$393 Cheap Bastard's Gaming PC Build - July, 2014

GamersNexus: "Larian Studios managed to release an amazing RPG gem just a few days ago. The company behind the Divinity Series has spent the entirety of last week atop Steam's best-selling games list, and that's out of the company's full catalog. We originally wrote about Divinity: Original Sin here, giving an overview of the game's tabletop-like RPG elements. To celebrate Divinity: Original Sin, we decided to do an ultra-budget "Cheap Bastard's gaming PC build" for right around $400."

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JBSleek1568d ago

If you are going to play PC why even bother with such a cheap and weak build. You can make a good build that will play most games 1080p on medium setting for $599.

PC is about a high upfront cost but you save so much on software.

Vegamyster1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

I agree, it's not worth investing in a APU if you're going to be gaming. You won't have any issues running most games at 1080p 60 fps high-ultra setting with this build for just $200 more including an OS ($607.)

Mega241568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

I got a nice set, that I have pinned to my Desktop, I'm gonna build a rig, and I have a the approximate budget, $650. This is actually a waste, APU's don't really bring anything to the table, I've been playing on APU's now for a long time, and hate them with a passion.

My Build consists of this:







If people could rate this build and tell me if I can do better for at least the same price, and not exceed $700.

Yukicore1567d ago

Exactly! But if you're going to be gaming, then instead of showing off your big, but slow and stuttering musclepower with AMD, go for Intel and Nvidia. They're more expensive, but they are reliable and powerful, Intel's 4 core processors are twice as powerful as AMD's 8 core processors.

And with GPU's, I had AMD GPU a while ago, never had experienced a more nightmare-ish gaming experience in my life. On every game release there's massive frame slowdown and stutter. They fix it eventually (about 1 to 4 weeks or more), although some games get left never to be fixed. Never going in that neighborhood again.

Jonny5isalive1567d ago

I agree. Although you can get more for your money then ever before, and that will continue to be the trend. I paid 400$ for a 17inch laptop that can play diablo 3 at 1600x900 pretty good. Its not much of a gaming PC but in the past, even a few years ago, a 400$ laptop that could play games at all seemed like a dream.

InTheLab1568d ago

I don't understand the purpose of these types of articles. If you're interested in PC gaming, expect to spend $600 or better for a nice midranged rig and that's not including the oS and other necessities.

Why do they always leave out the OS and other things you'll need the optical drive? That's not an addon. Could it be yet another weak attempt at coming in under the cost of consoles?

Just stop with the deception and gamers will eventually see the value of PC gamer. I built mine and it was a very rewarding experience and I encourage any who have the money to do the same but make no mistake. The cost of entry is pretty damn expensive. My GPU alone cost $45 less than this fake rig in the article.....

annus1567d ago

I wouldn't say optical drives are really needed anymore. I can't even recall a time within the last 5 years I have used mine, it's cheaper to just buy games online and download them. Even bootable USB drives can be used for installing Windows.

InTheLab1567d ago

And you can do the same for the gpu? I recall installing software for it before I installed windows. That's cool if you can the whole point of excluding it is to come in under $400.

Eonjay1567d ago

This is still missing an OS.

Eonjay1567d ago

Right you are, but that will limit the content you have access to.

JBSleek1567d ago

Then buy add Windows to the build.

finals1567d ago

This computer has no point as you wouldn't be able to add anything to it and the APU sucks performance wise, playing recent games would be terrible. Put a graphics card in with that PSU and your just asking to burn your system up.