Where's the Xbox One Push?

Xbox One, despite a strong opening, is falling short of competitor Sony and recovering Nintendo. Post E3, there are still a lot of questions moving forward with Microsoft's home console.

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NextLevel1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

There is no push, people just want the PS4. The Xbox One had a strong start, which helps create the illusion things aren't that bad.

The Xbox One NPD Numbers.
Nov. 2013 - 909,000
Dec. 2013 - 908,000
Jan. 2014 - 141,000
Feb. 2014 - 258,000
Mar. 2014 - 311,000
Apr. 2014 - 115,000
May 2014 - 77,000

Adding these number equals approximately 2.8 million, so worldwide they are around 4 million sold, not 5 million. The PS4 is around 9 million sold, since they still have supply issues in the UK. By the time Halo 5 releases in late 2015 the gap is going to be so wide it will pretty much have no effect in the sales race. By then the PS4 with all their major releases in 2015 it wouldn't surprise me if they're between 25-30 million. Microsoft pending a miracle will be no where close to that.

Sales fell of a cliff after Titanfall, which was suppose to save it. Effectively 2 price cuts didn't help, dropping all the policies didn't help, nothing has helped.

AngelicIceDiamond1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

@Next Ok the actual push is all here.


EDIT: I didn't read it carefully enough rumored China gets Torchlight 2? Man they're lucky.


Along with new Japanese publishing partnerships


That's where the push is at. @Next you Regurgitate the same thing over and over to the point your not contributing anything (well you never were in the first place.)

Your doom and gloom is not threatening its comical because only you take it so, so seriously. Because realistically X1 is doing just fine.

DLConspiracy1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I am convinced his house looks like a crime scene investigation on the walls of his house. This man/woman lives and breathes a crusade for the blood of MS.

1566d ago
medman1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

People in the Asian markets look at the size of the xbone, then gander at the ridiculous power brick to sit alongside that monstrosity. They promptly cover their mouths politely to cover their laughter, then quickly head home to shower and wash Microsoft's shame from their tiny bodies.

Magnes1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I think Microsoft is doing exactly what it should in this stage get the product out. They brought exclusives they made adjustments. Expand territory. Its time to sell sell.

*AngieD is more annoying than "next" running around with a ruler smacking "next" in every thread."Angelic" will you please push the ignore button on "next" and stop retorting to his/her nonsense in every thread.

lfc_4eva1566d ago


There should be a spam filter for n4g that would catch all of his pure flame bait submissions. However I get the feeling that many of the people running this site, like the anti-MS stance that his submissions always seem to take.

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corvusmd1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Why are you picking the middle of Summer to ask about a console sales push?

Dude, SERIOUSLY, please give it a rest. X1 is doing very well and you know it. I know you THINK you're making a solid point every time you copy and paste this, but really you're just showing that you have no idea what you are talking about. Stop buying into unsupported rumors like they are facts, please, it just makes you keep spreading the same baseless crap all around, and some kid may see what you said, and not know better, and may make the wrong console decision for themselves based on something that you incorrectly stated.

Other than May (which we all knew was gonna be a lull for X1 because of the June option...which conveniently for you your numbers cut out there), PS4 sales are around the same (at least nothing dramatic) each month as far as the NPD goes, despite being $100 cheaper every one of those months. I know Edge randomly threw out the unsubstantiated figure of 9 mil PS4s "sold" (doesn't distinguish sold through or not) while talking casually in an interview, but that doesn't make it fact. Titanfall is actually still doing REALLY well, and despite everyone saying that it was supposed to be put to shame by inFamous, TF is still standing strong in sales (on the X1 alone #15 last week), where as inFamous is next to gone. It's outselling COD, BF, and every other game in that genre right now. You're claiming massive victory for PS4 in 2015 based on their exclusives, 3 of which I can think are even close to being "heavy hitters", One was supposed to be a 2014 release and influenced people to buy their PS4s already largely. The other two do not have any firm release dates yet, and we have seen very little of them at all, meaning they can easily get pushed to 2016. Not to mention there are are just as many if not more heavy hitter exclusives on X1 that we know of in 2015 at this point. It's all up in the air right now. You're assuming WAY too much about the future, and your assumptions at this stage are making you look ridiculous.

