Sony Interested In Buying Crytek?

Insider Tidux has heard that Sony might be looking into the possibility of buying Crytek, which is reportedly in financial trouble.

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nicksetzer11568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

That would be a stupid move. If THQ (which had MANY amazing series/games) didn't get bought out and was forced to individually sell assetts, I don't see any reason someone would buy crytek. Sure they have their own engine, but it is one of the most underused major engines in the business. Not to mention crytek has moved almost no sales for the playstation brand since, ever.

Guessing this rumor is nothing more than a grab for attention.

@abash I totally agree, but financially, makes little sense. Not to mention both sony and MS are fully capable of making far better engines for their consoles because those engines ONLY run on their console and are made by much larger (and better IMO) teams. So their need for an engine aquisition is almost non-existent.

NextLevel1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

CryEngine would be the best aquisition out of this.


PS4 exclusive Everybody's Gone To Rapture uses CryEngine and it looks fantastic.

More screens

CryEngine can produce amazing results, as under used as it is.

iamnsuperman1568d ago

How? It isn't that popular (hence the downfall) nor is it useful for Sony (They tend not to use it).

If Crytek is going down they will go down and be chopped up like what happened to THQ. No company is going to buy another with alledged financial difficulties. Not only would these need to be payed off but putting a company within the first party organisation would cost (since you have to pay for heads who aren't needed or pay for the layoffs). All these companies want is to ip and the way to do that is bid on them (like what happened to THQ, history is there for a reason)

Timesplitter141568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

UE4 is arguably as good as CryEngine 3, and it's considerably easier to use, too. Overall I'd say UE4 is a better engine.

The only way I can see this acquisition being good is if they make a next gen Timesplitters (Crytek owns the rights))

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gamercologyst1568d ago

why everybody talk about Graphic and Engine????? Why

Prime1571568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

The only goods to purchase from Crytek would be Crytek UK:

"Crytek UK, formerly known as Free Radical Design, is a British video game developer based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, probably best known for the TimeSplitters series and Second Sight.[2]"

"Initially, most of Free Radical Design's employees previously worked for the game developer Rare. While at Rare, they (David Doak, Steve Ellis, Karl Hilton, Graeme Norgate and Lee Ray) worked on the Nintendo 64 first-person shooters GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark. "

Oh, and any IP rights...

iamnsuperman1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )


You also have forgotten Crytek UK's most recent activity. These are the guys who made Haze and Crysis 3.

Like when people quote Rare as being an amazing studio (because of what it has made in the past) you have to look at their most recent games to see how good they are. The last Timesplitters' game was around 9 going on 10 years ago. Recently Crytek UK have shown a poor track record with making great games. You are only as good as what you make recently

Alexious1568d ago

CryEngine is amazing, I agree. It could become the standard, exclusive engine for Sony first party games.

thehitman1568d ago

I doubt this rumor is any true. Crytek has no IPs useful to Sony and doesnt need the Cryengine that's for sure. Turning around Crytek would be too much work Sony could just invest into studios they have already that are proven competent in making good games.

bouzebbal1568d ago

i hope this stays as a rumor cause i hate this studio.

mikeslemonade1567d ago

As much as I hate the Far Cry series and their bland games, they would be better as an exclusive. All companies would make better quality games if they were exclusives and that's a fact.

They're really good at making games look good and then they will have enough time to refine other areas of the game since they will only make one version of the game. Also this takes away one studio from the PC audience. This was one the flagship studios for the PC and was one of the studios that pushed the graphics boundary forward for PC.

Giul_Xainx1567d ago

A game isn't about graphics. And graphics don't make a game.

The best thing Sony should do is review the projects they are currently working on and judge it purely by the creativity of the team. Not by reviewing rheir profile to see their IPO.

Seriously if Sony bought this studio they would have to bring about a game that changes the industry like LittleBig Planet did.

But I don't see where the creativity starts and ends with Crytek. One reason: they are all about graphics. Gameplay is something they need to work on.

dRanzer1567d ago


tell me please what is crysis without graphics?

morganfell1567d ago

Of course you think it would ewb a stupid move nick. You hate Sony. What was your opinion on Ryse? If Sony bought Crytek they would own that. Xbox1 fans talk about that game like its the best thing ever. Have they had a change of heart?

Crysis, Ryse, Timesplitters suddenly become PS4 exclusives. I can see Sony purchasing Crytek and then cutting the company down until it is effective for it's size. The Cryengine then becomes PS4 only with some possible PC usage.

Giul_Xainx1567d ago

Crysis without super realistic graphics would still be the same game. The score on reviews would not change. It would have been in business still if pc elitests didn't put they misconception in their heads that graphics are everything.

