Super Smash Bros. Missing Characters – Who’s Left?

Eric Frederiksen:
"As we enter July, we are effectively one month away from the finalized version of Super Smash Bros. being released on the Nintendo 3DS. We currently sit at 33 playable character representing almost all of Nintendo’s most prosperous and popular franchises."

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admiralvic1663d ago

I really wish Nintendo would just announce Captain Falcon already. It's the one thing stopping me from buying the game and really don't want to wait until release to see if I should pick it up or not. ~_~

HystericalGamez1663d ago

Didn't we see Falcon in one of their screenshots?

Metallox1663d ago

"It's the one thing stopping me from buying the game."

Really? Oh well, you must love Falcon xD

admiralvic1663d ago

He has always been my main and I can't really imagine Super Smash Bros without him screaming Falcon Punch or telling people to show their movies. =[

thehobbyist1662d ago

Sakurai already mentioned Captain Falcon when he was talking about balancing issues in an interview. Captain Falcon will be in the game, but will be an unlockable character.

MrSwankSinatra1663d ago

Ness, Captain Falcon & Jigglypuff those are the most important characters missing.

KingKelloggTheWH1663d ago

There's a ton of characters missing, if Cap F isnt in the game I'll flip out!

The game in general needs more characters then the last game, at least all the old ones.

kirbyu1663d ago

What's that Captain Falcon picture a screenshot of? Is it just a Brawl hack?

They had better not cut Jigglypuff. Her Rest move makes her way too awesome and fun a character to get rid of.

Why so much Ice Climbers hate? Just why?

That-Guy1663d ago

Characters I'm almost certain about: Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, Ness, Mr. Game and Watch, and Ice Climbers.

Maybe: Wario, Jigglypuff, and Falco.

I don't see Mewtwo making the return. I think Nintendo has passed that spot to Greninja. And since Waluwigi is confirmed for assist trophy, Wario at the very least has to get that.