And This is Why Sony Cares More About Gamers Than Microsoft

The author applauds Sony's commitment to fresh talent, and says Microsoft doesn't give its customers the same sort of service.

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Kingthrash3601570d ago

Ms has always been about ms...Sony used to be like that. They've changed and now they listen AND act in favor of gamers and devs. Quickly too..that recent tlou pricing prob was solved in a hasty manner...they, by law had all the right to keep that money, but instead they refunded it. Not to mention PS+ giving free games for ps4 AT LAUNCH.. On top of true f2p games...I can go on but we all know this stuff by now.

Kivespussi1570d ago

PS+ is still mandatory for online though. Don't see any reason to have it that way but cash.

True that it's awesome they give great games like Resogun and for cheap. Still, doesn't justify multiplayer being behind a paywall.

xilx1569d ago


PS+ isn't mandatory for online with f2p titles, at least, keeping them "free" to play (it's up to the publisher I believe, whether they want to be behind PS+ or not, and so far I don't think a single f2p title has opted to do that).

insomnium21569d ago

Holy hell this opinion piece hits the nail on the head. This is exactly how I see things and this is only going by the facts nothing else.

OMG @nextlevel below. That link is scary dude. There's nothing to add to that really.

ZodTheRipper1569d ago

^They recently invested more ressources into their online network and they compensate these costs by giving away 2 free games each month, how is this wrong? PS+ offers incredible value for your money, it's a consumerfriendly way to bring back the costs of network management. Remember that XBL once cost the same and ONLY offered multiplayer.

AngelicIceDiamond1569d ago

I'd have to agree. Sony takes more risk with new Ips than MS.

With Phil in charge hopefully MS this gen will continue to invest new Ip's and take more risks.

Why o why1569d ago

Thank you angelic. . .I also believe Phil will make a big difference. It's not just him to be fair. Some of the people at the top must have had to change their ways of thinking to appoint Phil and reverse some of the bs

joselito66991569d ago

Sony used to be like that until they lost 100 billion dollars, at the end of the day they are both just businesses...

daBUSHwhaka1569d ago

FREE games at launch with ps+.Do you get ps+ for free ?.No such thing as free with both xbox or ps.

Kingthrash3601569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

@^^^^Blacklight...warframe, plus needed....day1

MysticStrummer1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

"No such thing as free with both xbox or ps."

There are already multiple games for PS4 that are free and don't require PS+ to play online.

OT - It seems the usual argument for statements like the one in the title is something like "Both are businesses, both are in it for the money, and neither care about you."

While this is true, one of them has policies and practices that at least generally give the illusion of caring about gaming and gamers more than the other one.

kanyewesting1569d ago

This is hilarious n4g is worse than neogaf. MS has made better exclusives than ps4 thus far and they've been rolling out updates for us.

Stupid fanboys

BattleAxe1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

It's amazing how naive most of you people are. Someone mentioned that PS+ isn't mandatory because you can play F2P games.....give your head a shake. Nobody buys a PS4 to play F2P games, all of which are on PC anyway.

Another guy says that PS+ is amazing value... you need to give your head a shake too. You need to spend $50.00 per year on PS4 that you never needed to spend on PS3 to play all of your favorite games online. PS+ was a good deal when it wasn't mandatory, but now it really doesn't matter whether you buy a PS4 or Xbox One, because you need to pay to play your favorite games online for both of them.

Everyone seems to have jumped on the Indie bandwagon with the PS4 these days. People seem to forget that Indies were making games on the PS3 from day one also. The difference being that Sony is leaning heavily on Indies to provide content for the PS4 at the expence of providing the amount of first party/2nd party development that fans received on the PS3. It seemed like most of E3 was dedicated to Indies.

I like Indies, but they are not the reason that I buy a console. I've never known anyone who was excited to get their hands on a whole bunch of Indie games, and I really don't believe that most people on N4G are all about Indie games either.

Sony wants to spend as little money on the PS4 as possible, which I believe means that you will not see the same amounts of big budget first party games as you did on the PS3. Instead, what you will get are tonnes of Indie games, the odd big budget first party game once in a while, and a whole lot of digital re-makes of old PS3 games. People will look at the PS3 as being the 'good o'l days' within the next couple of years.

I've been around for all of Sony's console launches, and this one is the weirdest one. There's so much hype, but there's nothing to really get excited about. Sony has fooled many people this time around, and it's astonishing how easily people have fallen for it.

