The Master Chief Collections doesn’t feature multiple Halo sandbox mode

GCO: "When questioned as to if the Halo: The Master Chief Collection would feature a sandbox mode that mixed the maps from all the Halo games, 343 Industries said, at its Rooster Teeth Expo panel, that “the games will play as the original played, so you won’t be able to apply one sandbox to another. But, you will be able to enjoy the games as they existed.”

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randomass1711661d ago

I guess that means Theater Mode is only for Halo 3 and 4. That's my favorite feature from the Halo series. Or did they announce something different about that in this collection?

BALLARD321661d ago

The eight remastered Halo 2 maps will have Theater and Forge mode as well.

randomass1711661d ago

Oh SWEET!! That's awesome. :D Glad to see they are making some changes here and there.

alexkoepp1661d ago

It was a great question asked, something I hadn't thought of yet. I would like to know if when H5 is released it will somehow integrate itself into the master chief collection for a 1-5 seamless experience. That would be ideal.

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corvusmd1661d ago

It's amazing that this is the closest thing to a "negative" article about this collection. Truly is one of the best values in gaming in a long time.

user14394141661d ago

An Uncharted 1 2 and 3 remastered in HD 1080p 60fps would be a much BETTER bundle. I cant wait to buy the Halo Bundle and start enjoying the campaigns remastered in HD :)

Septic1661d ago

Lol in your dreams. That bundle wouldn't even come close to matching this. Not even.

Nice try though 😅

Farmassy1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )


you are a well known PS fanboy. Yesterday you said that people should buy the masterchief collection if "they were unfortunate enough to own an xbox one."

You are all over naughty dogs balls. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed uncharted and TLoU but they are not the second coming. Also, halo is a bigger franchise and to me it has more replay value. Uncharted had great single player but the multiplayer lost my interest rather quickly

I will be playing 4 amazing games with over 100 multiplayer maps while you shell out more money this holiday season for a game you just played

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OpieWinston1661d ago

I want to know who expected this to happen?
That would be a coding disaster to have to run different engines in different games.

Why are people trying to play a bad spin on this. Of all the things asked at RTX this is the thing you focus on? Really?

Game Journalism REALLY is dead...

sinspirit1661d ago

Different engines? It's just a map. It can easily be ported to other engines, and it's not like they are using the old game engines either..

Septic1661d ago

what? Yes they are. There are different engines for different games. They aren't running on one universal engine.

sinspirit1661d ago


When Halo: Anniversary was made they used a new engine to render the graphics and kept the original engine for the actual gameplay.

And, again, maps can easily be ported to other engines, and like I said it's not like they are using the OLD game engines, so the newer engines, like the one they used for Halo: Anniversary's graphics, definitely can support maps from the other games. Now I'm not saying you simply just move it from one game to another. If there are interactive environments and what not it can have issues but generally maps don't have much issues for porting.

Who said a universal engine between all the games? You know.. other than you assuming anyone talked about that?

Please, don't just post things without at least a quick Google check. Just because a game is remastered doesn't mean it's the same engine.

mhunterjr1660d ago

They ARE using the old engines. Halo CEA also ran the old engine... but it simultaneously ran a second frame buffer, that allowed instant switching between the old and new graphics...

Porting maps between engines also isn't as simple as you suggest, as each game had some pretty significant changes in mechanics that would need to be addressed in order to keep the games fun, functional and balanced.

sinspirit1660d ago


Except.. Not only did I cover Halo: Anniversary's engine that uses the original Halo engine for gameplay, and their new engine to render the graphics... But, here's something I left out because I wanted to see more people argue with assumptions.. The multiplayer uses Halo: Reach's engine.

Now here's some other insight about how stupid this argument is.

1. Graphical assets are ported all the time and it's easy. It's how these remasters use new engines and still contain the old, but updated, graphics. Sure, sometimes it has tweaking, but that is usually only if the map has a lot of interactive scenery or just because the map needs graphical updates. Seriously, a lot of modders take graphics from old games and port them into new games.

2. They can easily develop a plug-in for each engine, if the multiplayer has different engines on each, to run maps on each engine with no problems.

3. Halo: Anniversary uses Reach's engine for multiplayer. Halo 4 used this engine. Halo 3 also used this engine. It's not even different engines, unless for some stupid reason the team decides to change that. So, this argument is completely ridiculous since almost all these titles use the same engines.

All these disagrees and assumed arguments. Lovely.

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