Top Ten Mario Games

GT - His platformers are always the best of the best, but which games with his name stand above the rest?

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Geobros1568d ago

1)Super Mario 64 - N64
2)Super Mario World - Snes
3)Super Mario Bros 3 - NES
4)Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Wii
5)Super Mario Bros - NES
6)Super Mario RPG - Snes
7)Super Mario Galaxy - Wii
8)SMW 2 - Yoshi's Island - Snes
9)Mario Kart DS
10)Paper Mario and the thousand

Really nice choices....

Moonman1567d ago

Yup, I love em' all. :)

frezhblunts1567d ago

Honestly never liked Super Mario RPG, to me it was just terrible and poorly done. I loved Super Mario 3D world for the Wii U it really should be up there and I can't comment on the DS Mario Kart not a fan of handhelds but I do like Mario Kart 8

Reeze1568d ago

I'm preparing for a flood of disagrees here, but am I the only person who likes Mario Galaxy better than Galaxy 2? I liked the Observatory and the more open feeling of each galaxy.

dafegamer1567d ago

nothing wrong with that
technically smg2 is a superior game, but 1 had a bigger impact on me

sungin1568d ago

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

dafegamer1567d ago

U sure about that? :lol

DEATHxTHExKIDx1568d ago

Thousand year door is actually my favorite Mario game.

Geobros1568d ago

My 3 favorite Mario's are in top 3 list, so I am more than satisfied with that list. I would put though SMB first because it was so innovating for his era but this is a personal opinion....

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The story is too old to be commented.