The PS4 And Xbox One's Fanboys' Biggest Problem

Rich Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"Fan boys have always existed. Whether it was someone during the 16-bit era, the first foray into the world of polygons or even just last generation, fan boys have always been waving their favorite companies' flags. This generation things are different though. These fan boys don't just blindly support their company, in order for them to enjoy their product, they must take away the enjoyment of others as well."

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lifeisgamesok1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

A lot of Sony fans are some of the worst most rude people IMO

Just because you don't like something doesn't mean others won't find it to be great and appealing

And I don't mean all of them but a lot that comment on here

Microsoft and Nintendo fans seem to be more respectful

NinjaRichParty1663d ago

I don't generalize honestly. I've seen Sony fans, MS fans and PC gamers all do their fair share of annoying things.

I honestly don't think it's a certain type of gamer (ie Sony/MS), I think it has to do with the sort of person.

ErcsYou1663d ago

Everybody puts down the competition. Ford vs Chevy owners, apple vs samsung. Coke vs pepsi. Nike vs Adidas. Google vs Yahoo. Budweiser vs Coors. Mc Donalds vs Burger king. Main stream vs underground. Suzuki vs Yamaha. Glock vs Remington. Sony vs Ms.. etc etc etc. I think it has to do with the sort of person reading the comment. Why else would they get so worked up over something so petty and irrelevant. Gamers are a sensitive bunch.. Especially this Gen..

xHeavYx1663d ago

Sony and pc fans are the " worst" because they have "ammunition", what are Xbox fans gonna talk about? but go back to the time when the 360 was the popular one, Xbox fans would gloat about any little thing they could, from sales to how COD looked better on the 360

Pogmathoin1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I am a fanboy and proud of it! Look, we all like certain things... I loved PSone and PS2.... but original Xbox blew me away, went with 360 and later PS3.... with PS4 and X1, got both on launch day, as simply for the best in gaming, you need both.... its ok to praise things, but fanboyism has gone way too far in rooting out nothing but negative news. All sides are guilty... I was not registered member here back in early 360 days, and did see gloating, but must admit, today, fanboyism is on steroids...its also a full time job for some here, do not know were people get the time to spend all day here posting negative BS, yet they have time to 'play' the latest games and know everything inside out about the industry, more than those working in the industry.....

Mystic, below, always found you a lil pro-sony but more honest too..... Not in same league as NewMonday, Xheavy and so on..... I see you simply like games, not sure why no limit goes for you....

dantesparda1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

A lot of MS fans are some of the worst most rude people IMO

Just because you don't like something doesn't mean others won't find it to be great and appealing

And I don't mean all of them but a lot that comment on here

Sony and Nintendo fans seem to be more respectful

All fanboys are the same! And in no way shape or form is this any worst/different than it was last gen. I guess the Ms fanboys just really cant take it when the shoe is on the other foot. Now watch me get tagged for trolling while lifeisgameok doesn't, in this so-called pro-Sony site.

Testfire1663d ago

It all comes down to immaturity, and I'm not talking about age because there are many immature adults. I see this all the time in politics with Republican vs Democrats. You get immature people who don't agree with your views who think you're wrong, and they're going to make sure you know it. They think that by insulting your views they're going to make you see the light, and it only backfires and causes animosity. No different with gaming, a certain percentage of the population will always stir the pot. "There's bad apples in every bunch" saying applies.

DragonKnight1663d ago

As predicted, the comment section is chiefly filled with people calling other people fanboys and counters of the same.

MS Fanboy: Sony fanboys like *insert name of person MS Fanboy thinks is a Sony fanboy* are the worst fanboys in all of gaming and need to *insert suggestion as to what should happen such as "kill themselves" etc..* MS fans are generally respectful and better.

Sony Fanboy: *Repeat above example swapping out Sony for MS where applicable.*

Nintendo Fanboy: Sony and MS both suck, Nintendo is the best. MARIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

PC Elitists: Console Peasants are the worst and holding PC gaming back. They r casul gamurs.

Sega Fanboys: DREAMCAST!!!

Same crap, different day.

mikeslemonade1663d ago

My train of thought is there's a little of fanboy tendency in all us. Just that they don't know it or can admit it.

Looking at myself objectively you can say I'm just a blatant fanboy but I usually do this to troll people and get a rise out of people. And also debate. But if you look past what I just say I usually own all the systems and play all the worthwhile and meaningful games.

