Dragon Ball Xenoverse at Japan Expo (Cell vs Goku)

Here is the second half of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse presentation at Japan expo featuring Goku vs Cell and a new mystery character.

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MightyNoX1570d ago

Is the guy on the right wearing a scouter?

SegaGamer1570d ago

What is so different to this and the raging blast series ? I'll get it because i love the Dragon Ball series but would it hurt them to change things up a bit ?

The combat is almost identical to the Raging Blast series, even the combos are the same.

PirosThe4th1570d ago

I dunno but it's made by dimps not spike. It seems liek a mixture of Dudokai and the tenkaichi/RAgingblasts games.

M-M1570d ago

I can tell that this DBZ game won't do it for me. Animations look choppy or "sudden", and the can break fluidity within the game play. I would probably play for the story alone, as the new character seems interesting.

ShadowWolf7121570d ago

It's also still in development.

RyuX191570d ago

I believe this is pre-alpha.

Snookies121570d ago

It doesn't help that the guys playing it are just awful at the game lol. Either that, or they weren't paying much attention to what was going on.

Omar911570d ago

Why can't they just stick with the side scrolling2D fighting instead of the whole open world 3D experience that no one wants?

ShadowWolf7121570d ago

Because a lot of people wanted and liked it. It allows the combat to feel more like something out of the series with a destructible environment, the ability to fly around the map and dash in or dash away at rapid speeds, take the fight to the air or underwater at will...

Just because you don't want it doesn't mean "no one wants it".

Omar911570d ago

Well maybe I should of never said "no one wants it" because I did want that experience at one point, but seeing as how they can't make a proper dbz game with this type of "free roaming" then I much rather have a 2D DBZ fighting game. The feedback from the past DBZ games have been mostly negative and the recent indie DBZ game announced has been praised to death. Looks like I'm not the only one who wants that type of DBZ game.

ShadowWolf7121570d ago

@Omar91 Also not really true. They made several good games with this playstyle.

That being said this is actually being made by DIMPS again, the same people who made Budokai 3. Trust 'em. :)

Lukebb911569d ago

Its nice to see a dragonball game with combos again the recent dbz game was a joke

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