New AMD GPUs rumored to be coming next month

It is rumored that the new Tonga GPUs will re running on 20nm chipset. Will aim to make their midrange cards more powerful and efficient.

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Activemessiah1658d ago

A new CPU would be nice though... something that would challenge the i7

user14394141657d ago

I hope the new GPU is amazing AMD have some good value cards.

bumnut1657d ago

Agreed, a friend of mine has an FX 8350 8 core, it performs around the same as my 1st gen i7 950 in games.

JBSleek1657d ago

AMD is simply not going to challenge Intel in the high end CPU game. They are outmatched and Intel is simply killing it.

With Intel moving to 14nm process soon as well. Intel is going for the low end as well.

ABizzel11657d ago

It's going to be a long wait then. What they seem to be doing is making their current CPUs significantly smaller and less power hungry and turning them into APUs. Their newest APU Kaveri is basically an FX 4350 (Quad core) + R7 245. That means they still have to get the 6350 (6 core) and 8350 (8 core) down into APU form, and honestly I think the 8350 APU is what's going to power the PS5 and XB4.

3-4-51657d ago

I've been running an i5 + AMD 7770 for almost 2 years now and it works awesome. I can play almost all games on max or really high settings with 60+ FPS.

Happens to be an efficient combo, some aren't always as lucky, but yea I realize eventually I'm going to have to upgrade if I want my graphics on the PC to stay Next Gen.

Hopefully this brings down the prices of everything else a bit.

Magicite1657d ago

This article isnt about CPUs.

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memots1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

secret sauce ! Confirmed !!

imXify1657d ago

Revamped 280x ?

I still think this gpu will be the laptop version of the 280x. I mean, Nvidia has quite a huge monopoly in the mobile sector with the 780m/880m based on desktop GTX 770. It would be about time for AMD to keep up.

ShiftyEffect71657d ago

Not really sure what to think, seems like other than the title, little is known. Nvidia is rumored to release the GTX 880 is a few months so maybe AMD is firing there guns first? Doubt it, but any AMD news is good by me.

Agent_hitman1657d ago

I want to see AMD APU SoC for Tablets and Smartphones that would be awesome..

JBSleek1657d ago

Why would you not just want an ARM SoC for phones and tablets. They perform very well and good battery life. Also no one is going to put no AMD Soc in the phones and tablets. It is Qualcomm world and AMD simply can't match them.

AMD SoC do not have LTE integrated on the chip so you will never see them used in the US. Also heat. Same reason you not really seeing Tegra in phones.

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