Cullen Returns in Dragon Age: Inquisition In all His Knightly Glory, and Frostbite Screenshots

BioWare just introduced a new character for Dragon Age: Inquisition who happens to be not that "new." In fact, we meet (again) Cullen, former knight captain of the Templar Order and now one of the three advisors of the Inquisition, returning from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.

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moegooner881567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

All these character reveals have got me really excited for the game.

Takwin1566d ago

Best RPG out in the next 12 months other than Witcher 3. Next 12 after that will be Mass Effect 4 and Zelda Wii U.

And we all await the next single player Elder Scrolls and/or Fallout, but they are at least 2 years out.

lets_go_gunners1566d ago

I'm just playing skyrim and new vegas until I can finally play this. God I'm excited. Hopefully day one.