Sniper Elite 3 Review-In-Progress: A Great Sniper Missing It's Target (Multiplayer) | Short Pause

We scope in on Rebellion's follow-up to 2012's underrated Sniper Elite V2, but due to the fact that the multiplayer has been largely unplayable up to this point on the PlayStation 4 version, we feel that a review-in-progress is the best approach. Despite the aforementioned network issues, and a few other minor glitches sprinkled throughout, there is potential here for a great alternative to the fast and frantic gameplay of other shooters that have over saturated the market. Read on for more!

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bluegoblin1567d ago

I havent had any issues online personally

e-p-ayeaH1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

the multiplayer is such a letdown the cover system takes away everything that made sniper elite 1 MP a great experience.

Its a good game nonetheless but i prefer the original that one had everything that was needed in terms of level design and gameplay mechanics.

RamboRabbi1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Se3 multiplayer is fun but nothing I would spend an enormous amount of time playing. The single player made me want to buy the game tbh, the slow motion bullet physics is why I enjoy the game not exactly innovative but a refreshing touch to the boring fps genre.


Not like this is a surprise but the multiplayer is a campfest, not a massive complaint because it is a game based on sniping however this does make for a boring and slow paced multiplayer especially in se2, Se3 has much better maps imo.

TheDude791567d ago

I agree, the maps are much better, but it's still a disappointment with how few there are. I really hope that season pass and all the content it includes gets announced for consoles soon!

Finch1567d ago

Been fine and really fun here. I like the slow games of thought and tactics though. Feels great working as a team covering your team mates as they move up trying to get them to expose their location.