Five Last Generation Games to Play Before You Go Next Gen

As the Xbox One prepares itself for a big coming year this article takes a look back at five of the best and most underrated titles from the last generation.

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NiteX1662d ago

I agree with Deus Ex. The rest you honestly can skip.

PS3Freak1662d ago

I tried to like deus ex but couldn't get past the controls. They felt very awkward to me.

Summons751662d ago

I agree. Crackdown was alright, fable 2 was awful mess, prototype looking back isn't that great and Vegas is the worst Rainbow 6 entry (decent game by any other title but plays nothing like RS should)

buttclown1661d ago

Crackdown was good, if you had people to play with. Same with Vegas. Deus Ex was one of my favorite games in the past few years, couldn't tell you why exactly. Just was. Definitely kind of started slow and took a little getting use to but it grew on me quickly.

Magicite1661d ago

Im still gonna play:
Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Ni No Kuni
and KH 1.5+2.5 HD


Yeah, I'm still playing the first Xillia and will pick up 2, but that might actually be the last one, for me. Though, I've already gone next gen., but still have plenty to keep me bouncing back and forth (basically what ever suits the mood).

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RamboRabbi1662d ago

Fable 2 and Prototype? Really? Crackdown is worth it but deus ex can be played on PC. Surely the uncharted series would be up there and god of war for last gen must haves.

PS3Freak1662d ago

Kind of a strange list. Most of the games are very old.

Expected games released not much earlier than 2012.

harrisk9541662d ago

Ummm. The article focuses on the 360, yet it shows a picture of a PS3... strange.

RosweeSon1662d ago

And a wii, rubbish list, how about mario galaxy 2, the orange box, games that have actually been good.

SpinalRemains1381662d ago

This list is bad. None of those titles are must play.

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