Imagination Techonlogies Interview: Photorealistic Gaming On Mobiles And Tablets

Imagination Technologies are at the forefront of providing silicon and software for the entertainment and consumer industries. Their PowerVR range of products are quite a rage among mobile and tablet products and they are consistently innovating in the latest GPU/CPU and ray tracing technologies.
GamingBolt got in touch with Alex Voica who is a part of the Marketing Communications team at Imagination, to know more about the various product offerings.

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Agent_hitman3436d ago

PowerVR can dominate the mobile gaming market. And if they succeeded they could take the chance to the next level and re-enter the PC GPU market again..


PlayStation Stars Campaigns and Digital Collectibles for December 2023

Visit PlayStation Stars on PlayStation App for the latest campaigns.

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Einhander197219h ago

The program has been incredibly popular, some of the collectables are pretty cool too. I like the ones for classic PlayStation hardware that you owned like the exact PS3 models you had VITA PSP PS4 models, as well as characters from games that you often get from the "Hard Game Challenge" are pretty fun too.

Hopefully they add it to the PS5 dashboard, apparently it's in the works.


Demeo Comes to iPad & Mac

Resolution Games' hugely popular virtual board game, Demeo, is now available for Mac and iPad gamers, including crossplay.


Phil Spencer Talks For The First Time About The Price Of The Xbox Series S In Brazil

After about a month of silence from Microsoft, Phil Spencer, commander of the company’s gaming division, spoke for the first time about the sudden and inexplicable price increase of the Xbox Series S in brazil.

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Vits1d 16h ago (Edited 1d 16h ago )

The current official price for the Series S in Brazil is R$3,599. During the last Black Friday, many retailers like Amazon and a local one called Kabum sold the PS5 Disc for R$3,440. The latter reported that they sold the equivalent of the height of 10 Eiffel Tower of PS5 consoles on Black Friday which people are speculating is somewhere between 3k - 7k per tower or 30k to 70k PS5 sold by one single retailer during the sale period.

Meanwhile no news about sales of the Xbox Series X or S. The latter did get into a sale as well, but the sales price was still 25% higher than the price that the console was commonly found before the price hike. Whereas the Series X did not get any significant deals during the period.

Before the price hike and the sales, the PS5 had 18% whereas the Xbox Series had 14% of the Brazilian gaming market (PGB report 2023). But I'm curious to see how the numbers will be for the 2024 report.

Source: https://www.adrenaline.com....

XiNatsuDragnel1d 4h ago

So does Phil want Brazilians to get ps5?

Dabigsiebowski1d ago

Frankly I wouldn't want to touch the Brazilian market myself. Female players have been murdered because of gaming over there. The country has a huge issue with handling masculinity online way more so than anywhere else.

I'd gtfo of any association with that sorta terrorism.