Top Five Unannounced Games I Want to See on Wii U

Gamnesia writes: Nintendo guru Shigeru Miyamoto recently polled fans about what games they want on Wii U. The top result was a new Metroid game, which is a sentiment I can definitely agree with. However, Nintendo's got a lot more to offer than just Metroid and there are a lot of other unused franchises and characters that have not yet graced Wii U.

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corvusmd1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Another Metroid game would be amazing. Use the pad as a Visor hud view... They have to be working on this game already.

I'd actually love another Mario Sunshine too actually...

Abash1618d ago

Pokemon Stadium 3 and Luigi's Mansion 3 would be amazing on the Wii U

bacrec11618d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they at least ported Dark Moon over.

Moonman1618d ago

Miyamoto wanted another 3D Metroid to appear in an interview so you know he has pull at Nintendo. ;p

MrSwankSinatra1618d ago

People really need to give up on the whole Pokemon MMO. Nintendo is not stupid to invest in something like that. We all know that MMO's cost major money to make and in today's gaming world subscription MMO's are on their last leg with the rise of Free-to-play, so there is really no incentive to even consider making that.

Erimgard1618d ago

The article specifically say a Pokemon MMO won't likely happen, and doesn't ask for one.

EliteGameKnight1618d ago

I believe he was speaking in general and not singling out the article.

As for the Pokemon MMO, I would have to agree with MrSwankSinatra. the MMO market is by far too saturated for any new additions, as is pretty obvious when you see the amount of MMOs that crash and burn year after year. I'm sure it's possible that the Pokemon name alone would be able to help prevent it from being forgotten, granted they said the same about the Elder Scrolls Online and that game turned out to be a let down.

I love me some pokemon, but I don't think I would want to play it in an MMO. people can be really annoying, especially in that game genre

NukaCola1618d ago

I just want a full open world true 3D 1080p Pokemon game. As for online I'd just want arenas and th3 ability to joine friends in local community challenges like Bug Hunts, bike races, etc. The idea of a Pokemon MMO is really neat but not needed. I also wouldn't mind a dynamic multiplayer system like Demon Souls or Journey. One where you can meet people in the wild but you're not in a town with a billion players.

Moonman1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

My selfish list: ;p

1.) Paper Mario - Maybe a sequel with characters from Thousand Year Door?
2.) Super Mario U - sequel in the vein of Mario 64 (it would move systems quick)
3.) Metroid ..nuff said
4.) Earthbound RPG
5.) Donkey Kong - sequel to DK64

HD Remakes of Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion with added content
(Gamecube Virtual Console support soon after Smash Bros. Wii U because everyone will have the Gamecube adapter to use the controller...)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1618d ago

Pokemon MMO or Open World game is NOT happening

Paper Mario sucks nowadays

TheSsus1618d ago

A new Metroid
A new Super Mario RPG
A new F-Zero

That's my list.

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