Xbox One’s Halo: The Master Chief Collection Improvements Detailed; Watch The Full Panel and Menus

If a new trailer, gameplay and concept art for Halo: The Master Chief Collection aren’t enough for you, here's a list of the improvements for Halo 2 and the full recording of the panel, also including a lot of footage of the game's menus and options.

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christocolus1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

All this Halo info is making the wait a lot harder. Been watching the just released terminal trailer. The part where Arbiter says “what would you call me if you learn the truth of what i've done” has got me so damn hyped...I don't know any Halo fan who isn't excited about Halo Mcc. Its one of the best compilations ever... infact i think its the best. Day one for sure.

Neoninja1566d ago

I'm not the biggest Halo fan in the world, but I really enjoy the games and books. I'm freaking excited to relieve the classics and go thru Legendary with my best bud!
I didn't think it possible, but I would say this is better than the Orange Box offerings and the Orange Box freaking owned it! Just a few short months of a wait lol.

JohnJ1566d ago

It really is a massive service to the fans. To revisit those classic moments and get ready for the new next gen Halo, it's a special game for sure. I have no shame in saying halo is my favourite game series of all time - pure magic

4Sh0w1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

christocolus, its not even close, this Collection is the best I've ever seen, its far and above a simple remaster or upgrade. These guys are refining so many aspects while keeping all the original gameplay/maps/weapons. Their also adding stuff like the Mongoose with guns= "Gungoose", all new Arbiter backstory, online/offline coop and the new menu system is definitely a slick way to incorporate all the games, there's so many more extras some of which they aren't talking about until Comic Con, plus let's not forget this is Halo games for the first time running 60fps in 1080p. Seriously amazing stuff they are doing with this franchise.

guitarded771566d ago

I'm not a big Halo fan either, but this collection is awesome. I'll have to replay the series when I get an XBOX One. If this doesn't move some XBOX Ones, I'd be shocked.

I am a Gears whore though... Love to see it get the same treatment.

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NextLevel1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I don't even really like Halo and I'll say it the best collection ever made. If you like Halo and own an Xbox One, you'd be stupid not to buy it. The Orange Box was a great disc aswell.

Kiwi661566d ago

OMG Did you just say something positive about xbox are you feeling ok as you normally only troll xbox articles with your negative crap that you repeat over and over again .
OT: this collection will certainly bring joy to the many halo fans and those who never played i say get this as value wise you can't beat it

Kavorklestein1565d ago

Isn't it nice to focus on games instead of Console specs? Isn't it nice to see a game for what it is without some stupid waste of time novel about shit that no one really cares about besides OTHERS who wallow in negativity? And in fact thrive on it because they have no other ways to feel validated as a human? It's nice to see you acknowledging other's opinions, and understanding where OTHERS are coming from, even if YOU don't actually feel EXACTLY the same way.

Agreed. Orange Box is awesome.

Pogmathoin1566d ago

The Last of Us cash grab remake is a great example of everything right in the universe.
Xbox one is dying
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As you can see Xbox one sold 167 consoles in that time. Awful....hey I just post comments, please keep it civil and do not attack me. I never said I did not enjoy Xbox.... I do, when it is run over by a fat fanboy..... Queue the Angelice response........ :)

For the obvious.... That was sarcasm..... For those beyond it, goto to figure it....

n4rc1566d ago

I have a buddy who has been more a PlayStation guy but has a x1..

he has never played halo before and even he is excited for this game.. I think its going to be huge.. 4 full games in one, 100+ mp maps at 60fps on dedicated servers.. I can hardly wait

christocolus1566d ago

Yeah...its going to be huge.

elninels1566d ago

This is one I wish I had an xone for. Halo 2 multiplayer is definitely going to be fun.

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marlinfan101566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

so much content yet such a simple menu. they're really doing a great job with it from what ive seen

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