It's Time For Publishers to Ante-Up On Crowdfunding

Producers, Developers, and Consumers now have the best opportunity in gaming history to make the most out of their role in the creation and purchasing of titles. Producers can make safer bets with higher potential payoff, Developers can have the freedom that a high independent budget offers, and Consumers can purchase or fund some of the best games of their careers. Crowdfunded and Published games are separate methods now, but what would happen if we combined the two?

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spoonard1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Yeah, eff that! I'm not going to offer $30 to help cover their development costs and then pay $60 for the game. Ithey neemore money hen hike the price of the game if they think they can. If not, instead of just throwing money at it, actually figure a more efficient way to develop.

duchess11568d ago

I see. I would hope that the team you, theoretically, back would honor your $30 payment and you would end up with a game at release without paying the full price. What do you think would be a more efficieny way to develop?

spoonard1568d ago

I don't know anything about development other than it takes time and manpower, but if it's taking 20 MILLION+ dollars to give us a game with 8-12 hours of gameplay, then they need to figure something else out because paying $60 for a AAA title on top of being asked to crowdfund the development is fucking ridiculous.

3-4-51568d ago

Money within gaming development isn't being spent wisely & efficiently.

It's being spent by "money guys" who don't really understand gaming, so they waste it on stuff that doesn't matter.

Any idiot can spend spend spend...

Baka-akaB1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

"Crowdfunded and Published games are separate methods now, but what would happen if we combined the two"

A scam is what would happen . Said it before , not against crowdfunding as it does unlock previously impossible project , but not thrilled by it either , as more abuse and weird stuff are bound to happen and already happening .

There are already a few studios or known individuals , z monirity thanksfully so far , that got little business asking to fund projects they could do , even on their own .

Last thing i'm gonna do is help say Capcom , Square , Enix or Sega , kickstart project they can shoulder , even under the pretense of "gaugeing interest"

duchess11568d ago

I have the same fear with this idea. However, what I'm hoping is that by backing the developer they will have control of the crowdfund budget and more control over the game itself. It's evident that crowdfunding is not adequate as is when games are being released incomplete and differently than they were pitched. Most successfully funded crowdfund games have a great pretense but fail for financial or management reasons. My hope is that bringing on a Producer to fill the gaps will remedy this.