Where my trolling usually stems from is I don't agree with the train of thought from the Microsoft and Nintendo camp and I make it a passion to proof other people wrong.

ALLWRONG1663d ago

Remember when Toys R Us had to shut down the comments on Youtube do to racist sexiest comments?

Sony fans.

Darkstares1663d ago

I don't think Sony fanboys are any worse or better than any other fanboy. They just seem to be more vocal on the forums.

What NOBODY can argue is that both Sony and MS fanboys make up most of the arguments and trolling on forums since the start of last generation and seems to have gotten worse.

HumanatPlay1662d ago

loops sorry bro I gave your comment the wrong bubble, meant to go with well said!

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MysticStrummer1663d ago

Coming from you that's pretty comical, lifeisgames.

No_Limit1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )



You shouldn't even say a WORD in this article. You are like a poster child of what this video is about. Just take a look at your history and it is like an encyclopedia of fanboyism.

MysticStrummer1663d ago

Oh yeah? You mean when I said Sunset Overdrive looked fun and would sell XB1's?

Or maybe when I said Killzone was a very nice looking but otherwise pretty typical FPS?

Or maybe when I said The Order looked very nice but the revealed gameplay wasn't doing much for me?

I've been called a MS fanboy more than once here. Have you ever been called a Sony fanboy? Just curious. : )

Outside_ofthe_Box1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )


If MysticStrummer shouldn't say a word and is the poster child then what the hell does that make lifeisgamesok? lifeisgamesok shouldn't dare click on this article yet alone make THE first post with even a letter on it. If only he was as respectful as he claims himself to be.

kreate1663d ago

'You shouldn't even say a WORD in this article. You are like a poster child of what this video is about'


Not sure if true or not but that is just hilarious.

No_Limit1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )


Sorry, I have lifeisgamesok on ignore so I didn't see his posting. Yes, he shouldn't have commented also as he is a obvious fanboi of what he article is saying.

MysticStrummer1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Did I see what lifeisgames said and say "Nu uh XB fanboys are the worst by far!" or anything resembling that?

I comment in articles for all platforms, and I say what I genuinely think. I've been bubbled down and labelled a troll in PS articles where I didn't agree that some game was the greatest ever. Like I said, I've been called an XB fanboy more than once.

You didn't answer my question… Have you ever been called a fanboy of another platform when you personally prefer another by far? It seems like a true troll wouldn't have that problem.

"Sorry, I have lifeisgamesok on ignore so I didn't see his posting."

LOL Well dammit I wish you had said that earlier. I wouldn't have wasted my time trying to be reasonable with you.

Prime1571663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

@limit, "Sorry, I have lifeisgamesok on ignore so I didn't see his posting."

That's why I think ignoring people is not a good idea, you can lose a vital part the conversation at hand... much like you just did, unfortunately.

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Rob_Ko1663d ago

hahahhahaha, nice joke

Subaruwrx1663d ago

You sir are a hypocrite.

Mega241663d ago

Typical finger pointing, yeah like any other fanboy "he started it" childish attitude. take a hint, is all of your fanboys!

Soapboxhero1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

"Just because you don't like something doesn't mean others won't find it to be great and appealing "

Agree 100%.

However the rest of it just seems purposely inflammatory. There are obnoxious fans on both sides of the argument for sure. While I have no doubt you've run into some particularity abrasive Sony Fanboys, I dont think this makes the group as a whole any different than the others.

For the purpose of attempting to explain the phenomena you see I will provide an example.

Let's say there is an article attempting to gain hits by highlighting a resolution difference between consoles.

So let's compare the most simplistic insult that can be provided by both camps based on this article.

Sony Fanboy: Xbox sucks and can't play this game or any game as well as my console of choice.

Xbox Fanboy: Well your console doesn't have any games and the resolution doesn't make a huge difference

So which comment seems more rude? One basically says your console will always be bad, the other says your console sucks right now. Both statements are flawed but their is a difference in perception when there is condescension from the supposed winner's seat.

Or put more simply, people dislike people acting like sore winners more than they dislike people acting like sore losers.

After reviewing your comment history, I realize I have made a mistake attempting to be rationale. Quick sample of your previous comments suggests you are just as poisonous as the Sony Fanboys you condemn. Good Day.

Outside_ofthe_Box1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

LMAO at your edit!

That's exactly what I said a couple posts up. He claims Xbox and Nintendo fans to be more respectful (which includes himself), yet he's been just as worst and as rude as the PS fans he takes issue with.

