Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Aiming For Resolution/FPS Parity On PS4/Xbox One, Engine Detailed

"Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was one of the surprises at this year's E3. The game seems to be drastically different from other shooters that are due this year and its reassuring to see Sledgehammer Games putting the series back to its original path."

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F4sterTh4nFTL1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Oh dear, here we go again. Unless they are both 1080p/60fps only then it is OK to go for Resolution/FPS parity on PS4/Xbox One. After that the PS4 should have more breathing room to spare, which could be utilized to up the details and/or effects slightly. Hence on principal the PS4 should look slightly better but they should both run the same Resolution/FPS.

Magicite1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

This game must be 60fps, but then again it must also be 1080p, unless its open-world or bug infested (on PS4 at least).

Then again COD is pretend-exclusive on X1, so parity makes sense...not.

FayZ_1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

900p 60fps wouldn't be bad, i hate any resolution lower than 900p on a large 1080p screen. more importantly i hope they lock 60fps

HmongAmerican1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

@ FayZ_
Do you know that playing shooter online game on big screen causing lag? you may not knowing the lag but its there. Which is why I perfer to play shooter game online on smaller screen like 32's inch and below. Here is the Link to the video that explain it all.

Chimichanga1564d ago

@HmongAmerican That is not necessarily true. Just because you play on a big screen does not mean you'll have more input lag than a smaller screen. It all depends on what model the tv is. My 65" Panasonic plasma has 25ms input delay while a 32" Samsung I have has a delay in the 50ms range in game mode. People need to check test results of input delay on tv's if they plan to game on them. Computer monitors have the lowest delay times but come in smaller sizes than TV sets.

xer01564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

"Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Aiming For Resolution/FPS Parity On PS4/Xbox One"

Basically, they will gimp the PS4 version, to bring "Parity" to both consoles; because the Xbox One is under-powered.

liquidhalos1564d ago

No, that's not what they said, at no point do they use the word gimped. That's just your spin in it. Take it for what it is. A multiplat game for cod fans.

xer01564d ago

@liquidhalos - Of course that's not what they'll say; because that'd only alienate the PS4 crowd!

Don't be so naive.

fr0sty1564d ago

Exactly. Anyone trying to sell PS4 owners a product would never admit they dialed anything back for parity.

BX811564d ago

Oh you silly kids never stop do you?

johndoe112111564d ago


You're actually right, that isn't what they said but It's what I'm afraid of. The problem is that if when the game comes out neither of them are 1080p/60fps but they are both equal in lower frame rates and resolution, you can't help but assume that the ps version was gimped.

It has been proven since the beginning of this gen with most of the multiplats that the ps4 is a more capable machine in either displaying higher frame rates or resolution. If this game were to be released and both versions run at the same lower frame rate and resolution then I think at that point we can begin to question.

And to make things worse, Microsoft has been moneyhatting activision for years now with the COD franchise. I think it's safe to say that with all the controversy and sales beating the xbox one has endured by the public and the ps4 brand the past 7 months, they cannot afford to have the ps4 one-upping them with there golden goose franchise.

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MorePowerOfGreen1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

The damage control in here is crazy/looney tunes. I think a lot of people misunderstood what was happening with the disparity thus far. How many times do devs and MSFT have to say the XB1 dev tools were rushed placeholders? The disparity we seen has mostly to do with crappy dev tools, 10% of the GPU not used up until now and the CPU still only using one Core(until DX12)

We won't see natural disparity until much later into the generation if at all and by then MSFT's software and servers would have blown any local hardware capability out of the water.

It's crazy the most non pro Sony gamers and media know the XB1 issue was dev tools and then once MSFT starts to fix the issue fanboys blame it on gimping the PS4 version lol.

I hear PS4 fanboys start to use this spin on Destiny as more people talk about parity based on the dev statement. The PS4 version was going to perform better before the XB1 GPU unlock, so how is the PS4 version being gimped?

I doubt the PS4 version of COD-AW is being gimped, the game seems to lead on XB1.

