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Divinity is out in full force and the game is just as cracking as we at AGR hoped it would be.

Now thanks to some feedback from one of AGR's readers, this review will be slightly different. Instead of just a written article, you’ll find a quick video review at the end of the written article as well. Hopefully this will give you more choice in learning about the games being reviewed in the future.

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Rob_Ko1618d ago

boring, give me Witcher 3 or Dragon Age Inquisition

sorane1618d ago

Looking at your past comments it's not hard to see why you would hate a PC only game.

Rob_Ko1618d ago

actually I play it on PC right now (well not atm, but started 2 days ago)

sorane1618d ago

For some reason I don't believe you. Oh yeah it's because of your comment history.

Ocsta1618d ago

Dude. Really? I suppose you think the Baldurs Gate games sucked too? If you can't even give a brilliant RPG like Divinity: OS a CHANCE, you, sir, are no role playing gamer. Begone.

Rob_Ko1618d ago

I played BG 1, BG2, Planescape Torment, etc, when they were new, and liked them.
but tbh another same ol' same ol' with goblins, orcs, and undead with slow paced turn based combat, makes me wanting Witcher 3 could come sooner.

Seafort1618d ago

Seriously? Dragon Age? After the monstrosity that is Dragon Age 2?

Lets hope Witcher 3 stays true to it's PC roots and not consolified like Dragon Age.

Divinity Original Sin is probably the best RPG for many years and deserves that score. It is far from boring.

abradley1617d ago

The beauty of Divinity Original Sin is the combat is anything but slow paced. It is as fast as you can think and react.

The game is much more like the original Dragon Age before they wreaked it with the sequel, so if you enjoyed the original, I'd give it ago.

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SteamPowered1618d ago

I can't believe his only gripe with the game is that it wasn't released on consoles. That's some BS right there. What's wrong with a PC exclusive?
If the author wanted a console experience, maybe he shouldn't be reviewing PC games.

Maxor1618d ago

A console port would destroy the very game they're trying to port. The game is extremely mouse driven and much of the game play involve interacting with the environments by mousing over things. I don't see how they can port this without dumbing it down into a souless husk.

abradley1617d ago

It can be done, Halo Wars proved that Strategy can be played on consoles and work well.

We're not talking about destroying anything, just giving the developer a bigger cash flow and a broader audience.

abradley1617d ago

Hey SteamPowered,

As I didn't give the game a 10/10, I found that I had to find something that could be improved that would be of significance. I also don't think a game could ever be a 10/10, as perfection is not something man/women is very good at, so something had to be a goal for improvement next time.

I understand that the game would have difficulties being as good as on the PC, but all I'm saying is the option would not only be good for gamers but also for the developers who get to sell a lot more copies, which means more great games from them.

Sorry if you didn't feel it was a good enough gripe.

Maxor1618d ago

This game have a huge cult following on Steam and it's easy to see why. It's a classic turn based RPG with a genius level of emergent gameplay and mod-ability. Of all the Kickstarter projects this is the very first one to truly delivers.

1886afc1618d ago

So... how is it? want to buy this so bad but i don't have the time to play.

abradley1617d ago

To be honest, if you don't have the time to play, leave it until you do or you can get it on offer. If you want to support the devs then absolutely pay full price but its up to you if you can make the most of it at some point in the future.

This is a time suck so beware.

1886afc1616d ago

so playing on and off would be a bad idea?

abradley1615d ago

@a886afc That would depend on you. I've always had an issue remembering where I'm going, what I'm doing and exactly what is going on in the game if I have more than a week from the game. So I have to keep restarting some games several times until I get the time to just sit down and play. Typical with RPG's with deep stories really.

If that doesn't effect you, it should be a good buy right now.

Ark_1618d ago

One of the few games I couldn't resist to buy at fullprice. And I do not regret a single Cent.
It's a great oldschool-like experience - tactical combat, lots of story driven quests, lots of well written dialouge (to read), no handholding (e.g. no exclamation marks over the questgivers etc.). I love it!
It mimics a colourful, versatile and exciting fantasyworld; it's not heavyly dark, gritty and depressive as a lot of games tend to be these days.
Big recommendation, if you liked baldursgate, ultima 7 and to a smaller extent dragon age origins etc.

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