Prime1571663d ago

Outside, I skimmed past most of his post, I'm glad you said that because, after rereading it in it's entirety, seeing the edit made me crack up too.

Magnes1663d ago

@lifeisgamesok and with lightning speed and precision you just exemplified what the the guy in the video was talking about.

TheWatercooler1663d ago

Xbox fanboys like you are the worst. As I've said on another comment. Why is it always xboxfanboys who troll so hard they have to open new accounts?

Every new account with less than 10 comments is usually an xbox fanboy. Pathetic.

Doesn't happen with the other fanbases

Bryanarchy1011663d ago

"Doesn't happen with other fanbases"

Because you know this for a fact right?

christian hour1663d ago


You shouldve been here in 05-06, it was the other way around.

Like the intelligent folks above me, I wouldnt generalize, fanboys are all as bad as eachother, whether they're PC, sony, MS or ninty ones. They all spew poison and twist facts, or see things in black and white or force their opinions as fact.

Master-H1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Coming from one of the biggest misrosoft fanboys/ anti-sony trolls on here , comical to say the least lol

Let's check some of your previous comments, let's see ...

"Many people fell for the hype of the PS4 but are realizing they're missing out on great exclusives

And people that own both the Xbox One and PS4 are loving the Xbox One more "

"The way Sony are talking and promoting indies I'd question how many AAA games we'll see from them this gen "

"Ryse is amazing graphically and has great gameplay especially on legendary
Usually people that haven't played it say what you just typed"

"I've seen enough footage of Infamous to know it doesn't match Ryse
And it might as well be linear because the world is dead unlike a Gta or even DR3 where you can enter every building and had plenty of missions "

"Xbox One! They have third party support unlike the Wii U and the multiplats have been looking identical to the PS4's versions.
I just saw a FPS comparison video and the PS4 side had way more frame dips while the Xbox One side often held a steady 60 frames"

"Infamous Second Son and even though they are good games the Uncharted series is the most over hyped of them all
And with how much praise The Last of Us gets it hasn't sold 7 million copies on a console that has a user base of 80,000,000"

"Infamous is the most boring game IMO"

Prime1571663d ago

Like 360 fans last generation?

What did MS fans think would happen after 8 years of a##-hattery?

KinjoTakemura1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I find Microsoft fan boys to be fanatical with their loyalty to the Xbox brand. Some act as though they own a stake in the company. They tend to mock and belittle any idea, opinion, or thought that's contrary to their own. When faced with undeniable evidence that their views are wrong, they resort to petty attacks against indies and hurl insults at those who disagree with what they believe.

Bryanarchy1011663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

The same can be said for the other side as well. All you guys are the same self righteous fanboys. Get over yourself.

KinjoTakemura1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )


You just insulted me. I rest my case.

liquidhalos1662d ago

I only own the ps4 and currently have no intention of getting the Xbox One yet I've been down bubbled and ridiculed a few times by Sony fanboys for being an Ms fanboy. It seems even pro Sony gamers and ps4 owners aren't allowed to have an opinion on the ps4 unless it's bashing Microsoft. I find it pathetic. This gen I'd definitely say Sony has the worst fanboys, and to the blouses who took my bubs last time, I'll say it again. My ps4 share function still isn't working. :( (no bull, that's what Sony fanboys attacked me for saying last time.)

turdburgler10801662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

You just described a diehard Sony fanboy only you left out the part were their butthole puckers when they hear ps4 can't do 1080p 60fps on every game.

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Brazz1663d ago

Nintendo fans: they are the most respectfull of all the big 3, even so, there are some very bad nintendo fanboys...

Microsoft fans: they are as bad as sony hate full fanboys.
Make no mistake, if the situation of the X1 and Ps4 were the reverse there would be many of the current MS fanboys bashing Sony from all sides! want proof? look for posts from the early years of the PS3 vs 360, MS faboys used all the hate to bash sony, all kind of bad joke and disrespect (similar to what happens in the moment with the X1)

asmith23061663d ago

"Microsoft fans seem to be more respectful" - LMAO! Obviously you weren't around last gen when MS fans blasted the PS3 and Sony left, right and centre. I think PS fans are just boisterous now because why not, they got enough of it last gen.

