Steam Early Access Game Accidentally Released Seven Months Early

8CN: A Steam Early Access game called The Tower has missed its release date by a full seven months. It wasn't delayed though, it's actually been accidentally released over half a year earlier than it was supposed to be. The error was due to a member of the game's "moderator" team, who is probably getting fired.

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Gamecrastinate1568d ago

Lol! To be honest though, even as a member of the press I've never heard of the game until this article. So sometimes bad news is still good. I'd bet more people hear about the game due to this blunder than they would have normally.

sinspirit1567d ago

Well, people are so far giving it positive reception and they decided to keep it available to purchase and play. So, this probably was a good mistake. 7 months is a long time for the studio to pull in some profits and good for building excitement for the full release. The studio head must be a perfectionist to not want to release an early access game that already is good enough, according to some of the steam reviews.