PlayStation Now Survey Hints to Possibility to pay 15% More for “Deluxe Versions” With All DLC

PlayStation Now‘s pricing model has ruffled feathers between fans and even between many of those that were enthusiastic about the service before. In the meanwhile Sony seems to be looking into more options, as shown by a survey seeking for the testers’ opinion on possible “Deluxe versions” of games.

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NextLevel1619d ago

Good idea. They just need to watch their pricing, the pricing model will determine the fate of PS Now. Adding discounts for PS+ members would be great aswell.

uth111619d ago

yeah, I'm sure they are aware of this, seems like they are trying to find the pricing sweet spot

Neonridr1619d ago

Adding discounts for PS+ members would be great, but the short term prices are too high currently. I just got my PS Now invite finally and was browsing through it yesterday. $4.99 - $5.99 for 24 hours is too steep a price. Are your save games stored locally so that if you had to rent for a second 24 hours you could continue where you left off?

Some of the older game prices are good as I saw games like Sonic CD for $4.99 for 90 days worth of playtime.

Having versions with all included DLC is a nice touch.

I still don't understand if the model for pricing is based around the idea that if you make the short term price high enough, people will opt for the longer term rental even if the price is even higher. Maybe they assume we will just go for the better value, not the better price. I don't know if I agree with that, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now and see what changes as we get closer to release.

Jdoki1619d ago

The prices are ridiculous, and if Sony keep them for the full launch it'll show they are out of touch with the way people are consuming entertainment.

People are now used to paying a low price, like £4.99 a month for all you can watch Movies / TV on Netflix. And £4.99 per month for all you can listen to Music.

extermin8or1618d ago

A) price is set by publishers, b) things like netflix have fairly restricted library of stuff-its ha Rd dly wvery film basedboff whatsbon psn however we are looking st virtually every game becoming available... fiver a month to play every game isnt reasonable. More like fiver a month to . Play games you hsve bought-including games from ps plus...

MysticStrummer1619d ago

Sony potentially has a good thing with PS Now, but they could easily sink the whole thing with bad pricing.

Ultr1619d ago

the thing is. Its stupid to go with the low price first. I would too go with the higher price first and then see whats gonna happen.
I think this service is more for the people that do not plan on playing so much.
I mean, cmon we (at least me and my friends) we are not gonna rent a game for hours, maybe some multiplayer game just for the night. but all the games we are going to play, we are going to buy them anyway

MysticStrummer1619d ago

I was just talking in general. The prices I've seen don't seem that unreasonable to me, but they do seem to be in a sort of borderline gray area that will invite a lot of whining. Then again, Planetside 2 forums are almost nothing but whining and that's a free game, so whining is probably inevitable.

I agree about renting for an evening though. That's by far the worse value.

Anon19741619d ago

Pricing will be crucial, but they're rather at the mercy of publishers over this but I'm sure Sony can bring them around. If the price is right, publishers could potentially cash in again on games that are a bit older and not moving many copies.

In regards to the survey, it asks about the pricing (which I also think is too much) and then asked what you're using to compare the pricing to. Steam, RedBox, Used Game prices, etc. Obviously Sony's looking to come up with a model that's competitive based on what's already out there or else they wouldn't be asking.

Personally, I don't play that much DLC but I could certainly see others willing to pay a bit more to received everything the game has to offer and not just the game as it was at it's initial release.

psuedo1619d ago

This is basically a demo for 5 bucks in my opinion. Its not a rental. Being able to play the game for 24 hours for 5 bucks is another way to sell you a demo. 5 bucks for 2 days would be much more reasonable. You sleep 8 hours a day (give or take) so inessence your getting 16 hours. Not to mention if your like me and dont like to play videogames the second you awake your getting less time. Even when blockbuster was at the end of its life you could pay learning ke 28 dollars a mnth or something to have unlimited rentals. I could go as much as i liked in one day and swap out the whole store if i wanted to. It was like having a whole store of product that you only payed around 28 dollars a month for.

HeavenlySnipes1619d ago

It doesn't run on a countdown clock

You get 24 hours to play the game. I don't think (at least I hope) that if you turn your Playstation off a timer is counting down and you could wake up and lose your rental

SaveFerris1619d ago

Does this seem right? Paying extra for DLC despite the fact that the games have been released in the previous generation? I personally feel that SONY should only release the 'complete' versions for PS NOW at a fair price.

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