From King’s Field to Bloodborne: the lineage of Dark Souls

Harsh difficulty curves, purposely ambiguous world states and methodical pacing are just a few hallmarks From Software has etched into the fabric of its Souls series. Under the stewardship of series veteran Hidetaka Miyazaki, PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is set to carry the series legacy into 2015. Indeed it’s an exciting time to be a Souls fan.

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Hellsvacancy1569d ago

Soooooooooooooooooo looking forward to Bloodborne, I can't express that enough with a single sentence

I love rpgs, i've held off buying a PS4 because of the lack of em, Witcher 3 and Bloodborne will keep me happy for months and months

colonel1791569d ago

I really like that the game is supposed to be faster and more action-y. It think this will be the best of these games.

KingKelloggTheWH1568d ago

Destiny and BloodBorne are my next two games...I wont need any other games for a long time

XtraTrstrL1569d ago

LoL, I still remember my friends making fun of me years ago for buying King's Field on PSX. I always bought random games that I just thought had cool box art sometimes. Back in the days when there were so many games out that half couldn't be covered in the magazines and the internet wasn't popping enough yet to cover everything. The PSX was similar to the NES days, going to the software store or rental spot. There were always tons of games you never saw before.

SpinalRemains1381569d ago

Right on. You just brought back a lot of memories for me.

That was actually a cool thing. Not knowing entirely what you were buying, except the developer who made it. Those awesome surprises and moments of fun were priceless.

There were benefits of living in the pre information age. Everything was a little more human.

SuperBlunt1569d ago

This is gonna be the big one in 2015. And if it surpasses demons souls and dark souls.... oh man

Dspdspes1569d ago

Ahhhh, King's Field 1, 2 and 3...... So many hours spent..... Loved them!!

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