Just be happy that ALL the consoles are doing well right now and are profitable, which drives them to keep going. Please stop spitting out your nonsense, it's people like you that make Sony fans look bad. Your hate for the X1 is unfounded, and you really need to let it go. You can still like the PS4 more, but NOT liking the X1, and actively trying to destroy it does NOT make you a better gamer. In fact, it more likely has to do with something else in your life that really has nothing to do with gaming at all, and you just like to take out your frustrations behind the safety of the internet wall. PLEASE stop, it's not helping anyone, not even you. Right now we gamers a getting spoiled more than EVER before with great consoles and games, but it's fanboy attitudes like this that will destroy the gift we've been given. If you're burnt out on gaming, please just walk away, but don't ruin it for the rest of us.

...and like Life says below, most people(definitely everyone I know, and most people I find on the net) that have both consoles, like myself, seem to like the X1 more, so your numbers really mean nothing. Unless you are also trying to say that since over 1.6 Billion people use Windows EVERYDAY, and it's the #1 selling OS in the world, that it's undisputed the best OS and there is no point in using any other OS.

G20WLY1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )


I saw who it was and just couldn't be bothered...

It does feel like Sony are pushing harder right now, but there's still a while before all parties show us what they're doing for our holiday dollars.

Who knows how that battle will unfold?

caughtinyourwords1566d ago

Actually i think that both Xbox and PS4 must exist if you want to talk about future consoles.

kiddy1566d ago

U kidding right the Numbers they show aint good how blind are you to not see it from 2013 dec to jan ITS SICK IT U CANT SAY IT DOES WELL

DigitalRaptor1566d ago


Stop pretending to be a balanced gamer.

No-one who owns both would be so desperate as to downplay and crap on the PS4 to try and make the Xbone seem 10x better, 100% of the time.

You don't have one. I don't need to pretend I have an Xbone to make a solid point. Your delusional walls of text are getting tiresome.

Why o why1566d ago

Who here believes Murda Dolls has a ps4.......

The ps4 is selling well, the x1 ok but its telling that Microsoft decided to make so many changes. Seems they dont agree with you corvus or any of the shortsighted fans/fanboys who defended every dumb ass policy they had in place or had planned. If they listened to those guys..... well, lets just say dead on arrival wouldn't even described it.

MysticStrummer1566d ago

"X1 is doing very well and you know it."

I don't see how people ignore the reality of the numbers.

XB1 appears to be doing ok if you include 2013. Take away 2013 from both XB1 and PS4, and the gap looks very different, especially when you take into account that XB1 has been readily available for most of that time while PS4 was hard to find for months, and still is in a few places.

Simple math negates your wall of text, and MS wouldn't have made all the changes they have if XB1 was doing "very well". Even after those changes, the gap continues to widen. I'm not someone who says it's all over for XB1, but wake up man.

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gjruk1566d ago

Why does this person care so much? It's obvious you hate MS/XBOX, for someone that hates something so much, you obviously spend your life researching and commenting about it. Good god, just leave it be. I love my Xbox One and so do the majority of the actual owners, rather than the naysayers who just want to compare it to the PS4 all the time.

MrUnfamiler1566d ago

Well i cant speak for any1 else, but the reason i care about how bad Microsoft is doing is because i hate companys who put profits above consumers.Period. i really couldnt care less how well sony is or isnt doing because they atleast give the illusion to care about the consumers,which is better than most corporations of any kind can say. i mean if it were up to microsoft, they would have literally patented ANY os, back in the early 90's. imagine how innovative our technology would be if they would have succeeded.\s Thats why i care about seeing Microsoft squirm, maybe other people our fanboys of sony and just want to see them win, but thats not everybody,my friend.

lelo1566d ago

Let him be, nextlevel is a sad person. He's hate for Microsoft is what gets him though the day. Without it, he has nothing.

