Building a PC: Everything You Need to Know About GPUs

Want to build your own gaming PC but don't know where to start? Over the next few weeks, we're bringing you the essential info on how to pick the best PC parts for your budget. This week, we're kicking things off with arguably the most important part of any gaming PC: the GPU.

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JBSleek1569d ago

If someone is starting off I would recommend GTX 750 Ti it's a really good cheap GPU.

devileyed1569d ago

I completely agree. I"m running the mobile of that chip in my laptop. Still using a 4GB EVGA 680 in my desktop but thinking of upgrading soon.

JBSleek1569d ago

Wait for that 880. That's what I'm waiting for.

devileyed1569d ago

We're on the same page with that also. I hear rumors of an 8gb superclocked beast in the works.

Seafort1569d ago

I will be upgrading to the geforce 760 in the next few weeks.

Won't need another card then for the next 3-5 years.

My current card the geforce 460 has lasted for 5 years and can still play most games at med/high.

LordDhampire1569d ago

dude, your wasting your money, yo ucan get a R9 290x slightly used for like 315, then you truly won't need a new card, or hell if you wanna stick nvidia you can get 780's used for 300

Seafort1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

@LordDhampire I'm guessing you're talking in dollars?

I'm English so US prices don't compare to UK prices.

And I wish a 780 was the equivalent of $300 here.

A 780 here in the UK is £340 ($583). A R9 290x here is £370 ($634).

I have £150-160 to spent on a graphics card so I'm looking to get the best bang for the buck and that's the 760.

Edit- Disagrees on my first comment? For what? Telling the truth?

Vegamyster1569d ago

Great thing about that card it's compatible with almost every somewhat modern PC, even the cheap ones from Walmart/Bestbuy ect.

JBSleek1569d ago

Not the biggest fan of AMD really. I think their driver support leaves a lot to be desired yet they have been getting better in that respect and also I think NVidia has features I would use more such as PC streaming and Shadowplay when I want to do Twitch.

Now I'm not saying people shouldn't use AMD. You should if you on a budget but if not I would recommend going GTX all the way especially with Maxwell coming.

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans1569d ago

Really thinking about building a "GOOD" PC, but ik it's going to be way too expensive for me. And I need to save for my first car. Those Steam deals are making me want a PC.

lets_go_gunners1569d ago

The longer you wait the cheaper it gets. Never rush cause the way websites work you buy a part for $200 today amazon has a special for 150 tomorrow. Go on amazon or newegg and add your wanted parts to the cart and check back in 6months.

--bienio--1569d ago

This is what im doing😉newegg is really good option...:)

Software_Lover1569d ago

I haven't upgraded anything in 2 years. Still on my HD7950 and it works great.

overlord231569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I have the 7970 great card got it really cheap on Pixmania.
Runs everything on Ultra settings.

zeph941569d ago

XFX 5770 still going strong here. Although for awhile I ran everything at 720p just to make the most of performance while still getting great visuals. Using a 1080p tv now and it still seems to work great, max's damn near everything.

Father__Merrin1569d ago

il keep my R7 265 for now, possibly upgrading to R9 270 later in the year. I'd prefer to keep a 150w gpu

SoCalledMe1569d ago

that isnt big upgrade , yes 270 gets better preformance while still keeping 150w tdp , but its not worth upgrading for preformance difference youll get

JBSleek1569d ago

Not worth the upgrade especially when AMD is supposed to be launching new chipsets soon.

Father__Merrin1569d ago

what it is, that msi have a good 270 not the 270x for £125 I'm tempted to pick that up later on in the year I feel it's the best I will get at 150w

I'm actually pleased with the 265 currently it's a good performer combined with fx 4100, but Il wait to see what prices the new amd cards will be

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