Destiny £42.51 on PS4 and Xbox One at GameSeek

Dealspwn writes: Missed out on the recent Alpha test? Then you're going to want to play the upcoming Beta. Pre-ordering the game guarantees you a beta code and GameSeek are currently the cheapest option for the PS4 and Xbox One versions. This may not look particularly cheap, but baring in mind it's a triple-A Activision-published game, this might be as good as it gets if the high pre-order prices of their annual Call of Duty games are any indication. Be sure to check out my preview above to see why we're so excited for Destiny's arrival on September 9th.

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scotmacb1654d ago

Keep your money theirs better games coming i think this is gonna be a big let down

kneon1654d ago

I've been on the fence about it after the alpha but was almost ready to pre-order today. Then I found out that there was more to the characters than I knew, I never once did anything with the character skills as I didn't know you could.

The game was already ridiculously easy, had I known I could select other skills it would have been even easier so that's killed it for me.