiveness
The graphics down from what was originally shown
The glitches and bugs

Ryse wasn't ugly, the cut-scenes looked amazing, it had a ton of other problems though.

On topic:
This games looks good for an indie title but I agree with alex above me, there's nothing all that "amazing" about them.

1565d ago
FamilyGuy1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

@ biz

You literally validate most of the things in my list and then call it a joke, lol.

And sense you claim to have never seen the glitches/bugs here are a few.

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Eonjay1566d ago

I would expect an update at GamesCom. That is where it debuted last year. GamesCom is huge. Especially for these Euro devs.

Hk85karlsson1566d ago

Yup. If you look at attendees its bigger than E3.
Almost ten times more attend the event in Cologne (GER).

DigitalRaptor1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I'm expecting an update from some of these indie devs at GamesCom:

- Without Memory (Dinosaurum Games, Moscow)
- Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (The Chinese Room, UK)
- RiME (Tequila Works, Madrid)
- Shadow of the Beast (Heavy Spectrum, UK)

GamesCom is always E3 - part 2 for Sony, so i'm also expecting some big hitter announcements too, like Media Molecule, Guerrilla or Quantic Dream's new IPs.

guitarded771566d ago

Yup... GamesCom is the place for Euro devs. I'm expecting to see a lot of LBP3 there since it's scheduled for this year, and DriveClub.

I want to see some Bloodborne at TGS too. And FFXV damn't... they need to finally show everything for FFXV this year at Tokyo... they've had plenty of time to get it together.

Sevir1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

@DigitalRaptor yep and the formal announcement of "KILL STRAIN" Which!

DigitalRaptor1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

@ Guitarded77

Bloodborne will definitely be at TGS, as will Deep Down, and some other new announcements for the Japanese market. I'm expecting The Last Guardian too, like I do at all events.


@ Sevir

I'm thinking about it now, and KILL STRAIN might be announced as Sony Bend's new open world horror IP. I can't see it being a suitable name for a Media Molecule project, or for Guerrilla as it's too similar to Killzone.

Bend might be a U.S. studio, but GamesCom would be a great place to announce it.

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orakle441566d ago

The forest, it looks so real. Looks good.

Mega241566d ago

Looks real pretty, incredible that this all originated from a Half-Life 2 mod!

TAURUS-5551565d ago

omg no doubt this is only possible on the PS4.

xbox1..not in a million years.

Kavorklestein1565d ago

Oh Please. This would be possible on PS3 and Xbox 360. I haven't seen anything about this that looks like it demands praise. It could however end up being great, but the graphics are nice, not mind blowing or amazing....

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Omran1566d ago

The Link is not working

mr2331566d ago

I had to try it twice. First time took me to an add. But it worked fine second time.

Omran1566d ago

It is not working for me, never mind I saw
the Images in Chinese Room Twitter Account


MasterCornholio1566d ago

Thats an indie game?

WTF looks to good to be one.


a08andan1566d ago

Indie has nothing to do with graphics :P

frostypants1566d ago

Indie games used to be graphically inferior almost as a rule, but increasing horsepower and more powerful and cheaper dev tools have squashed that gap.

a08andan1566d ago

@Frostypants. Still, the term "Indie" has nothing to do with graphics!

grassyknoll1566d ago

Art design > specs. Every single time!

NewMonday1566d ago

how about Art design+specs

SilentNegotiator1566d ago

Except you need proper specs to pull off your design and their design is clearly centered on realism (which tends to rely heavily on specs).

URNightmare1566d ago

Oh! You're one of those 😒

So many people with the wrong definition of what an indie game/developer is.

MasterCornholio1566d ago

I usually associate Indies with small studios. Its not like I hate them or anything I actually love indie games. I'm just surprised that lately some indies look like AAA games. There's nothing wrong with that.

Imalwaysright1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

CD projeckt Red and Hello games are also independent studios and they're making some of the best looking games right now.

vergilxx31566d ago

Most of PC indies look better than AAA games

supes_241566d ago

SMH, not one of you stealth PC trolls again.

Qrphe1566d ago

Until animations start being shown which definitely require large amounts of budget which AAA devs can only afford.

SpinalRemains1381566d ago

Yeah but gaming on PC sucks, that's why we don't do it.

SilentNegotiator1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

"MOST of pc indies"? LOL, keep telling yourself that.

AuToFiRE1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Don't know why you're getting downvoted. Its not trolling if its true.. Honestly, I find the screenshots look like crap in comparison to the games I play on above ultra graphics settings on my 6 year old PC. And those "screenshots" are horribly touched up.

thereapersson1565d ago

Yeah, you're right, Autofire, there's no possible way a lowly PS4 can make this game look good. We are lucky if we see Pong-level graphics on today's consoles. Thank goodness we have PC gurus like yourself here to add some unconstructive commentary and conjecture to help us lowly console peasants see the light!


vergilxx31565d ago

Lol I'm not even a PC gamer I own ps4 and vita I don't even have a PC
I'm only telling what I see

SilentNegotiator1565d ago

Right, and I don't own any PS systems. /s

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thehitman1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Screenshots definitely look impressive, not sure what I should be amazed about anymore though after the UC teaser.. I think this gen starts when UC releases.

ramiuk11566d ago

nah next gen kicks off with destiny imo

thehitman1566d ago

Na... I think I had it correct the first time lol.

marlinfan101566d ago


So next gen starts when a game comes out thats still on old gen consoles? Lol

ramiuk11566d ago

its does for me as its a big step for console games and i game i have wanted since i had my ps4.

as i said IMO.

gone to rapture looks lovely and UC4 looks amazing and allthough destiny cross gen,its a very ambitious project that will only be fully realised on new gen

josephayal1566d ago

so Amazing, It guarantees that it will make your Playstation 4 cry