Titanfall Meets World War 2 Using Legos

Flickr user Kosmas Santosa is a Lego enthusiast and has a knack for creating some awesome creative and elaborate Lego sets. Santosa merged two things that would never go together in real life in his latest project that blends the world of Titanfall with World War 2. There’s no way of knowing how successful the U.S. would have been if it had giant mech suits to take down Hitler regime, but a betting man would say that they’d most definitely kick some Nazi ass.

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febzilla1569d ago

Legos are awesome. Even better when creative people get a hold of them.

TenBensons1569d ago

The best Lego stuffs are always peoples own creations.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1569d ago

This would make for some cool DLC.

snowbearder1569d ago

Anything with legos is amazing haha