Half_Minute_Hero1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Sony fanboys are the cancer of this website. Xbox fans can be annoying too, but the ps4 guys take the cake for the biggest bunch of whiny crybabies and pixelcounters ever. Not many xbox guys go into ps4 articles, but there are ALWAYS a swarm of idiots bashing xbox in xbox articles..

jessupj1663d ago

I think the worst type of fanboy is the one that is clearly a fanboy, but denies it and tries to prove it by simply stringing together coherent sentences that sound smart.

I would add though that when MS announced their DRM and yet some people still defended it... well I think that's about as much of a fanboy as anyone can be.

Bassmint1663d ago

You've got to be shitting me, right? I haven't been on here long but long enough to know that what you just wrote is extremely hypocritical

Gozer1663d ago

Meh...I used to be a fanboy. Both sony and MS, just different points in time. Ive come to realize that Im too old for that s**t. I come to N4G daily to see the news, but rarely comment anymore. Maybe Im getting old, but the "console wars" just seems silly to me now.

1663d ago
Clunkyd1663d ago

That's because Playstation Fanboys have the most ammunition, so they're more vocal.

turdburgler10801662d ago

Right now Sony fanboys are the most annoying because there are simply more of them. They flood the comment section like the zombies from world war z only instead of biting people they moan and groan about gimping and 1080p 60fps.

HonestDragon1662d ago

You can't go and single out just one type of fanboy and declare them the worst. Fanboys in general are just nagging and rude. The other factor would be what kind of person they are in their fanboyism. I've seen all types of fanboys from every platform camp (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, mobile) and there is virtually no difference in their aggressiveness.

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NextLevel1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

People are fanboys of everything. Religion, political, music, sports teams, food, pretty much everything. The difference with gaming is people just throw around the word fanboy whenever they don't have an argument. Just like alot of super religious christians throw around "but the bible says" everytime something that's hard to argue gets brought up. Look at my comments, they generate more personal attacks than replies that have anything to do with gaming.

Concertoine1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Have to disagree with you. When someone displays a fanatical devotion and refuses to accept legitimate (relevant to topic) criticism of a company, that makes them a fanboy. I see the term as more accusatory than defensive (although many use it as the latter).

For example, i am a fan of the Xbox brand but i will wholly admit that MS' only recently handling their fanbase properly after the past few years of negligence. While I dislike the company, i don't see it as a reason to deny the platform if it has good games. If i still don't feel comfortable supporting the company if i decide to get an Xbox One later, i'll buy used. This is the kind of mindset a non-fanboy Xbox fan might have, among others.

I find it funny how we all love games, but many still fight like dogs even with the same passion. In other forms of entertainment and art like literature and film, there's usually a general consensus and contrarians will still likely have the maturity to admit that they can still respect what they dislike and see why others love it. I honestly think people just try to justify their 400-500 dollar purchase by pretending what they didn't buy offers nothing. In reality all consoles offer something and, especially if you have wide interests, are worth owning.

NinjaRichParty1663d ago

That last paragraph is one of the points I make in the article. Haha. :)

Concertoine1663d ago


Exactly. It's very easy to disparage something that you never plan on purchasing. In a lot of ways it's like criticizing a restaraunt you've never eaten at. It might not be for everyone, but you have to understand that the experience of actually going there is everything and you might actually enjoy it.

Dolf0451663d ago

Well said. I would disagree with the justifying a purchase argument to a ceertain extent though. Other forms of entertainment have been around much longer and have a demographics ranging across all ages.

Older gamers are few and far between comparatively speaking as gaming used to be more of a niche market than it is today. I'm hoping as the younger generation of gamers get older the capacity for considered argument and debate rather than shit slinging will grow.

AngelicIceDiamond1663d ago

@Concertoine bubble up for interesting.

Props to that statement.

Magnes1663d ago

@concertoine good points.I would add to your defend their purchase statement. The fear that if no one buys their console of choice it will fail and disappear, taking new games with it. The Dreamcast was a good example of that, not likely to happen to big hitters like Sony and Microsoft.

christian hour1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )


Ecellent points muchacho


Never thought about it like that in regards to older gamers from the niche days and the kids of todays mainstream phenomenon that gaming has become.

Hopefully by the start of the next generation we'll have a few more grown up, rational folk that don't need to justify their purchase by dismissing the "competition" flat out :)

I remember, when I was a lad, I'd walk 50 miles BARE FOOT in the snow to go play my friends Nintendo because I only had a sega.

Today, kids will segway 5 metres down the road to tell some kid his XBOX sucks.

