The Best Headsets for XBOX One

XBOXHome: "Again, we’re looking at headphones here which compliment the Xbox One, not merely work fairly well with it"

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Illusive_Man1564d ago

The Microsoft brand headset works and feels extremely good.

inf3cted11564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I dont recommend TB headsets. They are low quality and will break eventually.

GodGinrai1564d ago

Mine has been fine so far...but Im guessing you had your longer than mine. What specifically was the fault on yours? were they for XB1 or X360 also?

inf3cted11564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

it was a PX21 and an X12.

My PX21s broke after 1.5 years of use (left earcup fell off). I then purchased the X12, with the DSS amplifier. After 8 months of use, the same problem, left earcup fell off.

Now im using an Audio Technica ATH-M50 and I plan to buy a clip on mic. The sound quality and build quality is outstanding compared to those headsets I had. Headphones usually have a greater audio quality than headsets. I learned its better to buy some headphones and buy a separated mic, instead of headsets.

Of course the price range is different, but every TB headsets building materials are almost the same, no matter the price tag.

The ATH M50s are not gaming ideal (mostly for music), but with the DSS on it is pretty good.

GodGinrai1564d ago

That sucks. Hopefully these XB1 headsets are more durable. I used the standard official wireless for years on my x360. these are my first turtles. Admittedly I got suckered in by the titanfall design, but they do sound descent, enough, just not great.So far they been workin fine though.

I know about audio technica from my music production background. I can certainly agree with your choice. They make good quality audio gear.

Rob Hornecker1564d ago

I own the TB CoD 500 delta's for the 360 and have been VERY happy with them. The mic works well for chat and the sound is real good also. The hardest thing about them was the initial set up which is a pain in the A$$.

Once set up ,them work great and have had NO issues with quality what so ever. Although I do treat them like a new born baby.

Will I buy another set of TB's for my XB1? Hard to say,although the Astro A50's were my other choice for the 360 ,but could never find them in stores. I plan to get santa to bring me a xb1 headset for xmas. Hopefully by then there will be alot of choices out on the market.

GearSkiN1564d ago

I love xbox, I'm still disappointed that you gotta have an extra adapter for headphones, it's next generation and still not wireless... So mad had to buy it just so I can use my A50.

Bonkerz1564d ago

Im waiting for Astro to come out with a new wireless headset like the A50. Logitech already announced a completely wireless headset that will work with the Xbox one and not need the chat cord for it to work. Im gonna wait about 6 months hopefully by then we here something from Astro.

Rob Hornecker1564d ago

I'm holding off for a set Astro A50's also. They may not be the 1st out for the 1,but that extra time could make them a better choice in the long run.

Starbucks_Fan1564d ago

Playstation Gold headset works well on it and it's been on sale recently for $65-$75. Works on PC too.

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