EA SPORTS UFC: Adding T.J. Dillashaw in July 2014

GoodGameBro writes, "Looks like EA SPORTS UFC players should expect a roster update before July 2014 is over; the remaining question is whether or not Dillashaw is just one fighter of many to be added, or whether he’ll be a stand-alone addition to the game’s roster."

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fonduktoe1564d ago

Hilarious he wasn't there in the first place...

Farsendor11564d ago

could have been a contract issue, athlete/fighter issue anything could have prevented him from being in the original roster.

Kevin263851564d ago

Honestly, I think he wasn't in because he wasn't that popular.

T.J. kind of forced their hand when he won the Bantamweight title.

lahariko1564d ago

Oh this guy is very hott

sovietsoldier1564d ago

please add chuck noris in august.

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