[Continue Play] WildStar Online Review

Continue Play's Heather Williams and Dale Morgan deliver their final verdict on WildStar Online.

"Better than Elder Scrolls Online. There, we said it."

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aLiEnViSiToR1570d ago

oh damn it i thought this was F2P >_>

MrUnfamiler1569d ago

"Better than Elder Scrolls Online"

Wow, better than ESO... thats like saying a Big Mac is better than a turnip. neither are GREAT, but one is definitely better than the other, without saying.

P.S. i am NOT a turnip hater, just sayin.

Volkama1569d ago

When someone feels the need to say they are not a turnip hater, you just know they hate turnips.

Are you allergic, or do they just incite an irrational hatred? Did your father use turnips to beat you? It's ok, you can talk openly here.

MrUnfamiler1569d ago

Ok you got me, not only am i a closet turnip hater, im a turnip racist.

il-JumperMT1569d ago

Better then ESO? Well ESO is crap and frankly the combat system in ESO is miles better then Wildstar. Wildstar combat system is horrible hybrid between action and tab target, which doesnt work correctly.

Jubez1871569d ago

Action MMO's are poo in general. Just turns into dynasty warriors with friends.

il-JumperMT1568d ago

mouse targeting mmo like TERA play great (too bad for lack of content and horrible servers/balance)

Wildstar chose action targeting system but tab targeting controls. So you need to turn camera and holding RMB all the time leading to RSI

lethrface1567d ago

It actually works VERY well and if you had played it, you would know. First of all, it doesn't require you to tab over targets or even click on them to begin attacking. All of the attacks are done via AOE of sorts, depending on the ability. The tab targeting is present but it's hardly a requirement and it's just a way for you to choose whose health bar to focus on at any given time.

il-JumperMT1563d ago

I did play it and I know you need to hold RMB all the time to aim, leading to RSI.