1 Shot in Conn. Playstation Waiting Line

Two armed thugs tried to rob of line of people waiting to buy the new Playstation 3 gaming console early Friday and shot one who refused to give up the money, authorities said.

The two confronted a "bunch of people who were in line" outside a Wal-Mart store shortly after 3 a.m. and demanded money, said Lt. J. Paul Vance, a spokesman for the state police. The new Sony consoles are selling for around $500 to $600.

"One of the patron's resisted. That patron was shot," Vance said.

He said the two gunmen fled, and the victim was taken to University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester. There was no immediate word on the victim's condition.

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SuperSaiyan44447d ago

The lesson to learn here folks is that its just a games console, your life is more important. You can always get that money again but once your dead you aint coming back.

lpkilla74447d ago

stand in line and you die. let it be known geez

THAMMER14447d ago

Being robed and shot is not O.K. Sony fan boy or not. They are people who are trying to get through life in and be happy. Yes they may seem like odd people buy no one should be shot.

SuperSaiyan44447d ago

Got shot cos didn't want to hand over his money...That was more important than his life apparently which makes him an idiot. Also what about those morons giving up their jobs and relationships to get a PS3? Only in America *rolls eyes*

THWIP4447d ago

...if you're standing outside, at 3 a.m., with $700+ on you...waiting in line for a console you know you have a 95% of NOT SHOULD be shot. Harsh, I know...but it needed to be said.

0ldb0y4447d ago

If you're faced with a loaded gun and won't fork over your money, you certainly deserve to be called stupid, and probably don't deserve a PS3 at all. To say that it warrants being shot is way off.

And carrying $600+ in cash is stupid as well.

If anything, those thugs deserve one to the head, and anybody who agrees with their actions.

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The story is too old to be commented.