Pogmathoin1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

The highlight of the Xbox days was the original when it was designed by gamers for gamers.... Sony did the same with PS One when they realised Nintendo was never going to be helpful to them. By the time of PS 3, after the staggering dominance of PS One and 2, I guess Sony thought that just by showing up, they would walk it again. After a few years of struggling, they made the changes that reflect today with PS4. Arrogance also got MS with the latter years of 360, but they too made the right changes since then, especially after the botched launch of X1. Nobody has ever been perfect, all have been smitten with greed and assumption at some stage, and no one still ever knows what is up at Nintendo. The reference though to Alan Wake doing better with PS.... Shows the author here is using emotion with the article. Many games that were incredible on PS3 never received the sales to match the praise its games got, because Sony never seemed to get behind a game that was not Naughty dog or Santa Monica. The only thing the author nails is the statement that nobody is perfect, 100% evil or pure..... Console business is like a merry go round, and you never know what to expect....... Just awesome games on many different systems.....

@ NextLevelofMaria.... How many times have you used that, and yes, those were days that could have been better, like early PS3 years, but as the article says, nobody is perfect. Also, bring something original to the table, you are like an 80's radio channel, can predict the very next comment from you all the time.

BallsEye1569d ago

MS is not commited to gamers? Really? How about xbox dot uservoice com ? Place where anyone can put an idea for xbox one/xbox 360 , it get's voted and if there are enough votes most likely it will land in upcoming monthly updates. Already lots of stuff been added to xbox one that gamers wanted thanks to new voting system.

MysticStrummer1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

@Battleaxe - "Nobody buys a PS4 to play F2P games"

I don't have a PS4 yet because no game yet has made me want one enough to go ahead and buy.

If Sony announced a PS4 Planetside 2 open beta starting tomorrow, I'd go buy a PS4 right now, so your statement is false. As it is I'll be buying one in time for Destiny and then Driveclub the month after.

"I like Indies, but they are not the reason that I buy a console."

No Man's Sky will sell consoles, and rightfully so.

"Sony has fooled many people this time around, and it's astonishing how easily people have fallen for it."

What's astonishing is how many people have already forgotten MS's pattern of a strong start followed by a fade. Sony gamers have a history to look at that makes them confident about what's coming. MS gamers have a history to look at that should make them nervous about what MS will do later in the generation.

mikeslemonade1569d ago

MS spends more money for their games since their relationship with developers isn't as good or close.

Nintendo is the greedy company.

ITPython1569d ago

@BallsEye - And where do you think they got that idea?

I'll leave this here:

SilentNegotiator1569d ago

They're both businesses, but I've always found MS to be more underhanded when it comes to how they do their business.

ALLWRONG1569d ago

And this is why N4G is losing hits and sinking lower into oblivion.

Exari1569d ago


"Nobody buys a PS4 to play F2P games"

one of the reasons I bought a ps4 is for deep down. whats your point?

"all of which are on PC anyway"

deep down is a ps4 exclusive and WONT be released on pc...

lol some ppl are either butthurt or dumb

snipab8t1568d ago

Oh my god, you people and your incredible levels of ignorance are infuriating!! Don't you realise that Microsoft AND Sony are billion dollar companies! As either of them give a shit about Gamers, they want your money!!! They don't give a shit about you, or me, or anyone! They only give a shit about making money. They make decisions to get people to buy their console, not to make you happy you ignorant fool.

jebabcock1568d ago

Truthfully. I'd much rather not have to pay extra to play games but the fact remains that almost every game nowadays has an online element or is centered around network play. It wasn't as big of at the start of last gen. But The significant network traffic has to be paid for somehow. At the end of the day Neither Sony nor MS are charity drives... They have to generate enough revenue to remain competitive and make investors happy. 50 bucks a year for additional features and online play for certain games plus a wide array of games on multiple platforms/consoles at no additional charge(is that better than saying free) is taking what MS started and making it an easier pill to swallow.

I hated paying for xblive on the 360 because I don't do alot of multiplayer and I got nothing out of it. With psplus i have been introduced to many games I never would have given a chance otherwise.

otherZinc1568d ago


That was an exceptional post and very true. I agree completely!

There's no way I bought a nextgen platform to play some Indie Games.

UltimateMaster1568d ago

If it worked for Microsoft and the Xbox, then it'll work for PlayStation.
It'll give them the money needed to enhanced their online infrastructure.
As a businessman, billions of dollars in revenue is not something to look away from.

kreate1568d ago

I think Microsoft realize this and they're trying to turn things around.

perhaps u guys should give them a chance?

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Dehnus1569d ago

Yup, and they have shitloads of bubbles too so brace yourself indeed.

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ZombieKiller1569d ago

I've always felt Sony cares more about the gamers than MS. It's the general attitude in everything they do. I know everyone is in it to make money, that's what a business does. Coming from MS though I feel like they piss on us and tell us it's the rain.

