What Do You Want To See In Nintendo’s Next Console

Nintendo247 Author writes - I know it’s a little early to speculate on what Nintendo might be brewing up for their next home console, but we can’t help but think of what we would want to see in Nintendo’s future release.

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iamnsuperman1563d ago

"This is more of a preference than a necessity. Although we would love to see game cartridges come back, we also know that disks are cheaper to produce. Nowadays you can easily store massive amounts of data on a Flash drive. Nintendo could incorporate something similar to a DS/3DS cart, but slightly bigger. Think of a 3.5” Floppy Disk and you can kind of imagine what I’m envisioning"

You are mad. That is the worst idea I have ever heard. Nintendo needs to go the other way and make their consoles play DVDs and Blu Ray discs. Not go even more obscure.

Alinea1563d ago

I thought people just stream movies online, lol.

mikeslemonade1563d ago

The system needs more power.

And Nintendo will not make another home console.. Atleast not next generation. It will be a combo handheld/home console.

MaxwellBuddha1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )


They do. Only tools and fools actually buy their movies on price-gouged Blu-ray Disc in mid-2014. The rest of us simply pay $4.99 to watch it one time from the streaming/download service of our choice, WITHOUT the hassle of offensive anti-piracy ads (the irony of telling paying customers to NOT pirate their movies is apparently lost on these dumbass studios) and mandatory previews.

deafdani1563d ago

The author is not alone on this. I also think that going back to game carts would be amazing if all the consoles did it.

Yes, I get that discs are much cheaper. I really do. However, that's more a benefit for the game companies, not for ourselves as consumers. Carts load much, much faster than any disc media, and that's a fact. Faster loading games is something I'd prefer over game publishers saving some money.

As for blu ray playback... I already have a perfectly serviceable PS3 for that, and I won't mind holding onto it for movie playback if needed. Of course it's nice to have a multimedia console, but for me, game performance is a priority above everything else.

lemoncake1563d ago

If physical is going to continue I would much prefer it to be via some type of flash memory instead of disc, discs and disc drives need to be a thing of the past in the next gen there are just so many positives to using flash over disc in 3 to 4 years time that will only increase.

MrSwankSinatra1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Keeping up with crowd is what i want to see from next nintendo console.

showtimefolks1563d ago

get developer feedback
make actual tech that's on par or better than sony/ms
much better launch lineup
Get games on my steady bases

invest some money into buying more studios so game development can be more speed up process

iamnsuperman1563d ago

I don't think Nintendo needs to invest money in buying more studios. They should invest that money in paying big third party games to appear on their system (They can have exclusive deals but they need them to appear first). One of the biggest issues Nintendo has and will ever face is lack of support by third parties. Now this could be done to power differences or they don't sell well on Nintendo systems but Nintendo needs to sort it out.

TheFutureIsBlue1563d ago

It is that easy. Nintendo has a lot of money and I don't see why they just do not do that.

Madock1563d ago

totally agree, if they combined developing time for 1OS with multiple hardware outlets as they announced or if the Nintendo fusion is true then droughts will be very unlikely
Imagine the combined no of handheld & console games they can produce a year (around 18 when i counted) that work on a single platform

sprinterboy1563d ago

Raw power equal to what the ps5/xbone 2 will be to help with there 3rd party mistakes. Not owned a Nintendo since 64

MasterCornholio1563d ago

Or at least powerful enough to support next gen engines. Also if they used X86 like the other systems ports would be much either. A combination of these two things will reduce development costs for 3rd parties significantly and would bring more 3rd party support to the system.

I dont mind if Nintendo tries to be innovative but they really need to make things easier for 3rd parties.

Mikito111563d ago

You're missing out then ... Also gamecube was more powerful than the PS2 and we know what happened then.. Power doesn't mean everything

Kevlar0091563d ago

In terms of power I'd like to see how the PS4 fares over time. UC4 and The Order look really good for a year in, so the strength advantage the WiiU has over PS3 could suffice when applied to the next gen (the more the merrier). Any price between $300 and $400, the best it can get

The gamepad in its current state works really well as is, with some improvements in design, quality, and functionality it would be widely accepted and used in a wide spread of games. Shouldn't have to buy a "Pro Controller" to feel like you're using a core game controller (not that I think the gamepad doesn't work well currently)

A name other than Wii please. The name "Wii" doesn't have the power of "iPod", it's not a marketing hook. Go back to the convention where every Nintendo console began by saying "Nintendo _____". Nintendo consoles need to be synonymous with Nintendo, not Wii

For general architecture Nintendo needs to use whatever is industry standard, use something every normal Dev can utilize and understand without needing to take a new course. Games from one platform need to be ported easily onto the next console. And please allow us to upload games from WiiU, 3DS, and DS*blank* onto the new system, even if we have to pay a tiny fee for each game

Some sort of "Fusion" for console-handheld interaction would be awesome. Have remote play, such as the ability to play load games onto the gamepad and be able to take it with you to other places. Be able to use the DD*blank* as a second controller.

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