Mario Kart 8 helps Nintendo’s Wii U, lifting console sales more than Titanfall or Second Son

Could great first-party games be enough to save the Wii U and Nintendo’s bottom line? If the early sales data from Mario Kart 8 is any indication, the chances are looking surprisingly good.

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NextLevel1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Nintendo's and Sony's 1st party is amazing. Microsoft's is just ok, most of their studios work on games, apps and few big franchises. Nintendo and Sony just have more talented developers. Titanfall isn't even 1st party, it's a 3rd party cross gen game.




Microsoft is more interest in buying 3rd party games, timed exclusive rights and timed DLC than 1st party studios. Which IMO is why they never come out on top when any generation they participated in is over. Sony's 1st party closed the year headstart the 360 had and Nintendo's 1st party has the Wii U outselling the Xbox One worldwide.

Chrischi19881570d ago

Nintendos is the best. I really dont see, why Sony is better than Mircosofts. MS has some nice exclusives.

No_Limit1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )


NextLevel is just trolling as usual. The Xbox can cure cancer but it will still not be enough for her to acknowledge that it is doing anything good.

MightyNoX1570d ago

@chirchi: Because sony creates new IP whilst MS leans on regurgitated halo/Forza/GoW (two of those are third party IP they bought, not created)
Even Nintendo experiments with its existing IP otherwise we'd never have gotte. Kart, party, smash Bros etc.

Derpity Derpity derpy comprende?

1570d ago
NewMonday1570d ago

Watch Dogs sold more PS4 consoles than MK8 did to WiiU, It's multi-platform but it seams like the exclusive marketing for the PS4 is working, even more than it did for the 360.

ShadowWolf7121570d ago


Titanfall: EA/Respawn. Also not exclusive.
Scalebound: Platinum Games
Sunset Overdrive: Insomniac Games.

Those are Third Party, man.

duckmysick1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

You really don't see how Sony has better 1st party games?!? Well I wouldn't either if I were stuck playing Xbox games, lol. Infamous, uncharted, last of us, Demons souls(the game that started it all, the soul series), Wipeout(which is coming back with a bang), the Order, and soon to be Bloodborne are just recent tastes of whats to come. Plus all the other 1st party games that don't see commercial success like puppeteer, but are still light Years ahead of what "Microsoft studios" are doing. Do yourself a favor and get a PS4 and wait, cause that's about all your doing with an Xbox anyway.

..but for real, I was with Xbox for 6 years and could not be more happy with my ps34U.

GameSpawn1570d ago

Nintendo has good, well made first party games, but this is also one of their biggest downfalls (and not just in this generation, this issue goes back to the NES days). Nintendo has a way of alienating third-parties, leaving first party games being the only options (well... also toss in some 2nd party gems as well) to keep the system afloat. Nintendo knows this is the case and "throttles" their first party releases in order to re-surge sales when they slump, they did it with the GameCube, they didn't really have to do it with the Wii (but still did), and they're doing it with the WiiU -- it's the carrot dangling strategy.

Sony is in general better than Microsoft because of their track record with remarkable 1st party titles, while also at the same time inspiring 3rd party developers to compete, rather than feel alienated (Sony shares programming resources and techniques with 3rd party developers that are interested - case and point Sony's ICE Team). Nintendo has traditionally held back resources and techniques to insure 1st party titles' quality is always better than 3rd parties' - this attitude spun off the "Nintendo Seal of Quality" censorship of the NES/SNES.

Microsoft, well...Microsoft has a proven track record of a "VERY" few 1st party investments versus 3rd party timed-exclusives and 2nd party buyouts (known as commissions and contracted games in the professional tongue). Microsoft also "gambles" with their studios less than Sony does (not that Sony isn't making educated gambles - they are fully aware of what potential their studios have and what they are possibly capable of).

In short if we were to focus on strictly 1st party offerings primarily weighted more for "quality" than "quantity":
1) Sony
2) Nintendo
3) Microsoft

2nd party:
Pretty much even across the board - this is more subjective than the other two categories

3rd party:
1-2) Sony & Microsoft [Depending on 360/PS3 or PS4/XBO]
3) Nintendo

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thisismyaccount1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Not sure why one has to brag about this, more than anything else what it really tells (the news) is how bad/low the console sales of the WIIU really were before the release of the next recycled nintendo game.