MasterCornholio1566d ago

Always taking bashing the Xbox to the next level.


MasterCornholio1566d ago


What I mean is that his hate for the Xbox increases with each post that he makes.

Kiwi661566d ago

Did your parents ignore you as a child as you seem to trying to compensate for something and do you get a thrill by posting an article then being the first to reply

No_Limit1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

WOW, how the heck did NextLevel..aka.Mariahelfutura get an extra bubble for copy N pasting the same NPD XB1 sales figure and trolled for like 6 straight articles now!?

If this doesn't tell you how broken and bias this site is, then I don't know what will? I think I just sprained my neck from doing so many 'smh' at how messed up this is.

Lennoxb631566d ago


If Sony isn't cutting you a check I would be surprised. Nothing against Sony, I love my PS4 and my X1 the same. You are pretty much a lost cause just posting any and everything negative about MS/Xbox that you can. Are you trying to tell me I should like my X1 less because its not selling as much as the PS4. X1 is outselling the 360 at this point in time so I can guarantee that MS has no worries. You on the other hand, seem to care more than MS.

sic_chops1566d ago

Is the X1 still getting outsold by the ps3? Just wondering

1566d ago
Legacy2121566d ago

Good thing I play games and not NDP numbers. People use this like I should care. The profit that micro or sony make doesnt go into my pocket it doesn't put food on my table. People use this to back up their glorified passing contest so they feel good about their console purchase. People like next level think they are sony jesus and were sent by their lord yoshida to save the souls of thesr poor people who bought an x1. Peoplw prefer different shit and while people here just listen to what other people say and cant form their own opinions I am trying all I can and forming my own opinions. Dont be sheep and listen to these "professionals" or people trying to scare you with these doom articles. As for titan fall I put over 75 hours into it. That is more playtime then any game so far from either console.

Magicite1566d ago

this is one slow news day.

dRanzer1566d ago

if what #nextlevel show is real so why all u peopole get crazy?
its a fact based on NDP

scotmacb1566d ago

Lol thats amazing sales for x1 way ahead of 360 at this stage and console sold 80 million all this proves is you need a girlfriend you virgin

Pogmathoin1566d ago

Maria was marked as well said, guess enough troopers are out and some mods on duty are equivalent of a ref at a brazilian game.

Medman, they go home and wash there hands with the sight of imperialist Sony trying to get in there homes.... There is still a lot of anymosity towards anything Japanese in China... Do not underestimate that.

turdburgler10801566d ago

Lol nextlevel. Your silly self made websites don't fool anyone.

Eejanaika1565d ago

All the games they showed at E3 were not pushing for sales? mmm kay

TheXgamerLive1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Please STOP with all the lies and trolling. Again SOME Sony fanbiys have become the biggest embarrassment in all of gaming. Constant articles and posts that are either lies or just stupidity. Xbox One is currently in how many markets? Ps4 is in how many markets? Exactly, this number doesnt change til september and THEN will you see the MS numbers catch up and surpass Sony. Atleast will be a similar # so lets let the consoles actually release first before all the lies start, m'kay sony fanboys?
Any and Every MS/Xbox post and you flaming little kids run to it to constantly spread BS.
Oh and btw, every multiplat title looks better on Xbox One vs PS4 except for MGS zeros. No not better Rez but looks better. Better lighting, smaller details yes details. Look at ANY digital foundry video, ANY.

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lifeisgamesok1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

The push is Halo, Gears of War, Crackdown and the new IP's coming to the system with the leadership of someone that is just like us... A gamer by the name of Phil Spencer

It took the PS3 years to catch up with the Xbox 360 sales

Many people fell for the hype of the PS4 but are realizing they're missing out on great exclusives

And people that own both the Xbox One and PS4 are loving the Xbox One more

marcodias1567d ago

trolls will be trolls
ps3 vs xbox 360 has nothing to do with current gen sales, in fact it only means ps3 was better starting one year later with many problems and still commming out ahead.

loving xbox more? where? on the little ammount of exclusives they already played to death or the weaker multiplatforms?