MS- will do something like charge for online because they know they can.

Sony- Sees the competition is making money and fans aren't compaining about the fee (too much) and charges the same fee, non mandatory, and with insentive (free games) for the same price.

MS- Starts to sweat at the competition, offers free games 2 per month.
Sony- Steps game up and offers more recent, better games (seriously, Bioshock Trilogy, Hitman Absolution-offered last year on PS+ this year on XBL, Arkham City, Borderlands 2, Payday 2...I could go on and on) People might see "free games" which is enticing but WHAT free games should be the question (which is what I mean by the piss on face, tell us it's the rain comment)
-"Yeah we have free games too"
-Ok my store gives away free phones with a 2yr activation but that doesn't make it a good phone....

Or even the periphrials with the console.....what about the fact that each Dualshock COMES WITH AN INTERNAL BATTERY AND CHARGE CABLE?! By the time you are ready to buy a freaking play n charge kit, you've spent how much in batteries? Say $ the Play n charge $25, plus the controller $50-60.

Knowing that alot of it's fans are little kids that can't afford this sort of thing, this alone shows why MS sucks at caring whether Sony is better or not. My point is stated very well in the authors closing comment:
"At no point in owning those Xbox consoles did I feel like anything more than a faceless dude with a wallet. On the other hand, as a PlayStation owner, I've always felt just a little more connected to the brand"

ghostface91569d ago

ya like when the ps3 console came out at 600 dollars and when people said that costs too much they told them to get a second job sounds like they care alot about their customers

ZombieKiller1569d ago

No ghostface, it doesn't sound like they care at all. Could you tell me when they said that though? I don't remember ever hearing anyone say that, and if they did, they would probably be fired. You got some evidence to back that up?
How about the fact that they took a loss on every PS3 sold though? Up around the $200 mark too. So tell me another one.

Why o why1569d ago

They didn't say that zombie but it helps the faction sleep well. They constantly misquote what was said to make a fallacious point. When he gets back to you with the so called quote please school him on group think and Chinese whispers.

k3rn3ll1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )
Actuallt they did say that. They said the console was so good that people wojld get a second job just so they could be able to have one. And then they rode that 600$ for a long long time. Ill look up that quote and post back later for you guys if I remember. But yes it has. There's an entire thread on gaf dedicated to ceo arrogance, the vast majority have come from sony

Edit: heres the thread y'all with all the quotes compiled

BabyTownFrolics1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

"During a recent interview with Japanese economic website Toyo Keizai, ever-charming Ken Kutaragi had this to say about Sony's goal for the PS3: "for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."

Here is a list of other classics:

I feel we should take any company to task when the need arises, but cant we agree that both MS and Sony have spread their fare share of BS.

SouthClaw1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Yeah Microsoft charged for their online system because of quality something PSN didn't have. The amount of downtime is a joke. The PSN hacks were a joke. Sony care? Hey buy our console you can run Linux on it! hey just so you know we are updating the console and we are removing Linux either update and lose it to play online or don't ever play online again. Yeah they care!

You talk about controllers? LOL the PS3 controller was flimsy plastic and didn't originally come with dual shock. The Xbox controller is so highly regarded it is used by the military in simulations.

You talk about batteries? Yeah ok its nice to have it inside you're right. What happens when your battery dies? It happened a lot. You cannot officially replace it yourself and hey Sony won't touch it. Yeah I so love internal batteries.

You do also realize that the games are licensed when they are put on PS+? Sony don't just look through the games they have in their cupboard and go yeah gamers will like that lets give them that.

Such a moron.

Why o why1569d ago

Told them to get another job

for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'

The same? ones talking about the desire they want consumers to have and the other is just brazen. Why not just quote the quote verbatim...... thats right, because most people have probably never read it.

@babytown.... cant argue with your last paragraph. Theres a lot of tripe in those quotes there.... but yeah, none are innocent. I'm just arguing against the '2 jobs' misrepresentation.

AnotherGamersOpinion1569d ago

Sony certainly gives the appearance of caring more about gamers than ms. However, it is just that. Appearance. No company blatantly exists to help gamers. Profits are needed. However, that being said, Sony certainly has a more consumer friendly approach. This is important to remember. Believing a company cares about its consumers is not a common belief on any other product, so ehy should it be with game consoles?

mcarsehat1569d ago

It's only advertising. Consoles aside,it is still just a way of taking our money. No one listens, people are just idiots.

