Titanfall for $19.99 and Weekly Sales at Best Buy, Target, GameStop, Wal-mart and Toys R Us

The weekly sales at Best Buy, Target, GameStop, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us are now live.

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Axios22633d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Great to see TF doing so well, almost 2m retail sales just on X1. I suspect the digital sales are even higher.

@Ray, seeing as how TF didn't come out till 5 months after launch, and X1 was already around 4m sold, I'm guessing about half or 1m.

raymantalk12632d ago

how many of the 2m sales was the xbox1 TF bundle ?

Wikkid6662632d ago

TF for the bundle is a digital download. Sales data isn't released. The 1.8 million sales is from physical copies only.

raymantalk12632d ago


i was on about the "xbox1 titanfall meaning physical xbox1 with titanfall hope this is clear enough for you to understand" bundle not the digital copies

Wikkid6662632d ago

You clearly don't understand. The bundle is exactly the same as the XB1 with Kinect. The only difference is it has a sleeve over the box and the digital copied inside.

There is no specific sales data on bundles of any kind. This data isn't tracked... MS is the only one that has this info.

JRobes2632d ago


you're not completely right. the TF bundle I received was completely different TF-specific packaging. I have heard though also that there have been sleeved versions of the standard xb1 package.

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bicfitness2632d ago

Last reported figure was 950K on X1, during launch month, and EA has refused, in their own conference call even, to update the figures since then. Stop pulling numbers out of your a$$, or from VGC, which is basically the same source.

kinisking2632d ago

That was us only. And only retail. No bundles were counted either.

bicfitness2632d ago

The point is that is the only number that anyone should reference. Also, nowhere in EA's statement does it say that bundles are not counted, although it clearly makes a distinction between digital sales. MS pays for the game in bulk, thereby qualifying it as "sold" and attaches it to a bundle; that's how bundles work.

devwan2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

@Axios2 titanfall came out about 3.5 months after the console launch, not 5 months (Nov 22 to March 11).

xbox one was possibly 4m sold through to customers by the end of March, but not likely at the start of it or during (based on 3.9m + 1.2m -sold-to-retail- figures from ms' reports in Q3 and Q4). Popular opinion had those 3.9+1.2 sold-to-retail figures equating to approx. 4.1-4.2m sold through to customers by the end of March.

I am not sure where you get the 2m titanfall xbox one sales figure from, that does not appear to be an official figure.

By "I suspect the digital sales are even higher" do you believe there were over 2m titanfall digital copies sold on xbox one? That would constitute an almost 80% attach rate given what is believed to be approximately 5m consoles sales to date and 2m retail + 2m digital sales... it seems rather a little too over optimistic.

user14394142632d ago

It's amazing that Titanfall is already in the bargain bins of most game stores. But I would hold out on purchasing it just yet, it's prob going to be free on games for gold next month. :).

Boody-Bandit2632d ago

I rented it and sent it back after a few weeks. Not even for $20 would I purchase it. I doubt I would play it again if it was given to me for free. I can't recall a game being so much fun for a few hours and than wearing off on me that fast.

The only appealing feature to me was the Titans and it had some great maps. The weapons and gameplay was generic.

It needs a lot of work (IMO) for me to give TF2 a serious look. Personally I think it was another in a long line of rushed games that could've used a good 1 year delay.

DigitalRaptor2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Sorry what???

Where are you, and Corvusmd getting these "2m" figures from? It's almost like you guys conspire lies to make yourselves feel better.

EA and Microsoft haven't had the confidence to post any official figures to show how much of a success their bombastic investment was into the game. So why are you pretending and posting fake numbers to soothe your insecurities?

demonddel2632d ago

Does it matter you sound like if they did sold 2m or more you would have trouble sleeping at night

Flutterby2632d ago


Of course it matters, the only reason they suggested 2 million sold was damage control because the game is now bargain bin, the number they gave (2 million) is made up and no even close to being true , so why did they say it.

Visiblemarc2632d ago

A game being $19.99 a few months after launch isn't usually a great sign.

