Xbox One OS Preview

"Xbox One has had a few controversial changes before it launched. Many changes according their policies had been made before the console reached the shelves. But, in the end, what did these changes give us? Where the changes for the worse? I’ll talk with you about the Operating System (OS) of the Xbox One and find out what these changes gave us."

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Axios21565d ago

The X1 was good to start and it gets better every month

Love the features

corvusmd1565d ago

True, admittedly when you first start using the X1 UI, it's a little overwhelming (esp learning what all the correct Kinect commands are), but that is simply due to all the options you have available to you and how deep the UI is. (Hint: Say "Xbox Select"...everything else is a breeze). Once you get used to it, it blows all the other UIs out of the water, and using others actually feels like a burden. I even find my self talking to my PS4/PS3/360/Wii U..or even just TV at times, because I'm so used to it now. Easily the best OS/UI....and it keeps getting better.

1564d ago
GuruMeditation1564d ago

Lol yeah, I tend to flit between my One and PS4 quite a lot (currently forza and Titanfall on XBox and WatchDogs/Wolfenstein on PS4) , and often find myself trying to talk to my PS4. I've only had the one for a couple of weeks, but I'm already sold on the whole User Interface side of things. Great system.

devwan1564d ago

@Guru You are aware that you can use voice commands with your ps4's UI if you're that way inclined?

GuruMeditation1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

@devwan I am indeed, and I have used the ps4 voice commands. They work pretty well, but I tend to use them rarely if at all. As I have a ps camera (and therefore a handsfree mic array) and, as and when the responsiveness of ps4 voice commands improves, I shall give them another whirl. The main reason I use voice commands on XBox so often, is that my Satellite box is on the pass-thru; therefore it's just quicker in most instances to switch between TV, Netflix and gaming.

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user14394141564d ago

I do agree with the second part yes it is getting better every month. :) Not so good from the start however I had a lot of issues with the party and invite system.

BX811564d ago

I agree from the start it lacked a lot of what we would consider basic features. I like how quick it is.

Bonkerz1564d ago

All i can say is the software team for the Xbox One needs a raise, that group of people have literally blown expectations out the water. We all know that Microsoft is a software company but they are doing an incredible job with the X1, already we have seen major improvements to the UI and features, it just makes me super happy to know that i will always be getting new and improvements throughout the lifetime of this console.

2pacalypsenow1564d ago

the xbox UI looks 99% like windows 8 xbox 1 software team did little

Ryan7411564d ago

Not so much looks, more like what the are putting in behind the visual appearance. The Ps4 software time must still be on holiday after launch lol😀

MeliMel1564d ago

Bubble for funny...

Rimeskeem1564d ago

the PS4 is kind of like the Galaxies with lots of amazing hardware and such and the xbox one is like an Iphone with amazing software

blackstrr4111564d ago

And wiiu is windows phone. Lol. I still love my Lumia 520 though 😆

Rob Hornecker1564d ago

Granted MS has made to vast improvements since the XB1 launch and has strived to keep it updated,but theres still a couple of issues that need fixing....

Can we please get rid of the black background screen? and 2nd ,it needs a voice command for "XBOX eject disk".

I'm sure I can find other gripes,but these 2 would be a good start for updating.

blackstrr4111564d ago

But you still have to go to the game and collect the disc so an Xbox eject voice command is a no no. Family guy reference on having an eject button on a DVD controller. 😆

MrUnfamiler1564d ago

why would you need a command for ejecting a disc if you still have to get up and put a different disc in.

MeliMel1564d ago

Wow... Xbox... eject disc. Then an error screen come on and reads "Get yo Lazy*ss up and do it" Then you mouth off and Kinect vaporizes you with a red beam.