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"Yacht Club Games have done a magnificent job on creating the retro inspired 2D world of Shovel Knight. They have taken everything that works from the games of yore, and have compiled those ideas together to create something fascinating and new in its own right. At its heart, Shovel Knight is a platformer that echoes the NES classics of Mega Man, Duck Tales, Zelda 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3, then takes everything that works well within those games and throws away the tedium that can become infuriating."

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Timesplitter141565d ago

Nice little game. I recommend it

Snookies121565d ago

The game pretty much sells itself. If you're an old school gamer, this labor of love is a must buy.

camel_toad1565d ago

Yeh I think alone here in not liking it even though I'm an old school gamer as you mentioned. I grew up on those kinds of games but maybe I just played too many of them because I couldn't get into this one. What I played was well done for what it is but just didn't have fun with it.

Snookies121565d ago

@camel_toad - Sorry to hear that! I had a lot of fun with it, though I know where you're coming from... I've had games that by all accounts I should have loved end up boring me in the past.

higgins781564d ago

NOT a labor of love, rather an obvious reaction to the numerous 'indie' games doing the rounds as of late. Cave Story, now THAT was/is a labor of love.

3-4-51564d ago

I'm definitely going to get this eventually. Is the Wii U version the way to go ?

PrimeGrime1564d ago

Loving this game on 3DS.