It´s nice of them to ignore the most important data here "an +670% increase in hardware sales"...

One spike represeting the release of MK8, once the hype settles down it´s back to the usual routine at nintendo.

Microsoft just ok? Okay being above average? Sorry but no... i do not remember any 1st Party Game from MS Studios at all, except for Kameo and now Project Spark (BELIEVE it or not : in 15 years of exbox this is the best IP coming from their studios and im being serious here!... just stupid of them to release it for the pc as well /duh)

90% of the game release on XBOX Platfrom were avaib. on the PC later that year or next fiscal year + the Par..Cl.... ensures or is what keeps them alive, Publisher know this : Extra platform means more (potential) copies to sell.

It is in their best of interest (Publisher side) to keep the exbox alive (via shaddy contractual obligations and what not), it ensures them few extra copies, they d.g.a.f about the brand or what not (same with PlayStation), they´re just after the buck....

Nintendo simply refuses to "host" violent games, they do not want to create a new synonym fro Nintendo, "the shooter console" etc...

Gamer19821569d ago

"--- Yep, because, you know, Titanfall, Quantum Break, Scalebound and Sunset Overdrive were TOTALLY old proven IPs... " not one of those are 1st party..

Chrischi19881568d ago

Hahahaha, say one thing against the PS4, just 2 Sentences and you get burned by the botherhood of PS4 fanboys.

I never said that I liked MS more than Sony, but I also do not dislike them more.

And it is a fact, that Nintendo has the best exclusives. Call them rehashes as much as you want. I think another Shooter or Zombie Survival Game is just as much a rehash, but from unproven IPs, in my eyes that is not the slightest bit better than a rehashed game, that people love to play and are eagerly waiting for a sequel.

Sonys exclusives are nothing compared to nintendos. It is a fact and many non Nintendo fanboys would agree, that if Nintendo had a more powerful maschine and the 3rd Party games plus its own exclusives, nothing would stand a chance and why? Because of its exclusvies. Sony and MS is bought for 3rd Party, Nintendo for 1st party and an ocassional 3rd Party game.

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Eejanaika1570d ago

compared to nintendo both sony and microsoft are ok.
considering thats all they focus on is exclusive games.

DualWielding1570d ago

I think Sony's first party output was much superior to Nintendo's during the 7th gen... However, I admit 8th gen Nintendo first party has been superior so far. However, 8th gen has only started for Sony

elhebbo161570d ago

considering that all nintendo focus on is exclusive games alone make them fanatastic. Sony/MS has 3rd party to rely on when they are dry on first parties.

Chrischi19881568d ago


Lol, you cant be serious. Or you just did not play them all, to make a real comparision.

Look, I am not saying PS3 exclusives were bad, but to say they were better then nintendos, is pretty deluded.

Just to give you something to think about: Mario Kart Wii (just under the top 3 of most sold game of all time), Mario Galaxy 1&2, Zelda Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime 3 and many many more.

bigpiece1570d ago

lmao you just love to take hits at microsoft whenever you can. The fact that people are saying that microsoft isnt taking risks when they are showing new exclusives such as sunset overdrive, quantum break, scalebond, and bringing back phantom dust which didnt even sell well on the original xbox is just mind blowing to me. stop the fanboy crap on both sides its just ridiculous.

NextLevel1570d ago

Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break and Scalebound are all 3rd party exclusives. Thanks for proving my point for me.

stuna11570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I don't see Microsoft as the ones taking the risks with those games! If anything the 3rd party developers are the ones taking the risks, while Microsoft could potentially sit back and reap the rewards.

TitanFall on the other hand was a totally different story, with Microsoft being tied up in it's actual development and funding.

gapecanpie1570d ago

All 3 sucks this gen. Infamous SS is the same old crap just better graphics.

eferreira1570d ago

Lets judge this generation less than a yearin its life cycle. Children these days.

stuna11570d ago

All 3 suck, but you single out 1!? Way to be objective.