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truefan11569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Of course Sony cares more about gamers, they are a failing company with one successful business unit. MSFT is a juggernaut with many successful units. What should be worrying is that MSFT is offering a better gaming experience than sony in terms of gaming and apps, while gaming is not the primary focus.

Also Sony is a company, you ps4 fans sure love to make it seem like they are a charity. Do you think shareholders give a darn if you like the CEO, they want results. Also if sony was such a charity gaming on psn would still be free, didn't they promise they would never charge.

@Angelice you make absolutely no sense, what new risks are Sony taking. Kzsf, infamous, mlb, tlou, uncharted, bloodborne are all sequels. Ryse, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Project Spark, Max COB, ScaleBound. MSFT is Bringing the Games!!!! If you count Bloodborne as new then that just adds 2 more games to the XBOX side in Crackdown and Phantom Dust.

sinspirit1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Lol. That's complete hypocrisy.

"they are a failing company with one successful business unit".

Uh, Sony's movie divisions, music, insurance(in Japan), and obviously PlayStation are profiting successes.

Microsoft on the other hand is in the same position, except I'm not aware of any of their profiting divisions other than Windows, which continues to lose market share because of their lack of respect and failing to deliver on promises to their PC users for years now.

Of course shareholders care if people like the CEO.. It's public image. That's a stupid statement.

Sony is a business, yes. You can't get any more obvious. But, look at how generous they have been with their offers and pricing compared to the competition, that also neglect and deliver faulty products often. Vista, faulty, and they neglect to support it anymore. X360, over half are faulty. XBox Original, neglected as soon as the faulty X360 came out. Windows 7, exactly what Vista was supposed to be, and they are already trying to limit updates to Windows 8, like DX11.x and possibly DX12 because they are trying to force people to upgrade to W8 which is essentially just a reskinned W7 with a few updates. Terrible terrible business practices and they do it because they know they have dug so deep into the market.

I haven't even mentioned how they develop their OS's and then when it's complete they simply cut out features, make different versions(32-bit, home, professional, ultimate, etc.), so that they can release the gimped versions for standard price just so they can raise the price for the complete versions. It's like releasing GTAV with content cut out, keeping it at $60, and then releasing the full versions for a higher price.

MysticStrummer1569d ago

"MSFT is Bringing the Games!!!!"

Yes they are, just less of them.

Haxamin1569d ago

Bloodborne is new IP, crackdown and phantom dust are not.
Also, you forgot The order,Driveclub, Deep Down, EGTTR, Rime, Abzu, Let it Die, without memory, all new IPs.
And if you can count titanfall, then i guess we can count H1Z1, Everquest,and Soma, and so on.

And also, does the fact that one company being more financially stable, MSFT, allow them to be less caring about gamers? No. And yet you consistently have your head up their arse.

Try moving that goalpost.

k3rn3ll1569d ago

Um every os version of every os is essentially a reskinned version of the previous one with a few updates. Thats how it is on mac os, iOS, android, web IS, very rarely do u get anything completely revolutionary because it involves completely scrapping the previous GUI and code , if anything windows 95 was the only revolutionary os out of all the ones I just listed

nyzma231569d ago

urg you wrong buddy microsoft is very succesful company all their division is make money both bussiness side and consumer side and a bigger company than google in term of profit and revenue
the device and service division where xbox,windows phone and surface are on also making profit thanks to android patent licensing

Tito081568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Many successful units? Likehat? Oh you mean flops like Bling, Surface, Lumia and Zune? Lol, nice try.

@nyzma23- Actually, did you know they lost money Zune, and it's being a known fact the XBox division is one of their least profitable divisions, and while it's true Microsoft is a bigger company than Google money-wise, they're not bigger than Google, but they're far behind from Google's success.

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liquidhalos1569d ago

Another typical, my daddy is bigger than your daddy now give me hits article

TheXgamerLive1569d ago

No, not a war but why is it some sony fanboys have to constantly be lieing little bitches?

snookiegamer1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


QUIT acting like pathetic little fanboy trolls. People like you do all you can to discredit each others console brand of choice.


Magicite1569d ago

My friend said Sony are greedy for suddenly charging for online, meanwhile he have been playing for xbox live gold for years.

SouthClaw1569d ago

XBL is a quality service with extremely little downtime and great content. PSN complete opposite in the PS3 days it was down constantly not to mention the PSN hacks.

PS3 wasn't designed as an online console first it was designed as a media machine first with online thrown on top which is why there was so many problems with PSN. It is the reason you could never ever have cross game chat on PS3. Sony didn't care about multiplayer. Microsoft designed all 3 consoles with online in mind. That is why they can charge for it. Sony got jealous and realized they could make up some money that they are loosing as a whole company by charging for PSN now. So sad people are too stupid to realize.