No mans sky isn't on the crysis engine. Neither is call of duty. Uncharted isn't on it as well. They are pretty, but it is the story and gameplay that leaves an impression on gamers. Not super realistic foliage. Battlefield has crumbling buildings that don't look pretty. Uncharted still has red barrels. Call of duty is nothing but multiplayer madness. Last of us online and story wise is what keeps people interested in that title. Crysis was all about graphics and look at what happened to it. Pc gamers said a crysis game would never come out on ps3 or xbox. Look at crysis 2.

That is what happens to games that are all about graphics.

oasdada1567d ago


As far as engine is considered.. UE looks good but is mostly non dynamic in nature and mostly is used for its pre baking skills.. however face to face on a powerful machine cryengine looks pretty amazing

Half_Minute_Hero1567d ago

Nextlevel - Cryengine can produce good results, but this wheelchair pic from the Rapture game...Look at its wheel. What is this, N64 wheels? Eew..

vishmarx1567d ago

hell no.
crytek has been a PC loyalist.
Lets for once see Nvidia or Valve give a fuck about their customers

hkgamer1567d ago

cryengine is a great engine. though what would sony do wih it? will they license out the engine like crytek?

i mean i sony has had relations with crytek uk since that was the old timesplitters and haze team. but they probably dont want to take anymore risks with them.

i see tea or ms looking at this.

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gaffyh1568d ago

Tidux is one of those "insiders" who is not very reliable. He's made a way out for himself here by saying it is a rumor, when it is in fact completely made up by him to get people into a frenzy.

incredibleMULK1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Sony couldn't even afford zipper, no way they can afford crytek. I hope not, then I won't be able to sell my ps4 and I love I would have to keep it. Trying to just play on x1 and PC.
@ cell,....I know sony is closing down game studios so they can invest in tv and psnow. Great now I can stream ps1 games for triple the price and watch espn. Sony wreaks of fail right now.

THC CELL1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

They just bought a UK broadcast and 16 channels so try again who ever Diss me go do a little Google search. don't bother here

PeaSFor1568d ago

lmao at your comments history, what a silly nobel jerkbag.

Pricey1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

No mulk only you wreak of fail. To suggest you have a PS4 to sell is laughable. But it would be funnier if it were true and you own one out of some twisted spite, just so you can appear less of a fanboy. Not happy with the amount of games right now, you've only got yourself to blame if you buy any console at or near launch. The game don't really start rolling till a year in. I'm very happy with my purchase.

TheWatercooler1568d ago

Xbox fanboys are pathetic. They are the only ones who troll so hard that they have to make new accounts.

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XxExacutionerxX1568d ago

Sony or Microsoft please buy Crytek.... Make Time Splitters 4..
If Sony buys the company, I would love to see Ryse 2 on the Ps4, lol

Bigpappy1568d ago

I was thinking of making about Sony getting a hand in making my Ryse2. That would be hilarious if Ryse were to end up on PS4 too. I guarantee it would move from most hated by PS crowd to the definitive version and 200% SUPERIOR to the first.

die_fiend1567d ago

Crytek jumped into bed with the Xbox one. A few short months of hideous reviews and sales and they're screwed. Crytek haven't made a fun game since the original far cry!

Sony probably want to touch this charmless, idiotic studio

pyramidshead1567d ago


If they got a chance to make Ryse 2 Sony could actually implement some enjoyable gameplay into it and make it more God of War, which would change everyone's opinion on it in a tidal wave because the game would actually offer a decent experience.

UltraNova1567d ago

If somehow Crytek gets out of this alive, I can personally guarantee you that Ryse 2 will be multiplatform just like all their futures games from now other words they could use the extra cash asap.

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Alexious1568d ago

Actually CryEngine is being used more and more.
Evolve, Battlecry, Star Citizen, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Monster Hunter Online and even indie games like Cradle, Lichdom, Snow and more.

I think it would be a great move, if the cost isn't too high right now. I don't get all the hate for Crytek, Crysis 3 was more than decent in my opinion and they are masters of technology to say the least.

hkgamer1567d ago

its just not sonys thing to license their tech out.

badz1491568d ago

seriously, this is one of those occasion where rumours smell like BS! Crytek was never fond of Sony to begin with and has never been in any deal with Sony. All they did was praised MS and bash Sony every change they got (I might be overexaggerate a little here)and suddenly Sony is interested in buying them? C'MON!!

Crytek brought this to themselves. They had the chance to make CryEngine big but ultimately proven nothing on their own. Seriously, how could you be overtaken by the new UE4 as the more preferred engine, already?

-Foxtrot1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

All Sony needs to buy is the Timesplitters IP...thats all

starchild1567d ago

I don't know if there is any truth to this but if there is I can imagine some of the best graphics of all time coming out of this partnership.