360ICE1570d ago

As far as sequels go, inFamous Second Son was a pretty big change. Not necessarily for the better, but still.

sonic9891570d ago

look Sony needs something like Crash with mass appeal
something that sells millions and can be a reason for somebody to buy the system for .
infamous is good its not generic or a shooter that tries to beat call of duty so for me infamous is something you can find on playstation .
mario is like that for nintendo and I hope Sack boy can show us what he can ( already very successful ) .
and hopefully sony can get their crash back .

ritsuka6661570d ago

Man , this guy is trolling in all articles of Nintendo. What's wrong with you dude?

Tales RPG addict1570d ago

Nintedo is back and stronger than ever, wish i could say the same about Sony another favorite company of mine.

360ICE1570d ago

Well, Sony is in peril, but PlayStation is obviously looking stronger than i a long time. And really, Nintendo looks stronger than they did following the launch of the DS and Wii?


kewlkat0071570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I just pored 3 hours into MK8 with my little niece..just managed to finish the 50CC and unlocked Rainbow Road..This game is too fun to pass up..

I always end up buying all consoles at some point..Games like MK8 is why I still buy Nintendo.

You couldn't find one game like MK8 on the other platforms and is just as fun..

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Benjaminkno1570d ago

That's not surprising, but that's also nothing to brag about.

WiiU still has a long way to go before (if) it turns around.

Concertoine1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Yeah MK8 is on a whole other level than either of those series in terms of popularity. This is to be expected.

I am eager to see the Smash bros boost though. That's a different demographic than the one MK appeals to. Im worried that it'll come out TOO close to the holidays.

randomass1711570d ago

As long as they can release it before Christmas, I think Nintendo is golden. If they are smart, they can also mega bombshell the industry with a price cut or a cheaper Smash Bros. bundle.

wonderfulmonkeyman1570d ago

The gamecube didn't have a lot of advantages that the Wii U does have, though.
Better online being one of the bigger ones, and the type of controller for another.
There's also the complications in development to consider; the Gamecube was the most powerful system but also the most complicated to develop for due to the disk size and architecture.
Not the case with the Wii U, where some devs are getting PC ports to run with the flick of a switch.
There's more that went into it, but the Wii U's potential for recovery is better than the Gamecube's was.

wonderfulmonkeyman1570d ago

At this point there's no "if" about it.
It's got games coming that will be big enough to turn it around.
Smash and Mario Kart alone are a killer duo for the system, but then you gotta add in games like Devil's Third, Xenoblade X, and Bayonetta 2[with 1 packed in], and then you take a look at some of the truly fantastic indies like Shovel Knight and AREAL, and suddenly your wallet is cowering in a corner.

Especially if you're a multiplatform gamer, because then you've got the games on other platforms to worry about on top of all the Wii U awesomeness that's coming.

Concertoine1570d ago

You would think so but the gamecube had 2 pikmins, mario sunshine, a mario kart, 2 zelda games, smash bros, f zero, 2 metroids, 2 star fox's, animal crossing and a few new IP's and still didn't do too hot, and the wii u is still tracking behind it.

I have no doubt the wii u will be seen as a console that redeemed itself with good games and it'll have some of the best games this gen but unless Nintendo supports it longer than originally intended i don't see it being anything but a marginal increase over GC sales at best.

Concertoine1570d ago

The gamecube was not hard to develop for at all. The only system that was hard to develop for was the ps2, because it did a lot in 2000 to help future proof itself. The gamecube also wasnt the most powerful, the Xbox did laps around it. I doubt the GC could run Half Life 2 or Doom 3 like the Xbox could.

Also the Wii U is at way more of a disadvantage, don't know how you can spin that. Its a lot less powerful and its the only one not using x86. The gamecube was at least powerful enough to run ps2 games. Sure the wii u has online, but so did the GC, and like the gamecube, it's still an inferior service in most people's opinions compared to the other systems.

You can argue that Nintendo's series have been exposed to more people since the the success of the Wii and DS so those games DO have more potential than 10 years ago, but also let's keep in mind the Wii U is currently 3 million behind the Gamecube at the same point in it's lifetime... that's a lot.

seraphym881569d ago

You make some good points Concertoine, and i also believe the Wii U will only do 'respectable' numbers this gen, however i do think it will be better than GC by quite a bit, im thinking 40mil range if given 5 to 6 years.