Ballsack1566d ago

@life and @corvmd sheezus you both chat the most amount of crap I've ever heard... Xbox one is getting spanked accept it. Why does it bother you both so much? IT'S A PIECE OF PLASTIC AND SILICONE... you sad twosome

And life.. Ps3 took years to catch up because 360 had THAT GEN TO ITSELF FOR ONE WHOLE year... And ps3 still closed and surpassed the 10 million sold lead.. Ms has no year head start which is why Microsoft are in trouble right now.. Which is why we are seeing all the 180s

Lets hope June with the kinectless bundle has outsold ps4 or I guarantee we won't see the both of you as you both put that down to mays atrocious numbers.

y7jzdgy1566d ago

Trolls will be trolls eh? Pot calling the kettle black?

The PS3 was better how so? Please explain in detail I need a good laugh this morning. The PS3 had no games at launch and was $200 more than the competition. It also took almost 8 years to catch up to the 360 in sales.

- Ryse
- Crimson Dragon
- Fable Legends
- Forza 5
- Spark
- Crackdown 3
- Halo MCC
- Halo 5
- Forza Horizon 2
- Sunset Overdrive
- Quantum Break
- Scalebound
- Killer Instinct
- Phantomdust
- Gears of War 4

Yeah all exclusive and no f2p multi-plats or indies mixed in there unlike the PS4.

Yeah, trolls will be trolls alright.

Why o why1566d ago

How was the ps3 better......its subjective but

How about the game of the year being on its platform for almost every year of the gen except the first year when only the 360. How about Almost double the amount of exclusives spanning more genres. Most new ips. Game of the gen in the last of us.... all subjective of course

dazzrazz1567d ago ShowReplies(3)
SpideySpeakz1566d ago

The games you just mentioned aren't even out yet for years. We don't even have gameplay footage from any of those games lol. But you automatically assume they will be 'Great Games'... jesus christ, the delusions have reach epic proportions. Let's look at your CURRENT 'amazing' AAA games: Ryse Son of Garbage, which is probably the worst next-gen game to date (which will also be canned due to Crytek going out of business), Forza Downgrade, KI downloadable free-to-play bs, all the others aren't even worth mentioning because they're either on pc and 360 too.

And where's your statistics on people who own both likes the bone better? Is that something your leader Mr. X pulled out his behind?

Legacy2121566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I oen both and I prefer my x1? Legacy_21 for ps4 and xx legacy41 xx for x1. Its all about preference since I enjoy x1 interface, online, controller, and exclusives over sonys except last of us and uncharted. Also the chat codec for X1 is vastly superior to ps4 since it sounds like your in a phone call since they use the skype codec. Thats another thing I enjoy all the x1 features a can have a party chat with people on skype that are on pc or their phone all while I play my game. for ryse I loved it I beat it twice so don't talk shit about a game you never played and just use reviews to back up your claim. I really wished they made ryse 2. This industry is poised with nothing but FPS and TPS that ryse felt refreshing. How many times does a game focusing on ancient history come out? Also it sold pretty well. Killer instinct is a $20 8 character fighter with a story and season 2 coming so $40 for 16 characters. Your either a brain washed fool like this next level guy or a troll looking to stir up some people. Also aurprised you never mentioned knack a game that I rather enjoyed but got bashed my reviews.

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JBSleek1566d ago

The foolishness that will ensue on this post...

MrUnfamiler1566d ago

This article was submitted by NextLevel. LOL. gotta love the entertainment value if nothing else.

stripe8141566d ago

the push is in the cloudz..just wait

snookiegamer1566d ago


Serious question!

I'm all for PS4, and nobody disputes it's marginally more powerful and the sales are stronger. But, why do you hate MS/Xbox One so bad?

You may be a really cool person, so nothing against you personally. But, dayum, you only need read just one of your posts to get the agenda, then it's just lists and the same old lines over & over again.

According to you, the X1 is no threat, so why do 99% of your posts read as like you're threatened by underpowered hardware? Seriously, we're all gamers. Please change the record.

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