Kingscorpion19811567d ago ShowReplies(3)
galest1567d ago

TRUTH, Crytek suck and they were a troll to console. stay with their crappy PC, engine and died out Crysis series. Sony should have squired Radical entertainment and made a proper Prototype game that can complete Infamous

BallsEye1567d ago

If anyone thinks Sony can actually afford Crytek is a complete fool. They wouldn't be able to afford their AAA exclusivity...and buying a company with THOUSANDS of employees and owners of Cryengine? To remind you, Sony keeps on selling their divisions, keeps on selling their headquarters.

geddesmond1567d ago

Lol the only good games I every liked from THQ was Darksiders and Saints Row 2. Many great series is a huge overstatement. If that was true then they never would have had to sell off.

Also yes Sony/MS are very capable of creatig their own engines but sometimes it's better to combine resources and create something even more unique. Not to mention the ideas for franchises that are floating around in employees heads.

If I was a consol manufacturer, I would jump at the chance of buying crytek. If they wanted to keep their independence then I would even make a 5 game exclusive deal with them that would involve me funding all 5 games spread out to 3 of there studios allowing them to keep the rights to 4 of the franchises and the only conditions I would ask for is the IP rights to the most sucessful franchise goes to me and my investment see the original amount I funded returned. But thats just me.

breakpad1567d ago

hell no ..crytek is a bunch of untalented guys, no need to waste money in from if you have the money buy an IP instead like MonHun

Dasteru1567d ago

"It is one of the most underused major engines in the business" The main reason why it is so underused currently is because Crytek severely overcharges to licence it compared to other similar engines such as UE3/4. Sony could change that if they buy them out. Sony would also be able to more closely direct Cryteks game design if it became second party, so the issue of relatively bad games up to this point would be corrected also. Crytek is a good team and the Cryengine is incredible, they are just a bit misguided in what makes a game good. Sony could easily correct that by making them second party and working more closely with them.

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Abash1568d ago

Crytek under Sony's guidance could make some astounding games.

GribbleGrunger1568d ago

I agree. It's clear that they're made up largely of technical minded people and what they need is an injection of artistically minded people. Sony could provide this.

Do I believe this rumour though?

Nope ... but I'm 'hoping' it's true

Dolf0451568d ago

They do have some talent at the studio. If Sony isn't in a position to purchase, or doesn't feel the need to (not exactly wanting for first party studios) I'm sure they'll be courting some of the studios talent early, as will other devs.

AngelicIceDiamond1567d ago

@Bash PPl seem to be more open about the idea here but it wasn't welcome here when I stated.

I know the Rare argument. The old MS forced Rare to make Kinect shovelware and hasn't been the same. The new MS with Phil in charge announced they are hard at work on some projects.

Phil even stated Kinect is no longer a required anchor so I'm 90% sure whatever Rares making is a Rare game or new Ip with Rares always unique ideas.

With that out of the way I'm just curious why ppl are more open to Sony than to MS? We all know MS needs the studios to make AAA's more than Sony wouldn't it make more sense?

If Sony does require them than that's the best news ever imo. There would never be a shorter in the AAA development over at Sony and expand even more.

Kingscorpion19811567d ago

Probably but I still think Capcom is a better choice though

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CloudRap1568d ago

They could become Guerilla Games 2 both have great visuals and awful games.

Sy_Wolf1568d ago

Thanks, that made me laugh really hard to the point were laughing at me. Bubble for you :D

Team_Litt1568d ago

Not sure why people are disagreeing, GG make very pretty but dumb games with snooze inducing storylines.

rarity1568d ago

Maybe people are disagreeing because the they disagree with him?

Ultr1568d ago

K2 was brilliant in every way pal

CloudRap1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Because its Sony owned, therefore they cant see any defects

Outside_ofthe_Box1568d ago

Killzone 2 was great. GG is more than capable of making great games. GG's main problem is trying to appeal to a wider audience instead of just making the game that they want like they did with KZ2.

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e-p-ayeaH1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

haha true KZ used to be good but shadowfall is no better than Crysis 3 really sad.

Haki11121567d ago

lmfao man bro Shadowfall put my ass to sleep

Khronikos1567d ago

More than likely because you were no good at it.

Haki11121567d ago

More than likely you lick ass cheeks.

_FantasmA_1567d ago

You obviously haven't played Killzone 3, Mercenary and Shadowfall. Great visual and gameplay. The only bad part is the characters and Shadowfall's campaign.

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Speak_da_Truth1568d ago

I don't like crytek Sony should consider CAPCOM instead

Rimgal1568d ago

Sony should consider Quantic Dream and Ready at Dawn instead.

ColeMacGrath1567d ago

I'd place my vote for Insomniac but that's just me.

micx1568d ago

I can see Sony bidding for Crysis, that could be marketed as "Halo killer". And I'd also think MS will try to get Ryse. On the other hand, they need "GoW killer".

TomShoe1568d ago

Every time I hear those two phrases it makes me want to bash my head into a wall.

micx1568d ago

I know, but that's how the things are in this moment.

Clogmaster1568d ago

Sony already has the GoW Killer