That said, I'm not down on Titanfall, perhaps a singleplayer campaign in future iterations could help buoy sales. That and 3rd party exclusives are really an anachronism at this point. Best to tap all wallets.

No_Limit2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Dude, read the article, you have to buy an Xb1 to get Titanfall for $20 and it is only from Best Buy. At Fry's electronic, they are throwing in inFamous SS for free when you buy a PS4. So by your definition, since it is free, does that mean it is doing way worst than Titanfall on XB1?

SmielmaN2632d ago

Exactly visiblemarc, when a game goes to the bargain bin after a few months is typically the sign of a flop.

Visiblemarc2632d ago


My comment wasn't about console wars, just this game.

...but to address the comparison directly, a next-big-thing multiplayer game absolutely should hold value better than a single player only game.

Is why you can find AAA singleplayer games at Gamestop for $15 9 months in and Call of Duty and Battlefield are still like $40.

N4Flamers2631d ago

@visible I do believe every sports franchise proves you wrong. Games like brink too. Popular games take longer to go down in price. Single player or multi. A good example is titan fall beinv offered for 20 while ground zeros is still 30. Seriously im still waiting for that to drop.

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ifistbrowni2632d ago

Title should be changed. I clicked thinking TitanFall was $20, but its $19.99 with a purchase of XBOX ONE.

tommygunzII2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Saw one advertised for $29.99 the other day, not sure if it's still good though. For PC.

medman2632d ago

Good ol' Titanflop....they can't even give it away. It came and went quicker than feces through a duck.

thexmanone2632d ago

Yea, glad its doing better than inFameflop SS.
Fry's electronic, is giving that away free when you buy a PS4. Just saying

lilbrat232632d ago

It's $20 with the X1 purchase

Tapewurm2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

I just hope they hurry and release the actual complete full version on PS4 as soon as legally possible. Respawn unfortunately chose the wrong console to launch on.... hopefully PS4 owners will be forgiving 8)

mcstorm2632d ago

I don't see Titanfall coming to the PS4 maybe the 2nd but not the 1st. Also this is a bundle deal when you buy a Xbox one you can get Titanfall for $20 just like getting IF SS free with a PS4.

I don't think titanfall has been a flop on the Xbox one or 360 as if Titanfall has done around 2 million on the xbox one with around 4 to 5 million being in peoples homes that's a great number.

showtimefolks2632d ago

this game while successful is no where near as successful as it was suppose to be. When this game was launching and the amount of over hype made it feel like this game will sell atleast 10 plus million

respawn really have to deliver with TF2, because hype and fanboys crap alone won't sell Tf2

Eejanaika2632d ago

good game, definitely worth trying out. considering cod is getting old and repititeve

kenshiro1002631d ago

If you can buy the game for that low of a price, then something definitely went wrong.

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kreate2632d ago

U have to buy a x1 to get titanfall for $20.

SmielmaN2632d ago

Well that makes more sense

AllAboutGaming2632d ago

If you want an X1 I'd recommend Craigslist. You can pick one up for cheap with games.

TheFallenAngel2632d ago

I've seen people trading their xbones with 3-4 games for a ps4. But how's that possible? People says ps4 has no games?

shadyiswin2632d ago

Any time sony fan boys are quick to downplay the success of titanfall with "low sales" youc ould refrence how it sales absolutely crushed infamous SS sales lol.

jay-z said it best "went from top ten to not mentioned at all"

sparta762632d ago

"Any time sony fan boys are quick to downplay the success of titanfall with "low sales" youc ould refrence how it sales absolutely crushed infamous SS sales lol."

Titan fall came out on xbox1,360 and PC.
Infamous SS came out only on PS4.

Funny how you talk about Sony fan boys downplaying a game but you go and do the same.

thegreatklemba2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

yeh, titanfall released on 3 platforms xbone , 360 ,and pc. Infamous SS on one the PS4 . So take the sales from only the xbone and compare it to second son on the ps4 . I hope you have the intelligence to take it from there and see titainfail didn't do to great and hardly moved the bone like they wanted it to.

