Google, Microsoft Investment in TV Voice Control is a Sure Bet

In the past year, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Google and (maybe) Apple are integrating voice control into their home entertainment devices. Microsoft brought motion and voice control to home entertainment first with Xbox 360 and then with the more advanced Xbox One. Where the Xbox 360 was an established video game console with entertainment apps, Xbox One marketed their system to be an entertainment platform that can play video games.

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NextLevel1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Such a "sure bet" they had to remove it so people will buy the console.

"due to poor sales compared to Sony and their dominating PlayStation 4."

You mean and the 360. The 360's lowest ever week was 38,400, the Xbox One's lowest month is 77,000


n4gamingm1618d ago

and after all that ranting you did the xbox one is still the second fastest selling console under the ps4

NextLevel1618d ago

Remove the illusion of 2013. Most consoles do well immediately, because the fanboys buy them regardless. The Wii U had a fantastic launch.
Nov. 2013 - 909,000
Dec. 2013 - 908,000

2014 Xbox One NPD
Jan. 2014 - 141,000
Feb. 2014 - 258,000
Mar. 2014 - 311,000
Apr. 2014 - 115,000
May 2014 - 77,000

Xbox 360 2006 NPD
January 2006 | 250,000 |
February 2006 | 161,000 |
March 2006 | 192,000 |
April 2006 | 295,000 |
May 2006 | 221,000

Febuary and March the 360 had supply issues.

"The Xbox 360 was plagued by severe stock shortages. The gray market was riddled with Xbox 360 selling on Ebay for many months after its release."

2nd fastest selling, the 1st fastest drop off with no supply issues.

ShinMaster1618d ago

Haven't some TVs already had voice/gesture controls?

slate911618d ago

Bro Im sorry you are trapped in this life called N4G

tgunzz1618d ago

@nextlevel, You are a true business man... You do a lot of data surfing for financials to constantly prove that ps4 is leading in sales. You do know that there are people who get paid for that. Also, your purchase for the ps4 is already accounted for, so you can take the tie off, and start getting involved with the gaming side.... Also, if you applied these wonderful data trails into the ps4 section, then it becomes great support instead of poor trolling....

ThatOneRiggaNob1618d ago

lol I'm convinced you're spending more time trying to discret and bash the Xbox One than actually playing on the console of your choice. You'd swear someone was paying you to do this everyday in and out lol.

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blackout1619d ago

Seems like they have given a choice witch is great for the gamer. something they should have done from the start.

I really believe both Microsoft's and Sony's camera's are needed, especially with VR and AR on the horizon. Things will unravel soon. The x1 camera is a beast though.

Kingthrash3601619d ago

The camera is too expensive too. It also shouldn't have been a focused feature since they have no great games for it now or in the near future...the sales numbers are what they are partly because of the price and the neglect of the kinect....many more reasons are there but this just added more to the pie. The fact the you don't even need the kinect for voice commands it enough to sot it next to the kinect 1.0 to collect dust. IMO the kinect did more harm than good as a bundled item.

iamnsuperman1618d ago

I don't foresee mass adoption of VR and AR in this generation. Maybe next but I see the VR craze sticking on the PC side before migrating over (partly due to expense).

blackout1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

NextLevel how are you comparing Wii U holiday launch sales with x1 past holiday launch sales?

Kiwi661618d ago

because @NextLevel is a friggin troll that does nothing but bash xbox/microsoft every chance she/he gets like its their only purpose in life usually spewing out the same crap each time

VP371618d ago

I love my Kinect. I Skype with it, I record YouTube videos with it, the voice controls are fantastic, I can't imagine my X1 without it.

If MS didn't do such a poor job with their presentation at E3 2013, they may not have had to introduce the Kinect-less X1.

I'm sure the Kinect-less X1 will attract a lot of people looking to go next-gen and save a $100, but I think if those people get a taste of what the X1 is like with the Kinect, they'll eventually buy one.

Mrveryodd1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Totally agree Vp37 . I love the Kinect. No one I know who has a Kinect unplugs it . Once you use it in there home , they wouldn't be with out it.

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