PES 2015 - Players' faces in confrontation with reality

Here are the faces of the players of Juventus and Manchester United of the game made ​​comparisons with reality. Enjoy the show!

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2pacalypsenow1663d ago

Impressive I love how Vidal looks , I hope FIFA upgrades their engine cuz FIFA 14 was the same engine just 1080p

Improv1663d ago

You and the 3 people who agreed with you have no idea. It wasn't the same engine at 1080P. It was a brand new engine you fool.

Exari1663d ago

oh, so its a new engine that looks same as the old one? thats bad

2pacalypsenow1662d ago

I saw no difference other than it looked sharper and cleaner because of the 1080p resolution , if all new fifa games will look like that , im not impressed , Now NBA 2k14 THAT! was a New Engine

georgenancy1663d ago

they almost nailed the faces except the eyes,the eyes make the player models look very weird

iceman061663d ago

They had this same issue last year. The faces were uncanny representations of the real players...except for the eyes. There is just something "off" about them. All in all, though, they do look pretty close to the actual player likenesses.

SaffronCurse1663d ago

The gameplay was pretty rock solid though

Illusive_Man1663d ago

Missing the element of sweat and skin just seems like it's one color. It doesn't have that soft dynamic lighting.

Uncanny Valley strikes also.

johny51663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

They need to get the sweat right, it sounds silly but sweat is essential to all mammals to keep us cool on the field or else we'd be falling like flies from over heating!

They also need to get the animations right, particularly the illusion of breathing...

"Some of the players look like the terminator, like there not even alive"

AnEwGuY1663d ago

Not even close to the realism of NBA 2K14.

iceman061662d ago

True. But, it's the difference between using a capturing camera vs. an engine that can handle creating players with in game assets.