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No_Limit1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )


" Look at my comments, they generate more personal attacks than replies that have anything to do with gaming. "

Girl, that is because you been saying the same trollish things over and over even to your Marihelfutura days. I find it funny how you keep talking about people attacking you; yet, you darn sure know you wanted the attention.

NextLevel Post:
"I'm here to talk about games and tech, all you guys do is talk about me."

MariaHelFutura post:
"I'm talking about games, you guys are talking about me. Stay on topic."

I see the pattern here with you.

Edit @Master below,

"Otherwise you will become one of them."

You are kidding right? I been on N4G for over a year and I been calling out obvious trolls for since day one and I am still Anakin Skywalker and haven't turn to Darth Vader yet. LOL

MasterCornholio1663d ago

Your getting a bit obsessive with Next level. You should do what I do with the worst trolls on N4G (Lifeisgameok, KNWS, GreenPowerz, MorePowerofGreen, Georgeenoob, MariaHelFutura, NextLevel etc) take them as a joke and dont take them seriously. Otherwise you will become one of them.

And you dont want that to happen right?

Just some friendly advice from a friendly PS4 owner.


MasterCornholio1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I mean that if you go crazy with the trolls you will become a troll yourself due to the built up frustration that you get when you can't do anything about them.

That's what I mean and it does happen.

P.S I lost bubbles before when I attacked KNWS for his constant trolling.

P.S.S About the darthvader comment.

I know what your reaction will be if you do become a troll.

"Nooooooooooooooooooo&qu ot; Darth Vader

LOL just kidding.


HeWhoWalks1663d ago

You get attacked, from what I've seen, because much of your writing is pretentious, and when the stories really stir your pot, the real feelings come alive. You're better off just admitting your preference and not having to deal with anything else.

OT: I don't think either side is worse than another, especially since both sides have their fair share of reasonable people!

dantesparda1663d ago

I love how No Limit thinks he's fooling anyone, we all know you're a MS fanboy, stop pretending. You're all riled up over Nextlevel but could care less about what lifeisgameok said, that's pretty telling right. When he set the tone of this thread with his comment. But no, nope, that's not a problem, Nextlevel is, when what Nextlevel said is true. Whereas lifeisgame just spewed out more fanboy nonsense, that only other fanboys would agree with.

MysticStrummer1663d ago

"I love how No Limit thinks he's fooling anyone, we all know you're a MS fanboy, stop pretending. You're all riled up over Nextlevel but could care less about what lifeisgameok said, that's pretty telling right."

He attacked me above without even knowing what lifeisgamesok said. He has that guy blocked, but chose to attack someone he evidently doesn't have blocked. I just wish he'd admitted that sooner so I didn't waste my time being patient. I won't make that mistake again. My time is too valuable. I could be looking at porn or random YouTube vids or something.

; )

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AngelicIceDiamond1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )


"The difference with gaming is people just throw around the word fanboy whenever they don't have an argument."

From the sounds of it you justifying your fanboyism.

If you were the last person on earth to talk about fanboyism I still wouldn't approach you.

You've broken up and toxicated articles on here.

From the looks of it they seem to be, believe it or not Xbox articles.

You attack and attack and attack why are you fighting so much please help me understand your personal battle?

Your not making anybody look good because you trigger fanboy like responses from Xbox fans whenever you do your thing in Xbox related articles your not making PS fans look good as well.

Your the last person that I would consider a representative to explain why fanboys are the way they or how to solve it. Because your the very problem, the cancer.

You love doing what you do, Love it, you don't want to solve it the problem you wanna perpetuate it and continue it.

Hey your free to do whatever you want with your agendas and all, nobodies stopping you but please don't try and describe fanboyism.

Because that's like an alligator suddenly trying to understand why it bites ppl.

It will bite you'll continue your agenda.

Magnes1663d ago

Some people here also can't wrap their heads around the agree/disagree button and feel the need to police the threads and slap people with rulers...

Half_Minute_Hero1663d ago

Perhaps you should take that as a sign to stop posting for good.

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1663d ago Replies(1)
Half_Minute_Hero1663d ago

Thanks, Captain Obvious. Here's your star for correctly identifying something that everyone else already knew:


Software_Lover1663d ago

I think their (the fanboys) biggest problems is they can't take criticism even when its warranted. They have many problems MANY MANY PROBLEMS, but that is the biggest one I can think of.

Artista 1663d ago

Being bias doesn't permit you to go full retard.