ZerobyZero1569d ago

Sony made the charging for online gaming to improve the security on the psn and not being hack like MS Xbox beacuse I been hack so many times on my 360 and I had never gotten hack on my ps3 or ps4

gman_moose1568d ago

Southclaw, not sure if you are intentionally trying to come off as a raging fanboy, but you are.

There's nothing separating XBL and PSN these days, and PSN is still $10 cheaper per year. Yes, PS4 owners have to pay for online now, but the fact is they didn't for 8 years prior to that. 360/XB1 owners are 9 years @ $60 per year and counting now. You can justify it all you like, but those are the facts.

PSN down all the time? Huh? When they had the security breach it was down for a while, but I don't recall any other major downtimes... then again, maybe I do other things besides play games, and don't notice every single maintenance. You seem awfully mad about gamers rallying behind a company that has gamers in mind from the beginning- no strings attached.

Spencer might help fix MS's image a bit after Don Mattrick took a $hit on it, but if you think it's about anything but the $$$ you're delusional.

TAURUS-5551569d ago

PS4 has won the console war already

showtimefolks1569d ago

that's why when people say every company is in it for money i don't look at sony as some of these greedy corporate types. I know exclusives are each person's personal preference. Some people like Nintendo's or MS first party titles other will say sony

for me its sony just because of diversity, Nintendo and ms are doing the same games over and over again.

Justindark1568d ago

you know who does free? Nintendo enough said.

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NextLevel1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

This answers that question, better than anything ever could and uses FACTS, not opinion.

This clearly shows who each is trying to please and who actually "all about the gamer". It's unspinnable.

lelo1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

It would be interesting to see a actual pic comparing X1 exclusives vs PS4 exclusives launched until now.

NextLevel1570d ago

Best I can do.

Xbox One Games

Exclusive = 33
Microsoft exclusive = 14
Console exclusive or timed = 21/3
Multiplatform = 163
Playable = 58 available to purchase (12 of these are exclusive to Xbox One)

There are currently 234 games on this list.

PS4 games

Exclusive = 26 (1 of these are free-to-play)
Sony Exclusive = 22
Console exclusive and/or timed = 77/3 (9 of these are free-to-play)
Multiplatform = 144 (3 of these are free-to-play)
Playable = 89 available to purchase (10 of these are exclusive to PS4)

There are currently 273 games on this list (14 of which have been confirmed as free-to-play).

Hope that helps.

jnemesh1568d ago

@NextLevel Funny that you are getting downvotes for FACTS! Bubble up for you, sir!

marloc_x1569d ago

"Dance Star Party Hits", YESS!

gamer78041569d ago

this relates to the year of the ending generation spin down, a better chart would be of the entire generation, not just 1 year. Sorry thats totally spinning.

voodoochild3461569d ago

2010-2013 is one year in your world? Just in case you didn't realise the point of her post, since kinect came out there have been more kinect exclusives than traditional exclusives for Xbox 360. The ps3 numbers are flipped.

rainslacker1569d ago

It would be even more skewed in Sony's favor if you looked at the entire life of last gen consoles. Perhaps you aren't aware, but Sony had a ton of exclusives both first and third party(mostly from Japan). The first six months of the PS3 was kind of slow, but they still had several exclusives for it during that time.

gamer78041569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )


my bad, i looked first at the games and not the date, still less than half the consoles lifespan, and just at first glance, the xbox side is missing Alan Wake (& American Nightmare), thats a pretty big title to leave off of a console exclusive list... wonder what others there are, don't care enough to find out whats all missing. looks like they left out out arcade title exclusives too.

I own all of the systems, i just hate these fanboy wars, no system is "better" than the other, just people trying to prove that there is when it can't be proven.

doolin_dalton1569d ago


That link is nothing but spin and misdirection.

Why are all of the 360's indie and arcade games missing? It's clearly an attempt by a Sony supporter to make the PS3 look better than 360 by simply ignoring one of the 360's strongest aspects.

It's funny how from 2010-2013 Sony fans ignored indie and arcade games, and ridiculed Xbox fans when they made lists that included downloadable games. It's clearly because MS outshined Sony in those areas. Now all of the sudden, whenever the talk comes to PS4 vs. Xbox One, indies are front and center for the Sony crowd.

Keep moving those goalposts.

Flutterby1568d ago

And when ever the talk turns to indies xbone fans say they don't count ? So which way do you take it either way you don't win.

snookiegamer1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


What are you, like 10 years old or something? Jeez.


I 100% Agree. Plus, all these pathetic trolling idiot clowns are doing is ruining gaming.