The gamecube may not have been hard to develope for, but it used small proprietary discs, with low storage. To make a nice big game, you had to put it on 2discs (Tales of Symphonia) which upped costs. Also, just like Wii U, it was the most different of that gen, Nintendo has almost always done this since N64 days. Some say its to stifle 3rd parties (read above comments and someone acually says that lol), but more knowledgable people know its because Nintendo makes the console THEY want to develope for, the one that will run Nintendo games best.

The GCN had lower ram than even the ps2, and used a power pc prosessor chip called gekko. Both aspects are very similar to Wii U.

You mentioned another very big point, Wii and DS days were GOLDEN, so many people experienced the awsomeness of Nintendo IPs, Mario kart pushed over 35 mil alone. However another big point is that Nintendo themselves arent the same, they are worth around 18bil, a huge amount of that growth came since Gamecube. Nintendo did yield the 'capcom 5' but that was very late in the life cycle, Nintendo has already gotten more big-name 3rd party support for Wii U than GCN i would say, besides RE5 which later went multiplat. Indies are also a big part on Wii U, sure indies wont save it, but exclusive indies like shovel knight can cetainly help.

I dont want to sound rude, especially since i think you did make good points, but you cant really judge Wii U based on GCN. Times have changed so much, we are all in the HD days, and no matter how much people want to argue, the graphical gaps are much smaller, since everything has millions of pixels/polygons. We are still at the beginning of this Gen, and people are bickering about resolution/FPS right now, but im almost positive it will die down shortly, as soon as people go back to realizing gameplay is way more important.

One reason i was so interested in this debate is because i was thiknig just a few days ago...."man, Gamecube was awsome... but i think Wii U is my favorite Nintendo console" hand on bible. Seeing these posts really got me thinking as to why, since gamecube was my fav before. I think ive come to the conclusion that, simply put, Nintendo has been making exceptionally good games as of late. IMO the Wii U's library is leaps better than PS4/X1, and while Wii U had a 1yr lead, i dont see any killer exclusives for the competetion. E3 was seen as a bit of a let down overall i would say, mostly due to 85%-90% of the libraries for PS4/X1 being the same, and mostly shooters.

sry for the WALL, biggest post on n4g ever by me.

ZoidsRaven1570d ago

MK8 will help the Wii U, but I wish Nintendo would just work harder on their advertising. You basically weren't watching TV if you didn't see the "Wii like to play" adds. Why is that not the case for the Wii U? 7_7

wonderfulmonkeyman1570d ago

Advertisement is Nintendo's biggest roadblock to good sales right now, honestly, in tandem with a lack of quick first-party releases.

ricochetmg1570d ago

the lack of third party leads to a lack of games

wonderfulmonkeyman1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Wii u has third party games.
It's just that they're mostly bad ports.
Bad ports won't help the system.
Nintendo is working on fixing that with a slew of really good first and second party games on top of some third party exclusives, though, and their indie selection keeps growing stronger.
They won't have "a lack of games" for very much longer, AAA third party or no.

brotherlymoses1570d ago

Titanfail and infamous boring son

Th4Freak1570d ago

You missed Mario Rehash 1589^9999.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Didn't know 8 suddenly becomes 1589^9999.

Jihaad_cpt1570d ago


I think he is refering to the Mario IP (used in like multiple games) not the one specific game. Let's face it Nintendo is Mario and Mario is Nintendo

wonderfulmonkeyman1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

*Looks up from my respectably large second and third party collection from Wii and Wii U*
I'm sorry, what was that?
I missed what you said.
I was just so distracted by all these great games....

DoctorJones1570d ago

Your posts are so dull. Every time I see you in a Nintendo article I already know you'll just making a boring negative post before I've even read it.


ColinZeal1570d ago

I'd rather read Chrono comments than anything that the spin doctoring NDF (Nintendo Defence Force) posts...

randomass1711570d ago

Uh yeah, I can see how obvious trolling is better to read than Nintendo fans who have a different opinion. /s :/