Don’t Get Excited About the PlayStation Vita Selling Out

From the article, "Now, [David Roberts]'ll be the first person to tell you that the PlayStation Vita is an awesome handheld system. Sure, it’s a bit heavy, and after a while my hands get that cramped-feeling you get when you hold them in a claw shape for too long. But with the outpouring of indie support with a decent slate of quality games on a store that hasn’t been flooded with garbage, the Vita is a device worth owning – sort of like the anti-iPad.

And yet, I’m still skeptical that Sony’s recent announcement that Vita systems are selling out isn’t much more than hot air."

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Outside_ofthe_Box1568d ago

Um yeah. It's obvious that Sony more than likely under-shipped not expecting a slight increase in demand. It's a similar situation to that of the PS camera.

jujubee881568d ago

People that down the VITA get a fist to the face. Simple as that. ~ ^_^

Abash1568d ago

"Sure, it’s a bit heavy, and after a while my hands get that cramped-feeling you get when you hold them in a claw shape for too long."

Im convinced this guy has never held a PS Vita or has severely under-developed arms and hand muscles

Beetey1568d ago

@Abash Agreed. I have pretty normal sized hand and I have put in some long sessions on my Vita (on road trips I've played for 7+ hours straight sometimes) and my hands have rarely ever felt cramped and the weight feels basically perfect for me.

NextLevel1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

If the Vita is selling out it's as a companion for PS4, like the camera. Cause it sure as hell is not for the games, Sony has done a laughable job of supporting it.


Indies are great, but it's like Sony has one temp in a backroom working on 1st party Vita games and PS4 updates.

KionicWarlord2221568d ago

Its all about dem indies man....

jujubee881568d ago

[I choose to sacrifice @NextLevel]


Wolfbiker1568d ago

I love my JRPGs so for me there is a lot to play

dcj05241568d ago

"Let's leave it to fate! "


jujubee881567d ago

Never trust your team mates!

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PSNintyGamer1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Reminds of the Time the PS Vita TV sold out in Japan

And we all know how that turned out.

Bowzabub1568d ago

Ok as long as you don't get excited about it not selling out.

ruefrak1568d ago

I'm pretty sure Sony has never announced that they had sold out of Vitas. From how I remember this whole thing starting, a bunch of noticed that you couldn't buy them anywhere and started asking "WTF?"
Finally a thread got started on Neogaf talking about this issue, which led to Polygon writing a story, which led to everyone suddenly noticing that for the last month you haven't been able to buy a Vita.
This wave of news stories about it is just reporting on something that's been happening for weeks.

Spotie1568d ago

A Sony rep or somebody did say that they were experiencing greater than expected demands.

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