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In the video game realm, there are really only two types of fighting games. First, you have the arcade fighters such as Street Fighter and Killer Instinct. Second, there are the sport simulation fighters such as Knockout Kings and the recently-released EA Sports UFC. While the former is geared towards unrealistic entertainment, the latter is geared to be more like real life competition.

Unfortunately for Electronic Arts, it's EA Sports UFC simply lacks the sort of knock-out punch that would make it a title contender.

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christian hour1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

I agree the game is lacking in a lot of key areas but I'd hardly call the controls a steep learning curve, they're pretty simple and dumbed down compared to the UFC Undisputed series that came before it, and I think that's one of its biggest failings, its lack of complexity in the controls, and a very minimal move set that leaves a lot of the fighters being very similar, I've also noticed they did the typical EA Sports thing and inflated the abilities of some of the more widely known fighters.

In EA's defence, they did only get the rights recently and had very little time to put together a solid game, and hey, it's nowhere near as bad as EA's MMA game. Still though, since this will most likely become a yearly title I'd say by the third iteration they might have something to be proud of, but for now I'll be passing on any future EA UFC titles (thankfully my game-sharing friend bought it and saved me the 60+ euro)

if I was in EA's shoes after the license changed hands, I would've consulted with Yukes and the Undisputed team, maybe even poached some of the talent or purchased their engine as a framework for their first UFC outing.

I don't really follow the UFC, I catch the odd PPV now and then if my fighting/spectating friends are having a box social, but I've always enjoyed the video games and playing against friends.

On a side note, one of my close friends is an amateur MMA fighter (a few of my friends are actually, though some of those are old school friends I haven't seen in years) and trained with Conor McGregor over the years at SBG, the other day they were doing a press junket on McGregor and the EA game, my friend got to choke out Journo's (and vice versa) and got two free copies of the game on XB1 and PS4 (plus your typical swag, keychains, tshirts etc) :)

He doesn't own either console (or a hdtv for that matter! he played skyrim on an old school tv for months, dunno how!) so he's gonna trade them in for a tiny profit or donate to a friend.