Sony London's Environment Artist Finishes Star Wars Episode I: Racer Map In CRYENGINE

If you thought that game developers and artists are not experimenting with different game engines, well… you are in for a surprise. Sony London’s Environment Artist, Ben Keeling, has been working – these past months – on a map inspired by Star Wars Episode I: Racer in CRYENGINE.

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KnightRobby1565d ago

I wonder if they are testing the waters to gauge fan reaction.

Well, I definitely want a POD Racer that's for sure! :)

thehobbyist1565d ago

I don't think anyone can deny that. Especially since the original has not aged well at all.
If Sony wanted to create a new Pod Racer game, I'm all for it. I'd kickstart that even.

360ICE1565d ago

Seems like a typical developer side-project. I wouldn't say no to anything Star Wars-related, though.

CyrusLemont1564d ago

Good lawd, this takes me back to N64 memories. Ahh those were the days. Hopefully Pod racing will finally make a return on PS4/Xbox One. One can only wonder how visually amazing it could be.

darthkai1565d ago

I would pay good money for this game :-)

millerj27401565d ago

I played the hell out of racer revenge on ps2, one of the first games I bought that generation. I'd get an other one for sure.

younglj011565d ago

Okay we get an rumor about Sony might buy Crytek now we get this concept art from Sony London artist using the CryEngine?

Okay that is really fishy....

e-p-ayeaH1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Not really Cry engine is avaiable to anyone with a capable pc out there...

younglj011565d ago

True but why use an 3rd party engine when I'm sure they have their own in house engine? This artist could have release this concept in Unreal 4 engine but the fact he choose CryEngine too show the public is more than what meets the eye...

e-p-ayeaH1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

@younglj01´s reply:

Well the Cryengine offers better outdoor visuals than the Unreal Engine so that just might be the reason i suppose.

millerj27401565d ago

Any pod racer game would have to come from EA though, wouldn't it? Because of their exclusivity deal with Disney.

sjaakiejj1559d ago

Strictly speaking they could make a deal with EA. But then again that's pretty unlikely. If a Pod Racer game is in development, I'm almost certain it isn't at Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.