The Rift Arcade takes Project CARS for a spin on the Oculus Rift DK1

It’s the most anticipated racing game of 2014, offering gamers the chance to race along photorealistic tracks in recreations of the most expensive and powerful cars ever made. That’s not all, as Project CARS is promising to include a plethora of features that include a dynamic time of day & weather system, multiple career types that enable players to jump straight into the most powerful cars available and support for both the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus headsets.

Right now it’s too early to fully preview the game. With a release date of November 2014, Slightly Mad Studios are still implementing tracks, cars, menus and other features. Nevertheless, The Rift Arcade has been given access to the on-going development builds of the game. We’ve been advised to wait for the DK2 before attempting to play the game properly, but we’re impatient creatures and couldn’t help but boot it up on our ageing DK1 to see how it’s coming along…

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Eonjay1657d ago

Imagine how awesome this tech could be if used in a classroom setting to do driver's education.

Khan6131657d ago

Fake, the stereoscopic was setup with Vireio, but no Rift was present during the recording.

The biggest clue is zero head tracking.

The player users keys to look around now and then, but there is no demo of head tracking working.