^^^ beat me to it spatra

Flames762632d ago

What are you talking about?Second son flopped as far as being a system seller.Second son sold 1.3 million and titanfall on the X1 alone sold 2 million.Do the math its simple if you paid attention in school.On the X1,360 and pc titanfall has sold around 3.5 million.Its sad and pathetic that second son only sold 1.3 million on a platform that has shipped 9 million consoles in 57 countrys.While titanfall on a platform that has shipped 5.5 million consoles in 13 countrys and sold 2 million copys.

thegreatklemba2632d ago

@flame yeah no keep that dream inside your twisted head going titainfall is a good game that gets boring really quick.

DigitalRaptor2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

@ Flames76

There is no system seller on PS4. There is no "one game" that sells any PlayStation console, and this should be obvious to anyone who has been paying attention for years. The console is selling itself on the variety and number of games available. The experiences are already great, but just wait until the heavy hitters arrive and it's over.

You can't do math on non-existent figures. That would be like multiplying a number by zero and saying it equals more than zero.

Titanfall DID NOT sell 2 million, or even 3.5 million. This number is not substantiated anywhere but your fanboy brain, and if it was true, EA and Microsoft would already have proclaimed that Titanfall had sold over 3 million copies, and you'd be celebrating with linked articles showing the "proof" of which. They can't do that, because they aren't comfortable reporting how much it has truly sold, so you can only make up numbers for yourself.

As bobacdigital said below, inFamous: Second Son didn't have a colossal half-year advertising campaign, supported in the same way Call of Duty is in its run up to release. Available across 3 platforms and there still hasn't been official word from the publisher of its sales performance, and it's easy to understand why.

Titanfall was meant to be the saviour of the Xbone, and it only bumped it slightly in North American sales in the month of March, whilst the months following its release have only proven that the console is in a decline, even when it's not had supply issues.

Honestly, what is sad about a 1:9 sales ratio? The Last of Us has sold 6 million on a global console base of over 80 million, which breaks down to a ratio of roughy 1:13. The majority of the Xbone's exclusives have only sold around 1 million, so unless you have ridiculous double standards you have absolutely no validity to establish.

shadyiswin2630d ago

it was still on the top 10 charts,not combined. TF on 360 was number 1 and TF on xb1 was number 3,while infamous was like number 14. My point still stands,it is pretty obvious as well. Not to mention there was a time when titanfall was number 1 and 2 for weeks. So yes try again,i dont hear any milestone sales for sonys flagship title but thats ok right?

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bobacdigital2632d ago

Infamous Second Son didnt have 6 month advertising and marketing campaign lol.. Titfanfall was advertised more than Call of Duty leading up to its launch.. Second Son performed on 1 platform.. sold over 1 million in like a week which isn't to shabby..

Console sales are more of an indication of success.. Titanfall didnt give the x1 nearly the bump it needed to trump the ps4 the month of Titanfalls release.

Flutterby2632d ago

The campaign of advertising made for titanfall was probably the biggest I have ever seen , it was everywhere you went and to top it off it had every single hype available at e3 , yet it somehow managed to bomb. I don't know how they did so badly with all the money they threw at it.

memots2632d ago

The campaign of advertising was rabid at some point.

bobacdigital2631d ago

Imagine if Mario Kart got the same advertising push as TitanFall lol ... It did 1.2 million in 2 days and 2 million in less than a month with Nintendo pushing it harder than usual.

DJustinUNCHAIND2632d ago

It's so true. The X1 version of Titanfall alone outsold Infamous.

People say it didn't sell well, but it's still selling well even after 4 months have gone by. There's constantly new players on there.

Flutterby2632d ago

Yet even EA or MS haven't given official numbers to back up the 2 million you guys keep lying about. Infamous outsold titanfall when ps4 is against xbone.

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itisallaboutps2632d ago

Newegg having an xbox one ghots bundle in a few hours on the shocker area