10 Best Free PC Games You Should Must Play

GamingSoFar: The list here is based on totally free pc indie games some of these games are also available on android and iOS Devices.

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ATi_Elite1569d ago

wow No Planetside 2, Hawken, Firefall, or many other top notch free games on PC to play.

title should of been 10 great Free Indie titles to play on PC

Yi-Long1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Can't believe you bothered with clicking through 10 pages of that.

I'm getting sick of tired of these list-sites, with 2-3 lines of text on each page, and having to click through 10 of them ...

mt1569d ago

should and Must can't go together, silly.

karlowma1569d ago

The list does have one redeeming factor:


I have Super Hexagon on Steam. Great game!!

Grave1569d ago

Well, if I should must I guess I can't say no.