PS4 supposed hardware advantage isn't what is going on, this more to do with XB1 hardware being gimped by its own software not allowing full use of its hardware. I'm not saying PS4 doesn't do some things better but you'd probably see that later on, naturally. Remember CPU controls everything even the GPU(PS4 has a permanent CPU bottleneck as the PS4 dev said)

iDadio1564d ago

I just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this absolute tripe

ziggurcat1564d ago


"The damage control in here is crazy/looney tunes."

you know, you always speak about "damage control" yet your entire post was, as is normally the case whenever you post, exactly what you're complaining about. are you admitting that everything you've written here is crazy/looney tunes?

actually, devs/MS haven't even said a word about whether the tools were placeholders. only you, and the rest of misterx's followers on this site have been arguing that they are/were. and to argue that those tools are selectively doled out to the studios is ludicrous. all devs have access to the all of the same tools at the same time.

and if you think that only *one* core of the CPU was being used, then you're horribly delusional... but i guess whatever makes you feel better about the disparity...

Ol_Boy1564d ago


Your posts always sound like you live in a parallel universe lol

SaturdayNightBeaver1564d ago

Dat "one core, until dx12" made me cringe. If X1 used only one core , it wouldn't even be able to run minesweeper effectively .

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DoesUs1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

@MPOG. LMAO! One core you say? Everything so far on XB1 is running on one core? Holy mother of god! I see you've been drinking the Mr X Media Kool Aid again. Your wall of text is awesome, and so incorrect i feel sorry you believe what you type. Classic multi account POG. Never change, you bring comedy to N4G!

Both CPU's are THE SAME, aside from the fact that one runs a wee bit faster than the other, however in real world applications the PS4's CPU is more efficient given the PS4 has less overhead to contend with. Shall we talk about the large disparity in GPU's now, and how software isn't going turn into some level playing field scenario?

Good god man, lay off the crack!

jessupj1564d ago

That dirty word "parity" is back. I thought it was gone for good, but it seems to be slowly creeping back. I real shame.

Hopefully, if the resolution and fps are the same, the PS4 version is improved in other ways such as better lighting, higher textures, longer draw distance, etc.

If parity really is attained than it will be a rent for me. I will not support a developer that purposefully holds back a version of their game just so the other side won't get annoyed.

The problem with that strategy is, now I'm annoyed.

MonstaTruk1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

THIS so much. PS4/PC owners shouldn't enable Activision and this type of "parity" behavior. People paid good money for their gaming machine of choice. They deserve all the graphical goodness that system can muster, ESPECIALLY PC. And Xbox One owners can continue getting...whatever it is that they've been getting... :o

ITPython1564d ago

Lovely, even though this gen the PS4 is dominating the XB1 beyond belief, somehow MS still manages to get their dirty little fingers into the publishers/developers pockets to gimp the PS4 version (more than likely). I bet the PS4 version will also be bugger and less optimized than the XB1 version.

Last gen MS was able to get away with this because they had the sales advantage and the PS3 was harder to develop for. But this time the PS4 has the sales advantage AND is easier to develop for, yet here we are still being royally screwed over because of MS's corrupt and dirty business practices.

MS is like a child with the mentality of "If I can't have it, nobody can". It's nobody's fault but MS's that they created a weak underpowered console and didn't do their homework, and because of this everybody else has to suffer for their mistakes because they have the money to pay for parity.

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1564d ago

Don't care what resolution this is unless the game is good. Then I will see which version is better to get

mikeslemonade1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

With the competition of current gen gaming sometimes it requires a smooth and sharp experience to be a good game.

What 2pac said below me is true. The ones in denial are disagreeing with something that's basically a fact.

2pacalypsenow1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

so ps4 version will be sacrificed to be on par with the xbox 1?

G20WLY1564d ago

Yup. :(

Looks like our old 'friend' Parity is back to gate crash the next-gen party.

And he STILL hasn't washed... :/

irepbtown1564d ago

Ahhh yes, the developers saying they want the 'same experience on all consoles' nonsense. I remember Bungie saying it with Destiny, only in that case it was because of last gen that this gen suffers.

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Hardcore_gamerxbox1564d ago

Lol I do love Sony fan boys no devs gonna do that they mean Xbox one version will be 1080 p too they haven't said they gonna sacrefised ps4 version read before saying something

kdmai5z1564d ago

But it's going to happen.

BX811564d ago

Or could it be the devs Vision of the game isn't something meant to push the hardware of a console to the max. I like how parity means one version gets gimped over the other. Not every dev thinks making a fun today game means maxing out at all times. That's redid to assume. If this is the case then the console versions are gimping the PC versions. Play the game or don't but stop crying in the mean time.

MonstaTruk1563d ago

I'll put it to you like this: COD Ghosts on PS4 was 1080p/60fps. If it's not that this time, know who got the big payday. Plus, all the bugs and frame rate issues with the PS4/PC versions, it almost seems like a sabotage job. Sad...

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